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Germany Calling, Kassel, Germany travel blog

Germany Calling

A travel blog entry by easties

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We ran out of time and had to miss out Berlin. So we cut west from Prague and headed across Germany. They were digging up Germany and that caused us a pretty miserable day's traveling - in fact the only bad day we could remember on the whole trip. ...

The second installment of Northern Germany, Hannover, Kassel and Fritzlar, Germany travel blog

The second installment of Northern Germany

A travel blog entry by d.matheusik


... some day. I got back to Freiburg on Sunday (16) and since then I have been reminscing about my great trip to northern Germany. I have also been trying to get ready for school which finally begins this Monday (24). I took a trip to Loerrach as well, ...

Fairytale Land, Kassel, Germany travel blog

Fairytale Land

A travel blog entry by sanderson256


... are famous for writing fairy tales and it is easy to see where they get their inspiration in this town. Our first impressions of Kassel were not great. It reminded me of the slimy part of Frankfurt actually. But as you slowly moved away from the train ...

Fairy tale road capital and a quick side trip., Kassel, Germany travel blog

Fairy tale road capital and a quick side trip.

A travel blog entry by vegi_table


We've been having so much of a good time enjoying being back in Germany that it is hard to find time to write any blogs. I'll at least post some photos of some of the fun we've been having!! Kassel was the next stop on this trip. We checked into our ...

Goodbye Hannover, Kassel, Germany travel blog

Goodbye Hannover

A travel blog entry by dreamchaser

I just came back from Hannover, where I left my flat forever and the city for at least the next 1.5 years. Now I will relax one more evening in Kassel, before I will go on to the south ...

Racing Across the Countryside, Kassel, Germany travel blog

Racing Across the Countryside

A travel blog entry by olytrains


... place. Did you catch the part about being above the city? Yep, we hiked up, just like yesterday in Kassel. Really, there is no flat land in Germany. Oh, about those 150 kilometers. This time we drove on the twisty country roads all the way to ...

Thoughts before leaving home, Biebergemuend-Kassel, Germany travel blog

Thoughts before leaving home

A travel blog entry by shixiinchina

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog. This is my first post and my great journey is about to start. In a mere 13 hours I’ll be leaving the amazing Western World where I’ve spent all of the 21 years and 4 months of my life so far. So now ...

Uhh Ohh!, Kassel, Germany travel blog

Uhh Ohh!

A travel blog entry by uber.mutzelburg


... find a slow road that took us to Hanau. Our biggest problem was that our map is too large a scale to include many towns - and Germany is built out in this region; so they have had 10 cities before the one we've been aiming for. A better map would ...

Hercules in the Clouds, Kassel, Germany travel blog

Hercules in the Clouds

A travel blog entry by olytrains


...  The magnificent water feature that flows down the hill from here is also closed for repair.  If you Google Hercules Statue, Kassel, Germany you can see what it's supposed to look like.      Undaunted, we walked back to the hotel ...

The perfect ride to Poland, Kassel, Germany travel blog

The perfect ride to Poland

A travel blog entry by koaclarck


... believing in the Polish's reputation and culture of HHing) Slawek is a nice guy who's occupation is to fetch VW Bugs to Germany, drive them back to a friend in Warsaw. His friend refurbishes and sells them. He assures me the Bug is getting fashionable ...

Eine Zeltstadt, Kassel, Germany travel blog

Eine Zeltstadt

A travel blog entry by erikunterwegs


.... besuchte ich zu Beginn der Sommerferien. Der Bund der Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder (BdP) lud zum Bundeslager nach Immenhausen und da das - mehr oder weniger - auf dem Weg zu unserem Sommer-Grossfahrtenziel lag, machten wir auf dem Weg zum ...

Returning Home and a final Resumee, Kassel, Germany travel blog

Returning Home and a final Resumee

A travel blog entry by aleman

... later we touched down in Frankfurt. I managed to get my "overload" on ciggis through customs and had to buy a trainticket up to Kassel. On the train i fall asleep . In Kassel i caught the local train to my suburb. It was a funny feeling to come home ...

Saâdane Afif, Kassel, Germany travel blog

Saâdane Afif

A travel blog entry by shumake


*1970 in Vendôme (FR), lives in Berlin (DE) In his work, Saâdane Afif adopts strategies from the fields of art and music, for example the method of appropriation, in order to critically explore the concepts of interpretation and repetition. Among ...

Iole de Freitas, Kassel, Germany travel blog

Iole de Freitas

A travel blog entry by shumake


*1945 in Belo Horizonte (BR), lives in Rio de Janeiro (BR) The artistic programme of the sculptor de Freitas is dedicated to the exploration of form, material and space, their interdependencies and the perception by the audience. Her constant ...

