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HUNG OVER IN HANNOVER, Hannover, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by loving_family

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... the angle above his head. Jim was right at home here as it has a German pub where we ended up dining both nights, one because the food was excellent plus we were so exhausted and didn't want to venture out.  It's like we were hung over in ...

The second installment of Northern Germany, Hannover, Kassel and Fritzlar, Germany travel blog

The second installment of Northern Germany

A travel blog entry by d.matheusik


... ) and the Maschsee (an artificial lake built by the unemployed in one of the earliest Nazi-led public work projects). We toured Hannover again the following day as it was determined that in order to arrive in Kassel in good time, we really couldn't ...

Social Butterfly, Hannover, Germany travel blog

Social Butterfly

A travel blog entry by elizabessie

... I talked about, going to Rothenburg ob der tauber for the weekend, then going to Haßfurt to visit Dr. Eller and his dairy practice on Monday. I'll be back in Hannover Monday night, though. (For my last week here) :( Love to you all! ...

Home sweet (temp) home, Hannover, Germany travel blog

Home sweet (temp) home

A travel blog entry by elizabessie

... here yet. Although germany is a great place, I've come to find. So, I've got four days left here at the clinic in hannover, and then I'll be home saturday. I'll write more later, Love, Beth PS. It was great to hear from some of you this ...

Day 4 - Hannover, Hannover, Germany travel blog

Day 4 - Hannover

A travel blog entry by dvlrnr

... for Hannover. There was a bike path along the B3, which continued even as the road became an autobahn. Before entering Hannover, I was led onto a quiet country lane, which offered a scenic route into the city. Navigating through the suburbs, I ...

Hannover, Hannover, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by gustn


A ...

England v Mexico (& more), Hannover, Germany travel blog

England v Mexico (& more)

A travel blog entry by samlisa


... games, they seem to lead to injuries. Just a thought!The rest of our evening was fairly uneventful in comparison. We reached Hannover, walked back to the hotel, had a shower & went to bed exhausted from the shenanigans. The only interesting part was ...

Another day in paradise, Südstadt, Germany travel blog

Another day in paradise

A travel blog entry by jtw000


... to making an early stopover in Hanover tonight at the local F1 hotel with a mad dash into Poland in the morning. I should make Hannover by late afternoon so I think I’m going to do that. I can dump my gear and sort things out, find some local shops ...

Busy busy, Hannover, Germany travel blog

Busy busy

A travel blog entry by elizabessie


Well, my wish for a quiet evening didn't happen last night. We had two emergencies come in, one cow who tried to cut off her own teat. We had to finish the job for her, considering it wasn't salvageable. We also had a right displaced abomasum that ...

Hannover, Hannover, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by gavin.porter

Hannover was our second stop in Germany, both in one day and the holiday! We arrived fairly late and started our search for suitable parking. The town seemed quite large with a very large built-up pedestrianised shopping centre. We wandered around ...

Leisure Day, Hannover, Germany travel blog

Leisure Day

A travel blog entry by samlisa


... , so we were going to walk through the city following a red painted line on the pavements, guiding us to all the main attractions in Hannover. We picked up a city map from the hotel lobby before leaving for the day & sat in reception to have a look at ...

Hannover, Hannover, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by suepeter


... out for dinner. Vicky wanted us to stay the night but our bikes were tied up at the train station. What a wonderful visit.  Hannover is very pretty with lots of green spaces. We will have to come back to see more of the sights and visit our family ...

Work again, Hannover, Germany travel blog

Work again

A travel blog entry by elizabessie

... all about school in MI, and it's good. I met one of the people who I went out with the last time I was here in Hannover, her name is Saskia and she was one of the students we hung out with when we were here for the International program through ...

Excitement!!!, Hannover, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by elizabessie

Hello to my peeps! Guess what?! I am super excited right now, I just found out that I get to go to Plum Island in March for my public health externship!!! What is Plum Island, some of you may ask? It is the one and only island in the States which is ...

Leaving Hannover, Hannover, Germany travel blog

Leaving Hannover

A travel blog entry by americankluntje


There has been so much going on that I have not gotten a chance to update my blog. But now I will try harder because I am at the airport leaving for Chile!! :) 20 kg in my backpack and taking on Paris as my first stop, then Atlanta and finally Santiago ...

Guten Tag, Hannover, Germany travel blog

Guten Tag

A travel blog entry by elizabessie


... , oh, and a German joke, ask me sometime and I'll tell you. I went into the city centre this afternoon, and explored Hannover a bit. It was great! There were tons of people out shopping, and I just wandered. I had a bratwurst and baguette for ...

