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Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany., Füssen, Germany travel blog

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany.

A travel blog entry by erinkats


... enough for a peak. Dusty and tired, we walked the 40 minutes back down the hill to the bus and headed back to Füssen. We took what has become our ritual afternoon break, before heading out for dinner. Finally tired of the German cuisine, we tried ...

Bavarian Alps, Füssen, Germany travel blog

Bavarian Alps

A travel blog entry by sbbwebsters


... through the Alps, crossing the Austrian border twice. I will have the girls tell more. -Sheryl Well..... we are finally in Germany, our third destination! We left on Wednesday, but when we got here we sort of just settled in and went grocery ...

Absolute alpine magic, Füssen, Germany travel blog

Absolute alpine magic

A travel blog entry by sean_kirsty2012


... This little badboy is worthy of a seperate blog.... Liechenstein being 25km in width we were soon in Austria and then then pretty much straight back into Germany to clock up the 4th country in the day! The destination Fussen....which is where we are ...

Disney castle, Füssen,  Germany travel blog

Disney castle

A travel blog entry by timbfisher


Today we went to the Disney castle. It was the most beautiful castle I've seen yet. We went to a bridge and hiked the Bavarian alps. Neilson led us down this "short cut" down the mountain that probably gave us poison ivy We hit the road and got lost on ...

Stroppy people in launderettes ! Caroline, Füssen, Germany travel blog

Stroppy people in launderettes ! Caroline

A travel blog entry by wrightsofnapier

We spent the day shopping for food for the next week in Lidl - it is sooooo cheap and as we are very low in money , we now love it. It is our new favourite supermarket ! Then onto Macdonalds for lunch. We promised the kids last month that they could ...

Ad Romantische Strasse og videre mod Dk, Füssen, Tyskland travel blog

Ad Romantische Strasse og videre mod Dk

A travel blog entry by slagelse4578


Via Hannover munden og Kaltenkirchen Uge 17 Vi er nu nået til Bayern - det sydlige Tyskland et utroligt flot område. Ja man ser for lidt i Tyskland når man bare drøner igennem på motorvejene. Vi besluttede at følge den ...

A Rainy Day in Small-Town Germany, Füssen, Germany travel blog

A Rainy Day in Small-Town Germany

A travel blog entry by kim.samra


Today we had planned to visit the Zugspitze, Germany's highest peak, but mother nature had other plans. It's been a dreary and rainy day, with almost no visibility on the mountain. Luckily, tomorrow they're calling for sun and clear skies, so we'll aim to ...

We All Have Our Issues, Füssen, Germany travel blog

We All Have Our Issues

A travel blog entry by kim.samra


... in itself with the addition of melted cheese and fried onions. It's basically German macaroni and cheese, and it's incredibly rich and delicious. At this rate, the food in Germany is looking to be more dangerous than Italy (and that's saying ...

Schoss Neuswanstein (September 26, 2007), Füssen, Germany travel blog

Schoss Neuswanstein (September 26, 2007)

A travel blog entry by govits

Rail from Maria Alm to Salzburg, Munich then to Fussen. Heavy rain disrupt the tour, with delayed schedule, have to skip the Castle tour, in favor of catching the last train out of Fussen. There are so many train categories, to and from large city we can ...

Füssen, Germany, Füssen, Germany travel blog

Füssen, Germany

A travel blog entry by mozzies7


... men in the car. Apparently a look through the window was not enough? So, back on the road, through Munich to Füssen. Dave loves the German Autobahn, we were overtaken like we were doing 60kmh not 170kmh!! Then..... We saw SNOW fall from the sky!!! ...

Hohenschwangau Castle and Neuschwanstein Castle, Füssen, Germany travel blog

Hohenschwangau Castle and Neuschwanstein Castle

A travel blog entry by wickmantravel


Today we got up early and left to go visit two castles in Fussen. Grace has been SO excited about going to these castles; she was adamant that we would see Aurora and Rapunzel. I explained that I heard they were on vacation in Florida at Disney World; ...

Füssen, Germany, Füssen, Germany travel blog

Füssen, Germany

A travel blog entry by shazell


... he said no no no! Come back tomorrow! The drive took us through mountains and ski resorts with yet again beautiful views through Germany, Austria and back into Germany. The views of the castle were amazing the queue however was not. At almost a mile ...

Waking up in the alps, Füssen, Germany travel blog

Waking up in the alps

A travel blog entry by denisewills


Wow. Walking up in the alps with the cows and their bells, sun shining and green everywhere is breathtaking. We went to the castle. Pat and Stef went up to it and my mom and I entertained ourselves below. Drove home to Kapellen after several hours in LA ...

Fussen-day 4, Füssen, Germany travel blog

Fussen-day 4

A travel blog entry by gatorfreud


... Tschuss Deutschland! We will definitely be back. Early flight tomorrow to Barcelona. The boys are excited. I am sad to the leave Germany already, but getting excited about getting on the boat!! Speaking of...not sure how wifi wil be for the next week ...

Neuschwanstein & Hohenschwangau Castles, Füssen, Germany travel blog

Neuschwanstein & Hohenschwangau Castles

A travel blog entry by finnigans


... where we had lunch the other day.... Again the food was great... Back on the train and back at the apartments by 9:30 so we could pack up ready to leave tomorrow .... Germany was awesome and I would definitely come back.... There's still so much to ...

Black Forest to the Alps, Füssen, Germany travel blog

Black Forest to the Alps

A travel blog entry by sskelley


Today we drove thru the Black Forest on to Fussen (at the foothills to the Alps). We saw Switzerland across Lake Constance, but that is as close as we will get. We walked to a great waterfall just outside the town. It is surprising how many people bring ...

The crazy kings palace, Füssen, Germany travel blog

The crazy kings palace

A travel blog entry by liammoz


Today we went to noichwantstein castle or in other words the Hogwarts we got to take a whole tour of the castle. one of the things we learnt was that king Ludwig the man who designed the the castle went mad and died so the castle got the nickname crazy ...

Mist, castles and the autobahn, Füssen, Germany travel blog

Mist, castles and the autobahn

A travel blog entry by frykberg


We took an early morning run through the olde town of Füssen - we seemed to be the only people awake - before joining a forest track that took us to the border with Austria. Had a foot in each country for a second! Despite the idyllic atmosphere at ...

Happy Birthday, David!!, Füssen, Germany travel blog

Happy Birthday, David!!

A travel blog entry by sskelley


Today is David's big birthday and we celebrated it by going to 2 German castles in the morning. In the afternoon we drove to Salzburg, Austria (about 3.5 hrs) and walked around the old town until dinner. After dinner we ended up in a coffee shop where ...

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