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Tulley time, its always late, Essen, Germany travel blog

Tulley time, its always late

A travel blog entry by woggley

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I was always gonna be late, and whilst camping was getting tempting, I jaust wanted a base to plan my next move.  The man at the hotel was very nice, he even called me to tell me how to check in as he was closing at 22.00Sally Sat nav said I should ...

Planning my Great Adventure, NRW, Germany travel blog

Planning my Great Adventure

A travel blog entry by shi_ra

Start planning my Round the World Trip! Everything is still in the planning state. Only one thing is sure: I want to start with just walking out of the door of my home: just walking, walking, as far as I can get. Until I don't want anymore, then I'll ...

Noch zu Hause, Essen, Germany travel blog

Noch zu Hause

A travel blog entry by felixundtin


Also wir sind noch zu Hause, viel Umzugststreß ...

The final countdown!, Essen, Germany travel blog

The final countdown!

A travel blog entry by tomandbecky


... more about that in a few weeks. For the moment, I'm most excited about the end of July when Thomas will finally come back to Germany. It's been almost a year that he went to Coventry, far too long time apart, if you ask me. It was good that he ...

Vorbereitungen im vollen Gange, Essen, Germany travel blog

Vorbereitungen im vollen Gange

A travel blog entry by sntrrrronfire


Achtung, da kommt er... Achtung...ja, jetzt...nee, einen Moment noch...Nu, jetzt aber!! Ja!  HA!! Hier ist er: Der erste Eintrag in meinem Reisetagebuch! Geht doch! :) Vor knapp einem Monat habe ich die Entscheidung getroffen, die (wahrscheinlich ...

Departure from Essen, Essen, Germany travel blog

Departure from Essen

A travel blog entry by rebecca.jacob


Friday, 21.02.2003: Antonio is preparing sandwiches for the long jours in the car, Ela's selecting skiing gear from my parent's fundus, Daniel and I are loading the car and Miriam helps wherever she can. We're quite cramped in that car, but who cares ...

Weather forecast: cold and rainy, Essen, Germany travel blog

Weather forecast: cold and rainy

A travel blog entry by rebecca.jacob

Hi everybody, after a few last weeks of sunshine and warmth, the weather in Europe is finally setting to "autumn" with rain coming from the West. Never mind, we will miss 2 weeks of that: tomorrow, Miriam and I will board our plane to Bangkok, where ...

Suche nach Mitreisenden, NRW, Germany travel blog

Suche nach Mitreisenden

A travel blog entry by shi_ra


Für meine Weltreise würde ich sehr gerne noch einen Mitstreiter finden, gerne auch für Teilabschnitte. Man erlebt unterwegs so viele interessante Dinge, doch es ist schade wenn man niemanden hat, mit dem man die Erlebnisse teilen kann. Dazu kommt das ...

Germany - Essen and Bochum, Essen, Germany travel blog

Germany - Essen and Bochum

A travel blog entry by woomby


In February I decided to make a quick dash over the North Sea to see the guys in Essen. I flew with from Leeds/Bradford Airport for about 14 pounds and landed in Dusseldorf. We had a fun time, except all the Luckemeyers were sick. Lars was ...

Dreaming of..., Essen, Germany travel blog

Dreaming of...

A travel blog entry by jogo

... feeling in my stomach and remember how I sat in the airplane of Quantas and fly back from Perth to Germany, below me the wonderful yellow beach of Australia and the great blue ocean. Craving...................................... My thoughts from that ...

sh, Essen, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by jogo


Neuer Rucksack und Weitwanderweg EB / New Backpack, NRW, Germany travel blog

Neuer Rucksack und Weitwanderweg EB / New Backpack

A travel blog entry by shi_ra


... Budapest, known as "International long distance trail of friendship" (shortly "EB"). The EB exists since 1983 and starts in Eisenach, Germany and passes through the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, until it reaches Hungary. It is 2960 km long. --- Da ...

The trip plan in my head, NRW, Germany travel blog

The trip plan in my head

A travel blog entry by shi_ra

... head, which I hope to be able to travel along, though I know things can change, espesially throughout a journy like that... Starting in Germany I would like to go to the south and east, Budapest is the first set goal to reach. Then I would like to visit ...

Day -1, Essen, Germany, Essen, Germany travel blog

Day -1, Essen, Germany

A travel blog entry by beninmalaysia

... I have used the last 10 days to prepare myself for the trip  in the comfortable surroundings of the reknown town of Essen, Germany. Essential parts of the preparation process have been eating and sleeping. I am fully aware that by now, the receptive ...

Frankfurt Airport - Kuala Lumpur - Denpasar, Essen, Germany travel blog

Frankfurt Airport - Kuala Lumpur - Denpasar

A travel blog entry by rebecca.jacob


After 6 months of planning and dreaming, our project is finally going live. Sunday morning, we'll get on our train to Frankfurt (FRA) airport. After a beer in the departure zone, Malaysian Airlines to KL, hopefully on an emergency exit seat - you ...