Road Trip to Kassel, Kassel, Germany travel blog

Road Trip to Kassel

A travel blog entry by hansinduncan


... of Prague along our route. So we had a break there and really were impressed by the architecture of the historic buildings. We arrived in Kassel around 5 and checked into our hotel. They did not have a room for five so we were in two rooms. I was with ...

Kassel, Kassel, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by samuelosborne

K ...

Ai Weiwei, Kassel, Germany travel blog

Ai Weiwei

A travel blog entry by shumake


Ai Wei Wei's work Fairytale involves the transport of 1001 Chinese citizens to Documenta in five stages. Awaiting their arrival are 1001 wooden chairs from the Quing dynasty, spread throughout the four main venues of Documenta, and it's okay to sit on ...

Sheela Gowda, Kassel, Germany travel blog

Sheela Gowda

A travel blog entry by shumake


*1957 in Bhadravati (IN), lives in Bangalore (IN) The artist, who studied both in India and Europe, employs a process-orientated working method to combine modern aesthetics with local traditions. By using everyday materials such as cow dung or ashes, ...

Romuald Hazoumé, Kassel, Germany travel blog

Romuald Hazoumé

A travel blog entry by shumake


*1962 in Porto Novo (BJ), lives in Porto Novo (BJ) Hazoumés artistic work is deeply rooted in the consciousness of an independent African cultural tradition and identity. In his paintings, he transfers rituals - symbols of the Fa oracle - into ...

Ines Doujak, Kassel, Germany travel blog

Ines Doujak

A travel blog entry by shumake


*1959 in Klagenfurt (AT), lives in Vienna (AT) In her photographs, installations and projects, Ines Doujak examines the norms of human behaviour as structural and constituent elements of society from a decidedly feminist perspective. Her work is ...

Kassel, Kassel, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by samuelosborne

K ...

Gerwald Rockenschaub, Kassel, Germany travel blog

Gerwald Rockenschaub

A travel blog entry by shumake


*1952 in Linz (AT), lebt in Berlin (DE) Rockenschaub bezieht seine verführerisch-emblematischen Formen aus der Kunstgeschichte, Popkultur und Architektur. Indem der Fokus seiner Arbeiten auf räumliche und perzeptive Wechselbeziehungen gerichtet ...

Sanja Ivekovic, Kassel, Germany travel blog

Sanja Ivekovic

A travel blog entry by shumake


Sanja Ivekovic was born in 1949 in Zagreb, Croatia, and lives there still. The following was copied from In the English-speaking world, the red poppy has become a symbol for the memory of soldiers killed in the war, while in ...

Trisha Brown, Kassel, Germany travel blog

Trisha Brown

A travel blog entry by shumake


*1936 in Aberdeen (US), lives in New York (US) In the early 1960s, the dancer and choreographer Trisha Brown began to explore everyday movements and place, their function and their substance. She let dancers perform on rooftops or walk along the ...

Churchill Madikida, Kassel, Germany travel blog

Churchill Madikida

A travel blog entry by shumake


*1973 in Butterworth (ZA), lebt in Johannesburg (ZA) Der Ausgangspunkt von Madikidas Arbeit ist die soziopolitische Dimension autobiografischer Erfahrung und kollektiver Traumata. Dabei bezieht er sich in seinen Installationen, Performances, ...

John McCracken, Kassel, Germany travel blog

John McCracken

A travel blog entry by shumake


*1934 in Berkeley (US), lives in Santa Fé (US) McCracken's work is characterised by a highly distilled formal vocabulary, refined over many years of development. Colour and surface are utilised to create perceptual shifts between materiality and ...

Dmitri Gutov, Kassel, Germany travel blog

Dmitri Gutov

A travel blog entry by shumake


*1960 in Moscow (RU), lives in Moscow (RU) The artist's and theorist's work is strongly connected with the criticism on western modernism and temporary art. Gutov's main interest lies in the Marxist aesthetic, as to be found in the works by Michail ...

Nedko Solakov, Kassel, Germany travel blog

Nedko Solakov

A travel blog entry by shumake


We greatly enjoyed this Bulgarian artist's drawings on the subject of "Fears." You can view more of Nedko Solakov's work ...

Introduction, Kassel, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by shumake


... down to see what, if anything, would happen." In this photo album, I have included some photos from the orginal trip to Kassel with Claudia and a few of the larger installations in Documenta Halle. Otherwise, there is a separate entry for each of the ...

Eleanor Antin, Kassel, Germany travel blog

Eleanor Antin

A travel blog entry by shumake


*1935 in New York (US), lives in New York (US) Eleanor Antin explores the potential of identity and moves between reality and role, image and self, past and present in her photographs, films, performances, installations and literary texts. She invents ...

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