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Oh my god..., Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

Oh my god...

A travel blog entry by marktjhung

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... ever. By now, you will all be familiar with the socceroos exploits on the finest afternoon in the history of Kaiserslautern and perhaps Germany. Thus, I will spare you the details of the 3-1 victory over Japan which has left Australia at the top of ...

Eliminated but proud..., Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

Eliminated but proud...

A travel blog entry by marktjhung

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... I'm upset. Disappointed? Perhaps. A little sad? Sure. But you see, as bandwagon supporters and journalists in Australia and Germany alike express their outrage at the award of a dubious penalty that saw us eliminated from the world cup, I prefer to ...

Three is more than one, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

Three is more than one

A travel blog entry by amullett

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... , a fabulous host with a comfortable couch, but most importantly, you played host to a very special game of football... I came to Kaiserslautern from Cologne via Mainz. If you know what a map of Germany looks like (which you probably do not), then you ...

Recovery, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by amullett

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... disappointment. This time is in stark contrast: I have come back on the level and I have done my first properly payed work in Germany. For the five days following the world cup loss, I sat around at Alex's house doing basically nothing, but sit on the ...

It's over...The dream is dead, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

It's over...The dream is dead

A travel blog entry by amullett

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... that I would trade in for my ticket, when the results came out with who was playing who. I went to the train station in Kaiserslautern where they had a world cup help desk and asked them where the STADIUM ticket centre was. They put me on a bus, which I ...

Sooner bred?, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

Sooner bred?

A travel blog entry by scattywah

So far this has been a big week. On Tuesday, I attended AAFES new-hire training, and in the middle of the session I got a note from downstairs asking me if I could please come in and work tomorrow at 11. So, Wednesday morning, I took my information ...

wouldn't it be nice to pack it all in?, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

wouldn't it be nice to pack it all in?

A travel blog entry by scattywah

Josh was right when he told me three years ago that lots of military folks are some of the nicest people you could ever meet. Most of our customers are really nice, patient and understanding, which is a good thing because we really need them to be. ...

winter weather, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

winter weather

A travel blog entry by scattywah

Today was the first snow since last ...

Am I in the wrong hemisphere?, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

Am I in the wrong hemisphere?

A travel blog entry by scattywah

Today I went for a drive and ended up in a part of the Kaiserslautern area I've never been to before. This place seriously is just like Portland, Oregon. It's beautiful here. I've got to start taking more long hikes in the woods. I saw some American ...

Deutchland, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by rallbritten

Today I did nothing and it was ...

Work workity work work work, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

Work workity work work work

A travel blog entry by scattywah

Well, I have survived. I finished my first week of work with no unfortunate incidents. On my way out of the BX today Yvonne (my manager) told me that I had been a real help and that I was doing a good job. It's so nice to be appreciated by my boss for ...

The beginning of the Adventure!, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

The beginning of the Adventure!

A travel blog entry by bellalunamj

... to get our installation cards and drove around for a little  while, we got a little tour of our surrounding areas in Kaiserslautern.  Our apartments are really cool, we're all in the same building so it's really close for hanging out and such, ...

AAFES, groceries and visitors, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

AAFES, groceries and visitors

A travel blog entry by scattywah

... to give consent for my background check, but when I got there I found I had to apply for AAFES to sponsor me to be in Germany. It took a few hours but I'm glad it's done. It almost didn't get finished because my social security card is lost and my birth ...

The shit hath hitteth the fan, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

The shit hath hitteth the fan

A travel blog entry by scattywah

Today I decided to walk through the woods to get to work. I'm really glad I did. Walking on a leafy path is much better than getting gravel in my face and worrying about being run over by trucks. On top of that I think I got there a few minutes ...

Photos, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by scattywah


I've got a few minutes of high-speed internet access, so here are some pictures of my town. These were taken last ...

Made it to Germany!, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

Made it to Germany!

A travel blog entry by cire7777


Bussed from Luxembourg to Germany and then a train to where my friend Adam lives. He is in a city that has a military base with 50,000 Americans living in the city! Adam picked me up at the train station and we went back to his place. He has a great ...

Aus/Italy, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by ash_gauld


haven't written heaps but are, as always running out of time. am actually in berlin right now -- final in 2 days, go the french! will update the rest ...

Kaiserslautern, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by jtpharr

World Cup 2006. Kaiserslautern, Germany. USA vs. Italy. Let the games ...

Fall Fell, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

Fall Fell

A travel blog entry by scattywah

It's official. The leaves have turned. It's cold ...

Ein neuer Aufbruch, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

Ein neuer Aufbruch

A travel blog entry by elli78


So. Und jetzt ist es so weit! Ich sitze an Gate B48 in Frankfurt am Flughafen und warte aufs Boarding. Und frage mich so ganz nebenbei, wo eigentlich die Zeit geblieben ist. Nein, nicht die von heute Morgen, sondern die der letzten 3,5 Monate. Ich bin ...

my travels, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

my travels

A travel blog entry by bobby.ray

Used to stop here on my way bak from Memmingen. Kentucky Fried Chicken! Get a bucket to go and you are a hero when you get home. Kids didn't miss me, just looked forward to the chicken when I got ...

We'll all float out alright, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

We'll all float out alright

A travel blog entry by scattywah

I got a call today from AAFES. My background check and my request for logistical support came through today, so I get to start work next week as planned. I'm very happy. Soon I'll have my ID card and have access to a lot more in the area. Orientation ...

adventures with German, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

adventures with German

A travel blog entry by scattywah

So, I decided to take the Ramstein Inns job; it seems that I will be working at Landstuhl instead of Ramstien, which suits me just fine because I really don't like driving around Ramstien. It seems as if they have a moral objection to making roads go ...

Seth Goes to the World Cup, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

Seth Goes to the World Cup

A travel blog entry by globetrippin


My buddy Nico scored me VIP tickets to the 16th final, Italy vs. Australia game. Much cooler to watch "football" in person than on television. The Ausy fans were greatly outnumbered but still made more noise. Good lads, good ...

take this job and shove it, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

take this job and shove it

A travel blog entry by scattywah

Long time no update. My first class came and went. Not bad. It definitely surprised me that there is a big sense of community among the UO students. They all know each other from other classes and stuff, and on top of that they are all, for the most ...

THE GAME, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by goalie121

... with Soccer and it only took ONE night to win me over. Attending Saturday night's World Cup match between the U.S. and Italy in Kaiserslautern, Germany, was the most fun I have ever had at a sporting event, and the U.S. didn't even win. They tied 1-1, ...

home again, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

home again

A travel blog entry by scattywah

I was afraid I wouldn't be let back into the country since I have been here for over three months and I lost my visa when I quit AAFES. But, they barely checked my picture, so there was no need to fret. I spent the next six days calling people to ...

Making plans to stay, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

Making plans to stay

A travel blog entry by scattywah

A couple of days ago Josh and I went down to the Ausländerbehörde in downtown Kaiserslautern to apply for my visa. Basically, he needs to be there to sign a paper saying he will support me financially. We have an appointment to go back on 2 June, and ...

I have a job, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

I have a job

A travel blog entry by scattywah

I have a job! Good things about having a job: I still have base access I can shop on base I get my own APO box I (probably) have library access I can start taking graduate school classes I can pay off my credit card bill My visa application ...

Referees select world cup winner, Kaiserslautern, Germany travel blog

Referees select world cup winner

A travel blog entry by bjw1981


In an unexpected turn of events, FIFA has announced the referees of the tournament will now select the winner of the world cup. This news is based upon evidence gathered during four games in which the Australian Football team has competed in. A mixture ...

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