Back home!, Essen, Germany travel blog

Back home!

A travel blog entry by rebecca.jacob


... Ao Nang Group" which we highly recommend for their good organisation and friendlyness! That day, we shared our guide with a family from Germany who were living in Bangkok and had grandma and grandpa over for vacation. The two boys, aged maybe 6 and 8, ...

Total verrückt..., Essen, Germany travel blog

Total verrückt...

A travel blog entry by jogo

Heute war mir nach Bright Light Social hour mit ihrem Song "Shanty", ich schließe meine Augen, wippe im Takt mit, erinnere mich an all meine tollen Abenteuer in Ottawa, die Gefühle, die unvergessslichen Momente, dann kommen die Erinnerungen wieder hoch ...

A little water never hurt anybody, Essen, Germany travel blog

A little water never hurt anybody

A travel blog entry by megleary28


... tonight on the big screen in the food court. That's what everybody else is watching while I'm down here writing. I left when Germany started playing crappy. Our last bit of industrial culture was a gasometer in Oberhausen. I swear I'm not making that ...

Friends don't let friends drink starbucks, Köln, Germany travel blog

Friends don't let friends drink starbucks

A travel blog entry by megleary28


Unless, of course, you're in Germany and there isn't a Mokas Things you don't think would be weird but are: seeing little kids speaking German, hearing the TV station dub an Italian soccer player's voice in German. FYI-graffiti comes in English more ...

I'm on a roll, Essen, Germany travel blog

I'm on a roll

A travel blog entry by megleary28


Wow! Two entries in one day! I'm impressed with myself even though this is just a little math problem. My dad has been bugging me to get this up. He thinks its pretty important. It is pretty interesting. Ok. So I have attached a picture of a gas station ...

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!, Essen, Germany travel blog

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!

A travel blog entry by megleary28


... with 3 or 4 story houses. Some of these differences I've seen are probably a city vs small town thing instead of Germany vs USA. I'm sure NYC probably has a lot of densly packed places that look kind of like downtown Newton. Hasta luego ...

Here at Last!, Essen, Germany travel blog

Here at Last!

A travel blog entry by megleary28


... ) they confiscate them and put them in these exhibits. So don't try to sneak a stuffed crocodile baby in through customs. Back to Germany. We talked with Jo and Annette for a bit before Annette had to leave for work. I went to sleep soon after this and ...

A little bit of scenery, Essen, Germany travel blog

A little bit of scenery

A travel blog entry by megleary28


... this morning. Some of us were shocked to wake up to the sunrise at 4:30 in the morning after the sunset around 11. I guess Germany is a little farther north than Kansas is. The girls and Jo were already gone so we had a nice breakfast with Annette of ...

Last day in Germany, Essen, Germany travel blog

Last day in Germany

A travel blog entry by megleary28

... Annette said this would be a good transition for us. I ordered (in English)  Sri Lankan chicken curry at an Irish pub in Germany. Pretty cool, eh? I'm really sorry I neglected this, but we've been having such a good time I have a hard time pausing ...

Wish we could skirmish, Essen, Germany travel blog

Wish we could skirmish

A travel blog entry by rofo


... mine which is now used as an all round exhibition centre and restaurant area. We stumbled on to a football presentation of how Germany has influenced the sport from around the globe. Some interesting displays made for a good hour long visit and I even ...

Games, games, games, Essen, Germany travel blog

Games, games, games

A travel blog entry by ardnopes


... you're a gamer. Essen is not much of a tourist destination on its own, and at the heart of the old industrial Ruhr region of Germany, visions of the US Rust Belt swam in my head and I really didn't expect much out of the place. I was pleasantly surprised, ...

We’ve got it all..., Essen, Germany travel blog

We’ve got it all...

A travel blog entry by 2smartiesabroad

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... a new haircut, visas, loads of vaccinations and big backpacks full of dreams and excitement. Now all that is missing are our passports, which the Indian embassy hopefully sends back in time. It is only two more weeks until our plane leaves from ...

Departure day, Essen, Germany travel blog

Departure day

A travel blog entry by deekeule

Tomorrow or soon i depart from Frankfurt Airpot, fly to Sao Paolo change the plane over there and get than to Lima. I´m already more than excited to get to peru finally. It was my dream since now almost a year and thanks to a friend and also some other ...

Day at the Fair, Essen, Germany travel blog

Day at the Fair

A travel blog entry by ksunderhill


... better people to spend the day with. Once at his professors house I got a better sense for where we were headed, Germany! Essen, Germany, actually, was the location of a man and his obsession with the fair. Essen is located about 2 and a half ours ...

Essen, Essen, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by sarah.

... and I bought a really warm coat, and just in time too! 10 minutes later it started to snow lightly. I caught the train to Essen. It took 7 hours. I arrived at the hotel safely. I am in building 4, room 622, just incase anyone wants to call the hotel. I ...

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