Back to Europe, Hannover, Germany travel blog

Back to Europe

A travel blog entry by americankluntje


... piece at that time. And no, I am not making this up – it actually plays music. Even though it’s a Saturday night Hannover was pretty quiet so we had coffee and afterwards decided to drive to … Mc Donalds!! lol Then on the way home we ...

Back to work, Hannover, Germany travel blog

Back to work

A travel blog entry by elizabessie


Ok, I'm back safe and sound in Hannover. The great story of my trip back to Hannover starts in York, where I unknowingly got on the train to Manchester airport, with a cushion time of 2.5 hours at the airport, because I like to have that little bit of ...

Hannover Principles, Hannover, Germany travel blog

Hannover Principles

A travel blog entry by lkjr77


... , or anything else to dampen the trip. Just me in the back with my laptop, a book, and my headphones. Roomy, comfy, Air conditioned and ready for more..... here is a link about the hannover principles ...

Es geht endlich loooooooos!!!, Hannover, Germany travel blog

Es geht endlich loooooooos!!!

A travel blog entry by vanessa_86

... - 23kg für sechs Monate?!)... Jetzt kann eigentlich nichts mehr schiefgehen! Morgen früh um 07:45h bringt mich der Flieger von Hannover nach Rhodos, wo ich dann meine neue Heimat für die nächsten sechs Monate beziehen werde: die AIDAdiva. Ich bin ...

And the trips begin!!!, Hannover and Braunschweig, Germany travel blog

And the trips begin!!!

A travel blog entry by natfatica


... but was it ever expensive so we decided to keep our money and instead spend it when we go to Rome this coming weekend!! woohoo!! Hannover was very much distroyed during the WW2 so a lot of the historical sights like a church that I took a picture of was ...

A Danish Sampler, Hannover, Germany travel blog

A Danish Sampler

A travel blog entry by v1213


... from Hannover and she was given a hero's welcome so we'll see if the party is still going when I arrive. I've never visited Hannover before and although this sleep stop hardly counts, it is the first time I've actually stepped off the train and into the ...

The long trip over, Hannover, Germany travel blog

The long trip over

A travel blog entry by elizabessie


I've arrived in Hannover, Germany, all safe and sound. The flights were noneventful, plane crash wise. I met some great fun and random people, though, which passed the time well. I'm currently sitting the Veterinary School's computer lab, having gotten ...

The Great Road Trip, Hannover, Germany travel blog

The Great Road Trip

A travel blog entry by jasndan

So today was the day that we started our own adventure.. and headed to France and Germany. The wake up alarm came a little after the sms from Australia announcing a baby boy, and we dragged ourselves out of bed at 6.15am and had the worst shower, with the ...

Beginning of structured life: yes/no?, Hannover, Germany travel blog

Beginning of structured life: yes/no?

A travel blog entry by americankluntje


26th May - Structure - yes. That it is if you consider practicing about twice or three times a day plus driving to multiple grocery stores for bread and chicken, and basically living early pre-season structured. On the other hand tomorrow could look much ...

Hamburg and Hannover, Hannover, Germany travel blog

Hamburg and Hannover

A travel blog entry by tyler.durand

Met ...

Picture, Hannover, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by elizabessie

Hey, so I decided that this travelogue needs at least one picture on it. I dug through my flash drive and found this photo of me and Angus, the dog I neutered from Jr. Surgery third year. :) I wanted to figure out if I could upload my photos from my ...

End of Germany, Hannover, Germany travel blog

End of Germany

A travel blog entry by bmenke


... and Prada shopping district in Munich. We were right in the city center which was a great break from walking so many miles. Hannover had a few old stone buildings. The most interesting was an old brick church that had no roof or Windows, it was just open ...

Lunging and Creeping, Hannover, Germany travel blog

Lunging and Creeping

A travel blog entry by shiiuga


... match on TV whilst putting back a couple of beers. The second day was a bit more proactive, as I went for a walk around Hannover's Red Thread, which is a line painted on the pavements around the town which takes you past all of the main sights. It was ...

nearly 39 days until departure..., Hannover, Germany travel blog

nearly 39 days until departure...

A travel blog entry by tropenfloh

So! My exam was today and I even don´t know, if I had passed or not. But I am not sad about because it´s over now!!!! I am really happy to forget that damned stuff for min. 6 month...tooo theoretical all that. But in my documentation lesson this ...

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