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Cologne, Köln, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by nvs


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR GORGEOUS RILEY TURNING 5 TODAY!! After another amazing breakfast on board (something akin to that I get at home, but just never appreciated it before) we headed off onto another walking tour of Cologne (Koln). We had another well ...

Week Four, Köln, Germany travel blog

Week Four

A travel blog entry by tbeers


... to talk to. The funniest thing that he said was that he wanted to go to America to see the ghettos. America is so diverse and Germany isn’t and doesn’t have ghettos. I told him that I usually try to avoid the ghettos. He knew a lot about our ...

Rising Star LiveShow in den MMC Studios in Kö, Köln, Deutschland travel blog

Rising Star LiveShow in den MMC Studios in Kö

A travel blog entry by simmchen


Godbye Hometown eine Runde ...

Job again!, Köln, Deutschland travel blog

Job again!

A travel blog entry by monineub


Ja, da sitze ich nun wieder in Köln im Hotel! Braun gebrannt, erholt, übernachtig, zufrieden, umgeben von meinen stinkenden, dreckigen Rucksackklamotten und dem Businesskoffer inclusive Laptop! Die Helligkeit und die Farbenpracht von Land und ...

Day 13 Cologne - Germany., Köln, Germany travel blog

Day 13 Cologne - Germany.

A travel blog entry by carole.hunter


After spending the evening in Bonn, which gave the crew the opportunity of a welcome night out, if they chose, we set sail for Cologne at 5.15 this morning and docked at 8am. Obviously it was just a short trip and I don't know the reason why we didn't ...

Kasia in Europe, Köln, Germany travel blog

Kasia in Europe

A travel blog entry by kdworldtravels


Hey friends and family (and whoever else finds this blog...) Dianne and I are both in Europe. Dianne is currently terrorizing the Scottish country side and I have arrived safely in Cologne. Cologne is a cool place with a giant cathedral, history, culture ...

Juni 22, 2014, Köln, Deutschland travel blog

Juni 22, 2014

A travel blog entry by nussbaum


Wir fahren nach Berlin.... Wir fahren nach Berlin! Leider nicht mehr ganz so überraschend wie geplant geht es zum 11. Jahrestag in unsere zweite Lieblingsstadt in Deutschland! Wir freuen uns sehr auf die kommenden 4 Tage Und hoffen Petrus hat ein ...

Day in Köln :), Köln, Germany travel blog

Day in Köln :)

A travel blog entry by cdbennett


... snowing a little in Frankfurt as we left, but it still wasn't too cold! It was so nice to see different parts of Germany and coming in the Köln was spectacular with the incredible Cathedral front and centre! We arrived in Köln and grabbed some ...

Packen & Farewell, Köln, Germany travel blog

Packen & Farewell

A travel blog entry by kniewel

Hallo zusammen, auf geht's nach Norwegen !!! Mein erstes mal im hohen Norden, ich bin schon ganz gespannt !!! Aber bevor es morgen früh losgeht, ist heute erstmal packen, packen, packen angesagt. Wir reisen ja mit Rucksäcken, mal sehen, ob ...

Koffer packen.., Köln, Germany travel blog

Koffer packen..

A travel blog entry by travelmates


A Very Koln Christmas, Köln, Germany travel blog

A Very Koln Christmas

A travel blog entry by travelmanager


... done Michael O Leary your principles have been passed on perfectly to your cabin crew :) An hour later and we arrive in Germany. I have to confess I was excited but a little apprehensive having grown up in the 80's and still having the Fawlty Towers ...

Head winds along the Rhine, Köln, Germany travel blog

Head winds along the Rhine

A travel blog entry by sallyj22


The wind was blowing when we woke up and continued against us all day. We packed up everything before having breakfast in the little chalet. Set out on the Rhine path and all went well until we came to a town which had to be bypassed. Then it became ...

Cologne, Köln, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by dgregory

Another early morning for breakfast to be off the ship at 8am in Düsseldorf. N to buses to either spend the morning in Düsseldorf or go on to Cologne, where the ship will sail to and meet us at lunch. We chose Cologne and did a 90 minute ...

Abflug, Köln, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by monineub


Ja! Alles geschafft! Business abgeschlossen, Sendung fertig! Schön, lustig und kurzweilig ist sie geworden! Jetzt wird sie nach Wien geschickt und ich nach Thailand :-)! Sonne, Sand, Meer, Urlaub, Erholung ... kann kommen! Ich sitze im Hotel , ...

Start Test, Köln, Deutschland travel blog

Start Test

A travel blog entry by globalpeter4711


Arrival, Köln, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by chipperlad


Home, Sweet Home, Köln, Deutschland travel blog

Home, Sweet Home

A travel blog entry by nussbaum


Wir sind zurück in der "good old Nussbaumerstrasse" und freuen uns auf unser eigenes Bettchen und vor allem auf unsere liebste Mitbewohnerin: Emma. So schön Berlin auch sein mag, es ist nicht Köln und aktuell auch nicht unsere Heimat! ...

Cologne, Germany, Köln, Germany travel blog

Cologne, Germany

A travel blog entry by pamelayvonne


... app, BBQ short ribs AND filet mignon with spinach and mashed potatoes, then finished with Black Forest Cake ( we are in Germany after all)! Gil had a different dessert with apple dessert with hazelnut crumb topping and whisky ice cream! May be time to ...

Cologne, Köln, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by xynnapang


Kinda have been skiving and updating all at once. so tired I just fall asleep in the car nowadays. Visited Cologne, Germany again and today, the weather was super super hot, around 31 degrees. Went for dinner at a Kölsch brewpub, where we had pork ...

Ein wunderschöner Leuchtturm, Köln, Germany travel blog

Ein wunderschöner Leuchtturm

A travel blog entry by rheinwort


Heute habe ich einen Leuchtturm ...

Geplanter Abflug nach Keflavik International, Köln, Deutschland travel blog

Geplanter Abflug nach Keflavik International

A travel blog entry by gerecht


Um 23.10 gehts los, das ist der dritte Tag nach meiner Pathoklausur. Das wird toll :-> Update 20:41: Die 9 fährt los, die Reise beginnt ...

Die Deko ist drauf, Köln, Germany travel blog

Die Deko ist drauf

A travel blog entry by cssenterprise


Am vorigen Samstag haben wir gebohrt, geschraubt und gemalt. Schöner ist die Enterprise jetzt nicht, dafür aber noch unverwechselbarer. Scotty und Chekov hatten jedenfalls ihren ...

These are a Few of Her Favorite Things, Köln, Germany travel blog

These are a Few of Her Favorite Things

A travel blog entry by nicknallygio


Most travelers planning their visit to Germany understandably have very similar must-see destination lists compiled only of this prodigiously impactful nation's most historically and culturally significant cities. As epicenters of Deutsch civilization, ...

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