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Liz & Van Euro Summer Funz!, Celle, Germany travel blog

Liz & Van Euro Summer Funz!

A travel blog entry by johnnybwalker


... across. U-boats in the U-bend! These sausages are so long they have to redesign their plates to accommodate them. Once words out in Germany how bad processed meat is, the whole place is going to be lost. I, for one, will not spill the beans.  ...

Celle, Celle, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by caroruben


... Celle besuchen wir heute Theo, Felix, Ilka und Karsten. Wir macheten einen Ausflug in die schöne historische Innenstadt von Celle. Hier seht ein schönes Fachwerkhaus neben dem anderen. Sie sind meistens bunt bemalt und tragen Weisheiten auf der ...

Old towns and old smells(yha next to farm building, Celle, Germany travel blog

Old towns and old smells(yha next to farm building

A travel blog entry by thermalsailors

... was good to see the progress of spirit levels and set squares in the german building game. As it turns out, Dee tells me that Celle is the final resting place of Anne Frank. guess you could call me the accidental tourist. i didnt go look though as I am ...

Touring The Town Of Celle, Celle, Germany travel blog

Touring The Town Of Celle

A travel blog entry by britanne


... George V's uniform. The British and Germans were very closely wound back then, especially since King George was from or living in Germany when he was discovered to be the next king of England (or something like that). When we done going through the ...

"This abuse completes their work of hatred"

A travel blog entry by ejm56


... were in an already weakened and diseased condition. They were then stored in existing prison and work camps inside Germany. Camps thus became hopelessly overcrowded, and in the increasingly squalid conditions, rampant epidemics of disease broke out and ...

Upon this blasted hillside, Celle, Germany travel blog

Upon this blasted hillside

A travel blog entry by ejm56


... of genial and rolling and agricultural land, as well as wide open extensive plains. However, the lack of motorways in old East Germany did become a bit trying. The old border between east and west was marked by a modest sign, and German efficiency had ...

A Quiet Sunday, Celle, Germany travel blog

A Quiet Sunday

A travel blog entry by britanne

Originally we were going to go see the Bergen-Belsen POW & Concentration Camp. However, we found out the bus doesn't run on Sundays and all the car rental places are closed on Sunday. Therefore, we headed into town to see if anything is going on and ...

Hometown Twin, Celle, Germany travel blog

Hometown Twin

A travel blog entry by startrailers


... towns and cities.   It was very hot and most of the pavement cafes were full, with interesting buskers playing. Celle has always been an affluent place with a large Schloss. As we were wandering around it got really hot and oppressive, ...

Breathtaking Celle a Medieval Dreamtown, Celle, Germany travel blog

Breathtaking Celle a Medieval Dreamtown

A travel blog entry by libbydove


... of their properties to be shot or transported to one of many Concentration camps never to return to the tranquil charm of Celle. Thankfully distracted from the blemishes of brutality, we investigated the Palace, its gardens and the Museum of Modern Art ...

Quite a lot of wind, Celle, Germany travel blog

Quite a lot of wind

A travel blog entry by whereisredtoday


... we started a rather long journey to Celle. We thought Serena had made a mistake as the roads were so narrow but that part of Germany is still making roads bigger so there were a lot of road works. The wind made driving pretty tricky but with Ed's help I ...

Trip to Celle with Matt, Celle, Germany travel blog

Trip to Celle with Matt

A travel blog entry by fanofmozarts2


Matt and I went to visit the city of Celle and see the Fachwork! There was a nice Schloss and a huge craftfair going on. The nicest craftfair I have ever been ...

Less than a month? Blimey..., Celle, Germany travel blog

Less than a month? Blimey...

A travel blog entry by spinningduck

It's been a while in the works. But today I sat down at my computer and realised that, after 6 months of daydreaming plus 6 weeks of proper, intensive planning, a lot of prayer and much support from family and friends, I've got very little to do towards ...

Die Vorbereitungen laufen, Celle, Germany travel blog

Die Vorbereitungen laufen

A travel blog entry by ystueck


Hallo an alle Erdenbürger, die daran glauben, Camping entspanne. In wenigen Wochen starten wir wieder eine neue Reise mit einem Wohnmobil. Mit von der Partie sind auch Diana, Andreas, Florian und Jonas. Es wird sicher sehr lustig werden und ich ...

Jul 10, 2012, Celle, Germany travel blog

Jul 10, 2012

A travel blog entry by the-spelmans


Der erste Eintrag ist noch recht früh!, Celle, Germany travel blog

Der erste Eintrag ist noch recht früh!

A travel blog entry by ystueck2


Tja, eigentlich ist es erst noch Weihnachten, aber ich freue mich schon auf den Sommerurlaub. Wir starten wieder als Team "Ystueck" und besuchen das Land der unbergrenzten Möglichkeiten - die USA. Die ersten Planungen werden sicher Mitte Januar ...

Aufbruchstimmung, Celle, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by ystueck2

Letzte Meldung aus Celle, ich habe schon für morgen früh geübt und bin kurz vor 5.00 Uhr aus dem Bett gefallen (Robi folgte unwesentlich später). Die Koffer sind dabei sich zu füllen. Das Navi ist heruntergeladen. Jetzt finden noch letzte ...

Celle, Celle, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by mrcolella

... was a town that was founded in the early Renaissance. It is probably much older, but the Alstadt (the "old town", in Germany, usually a pedestrian area these days) had 1520-something painted on its oldest building. It is pronounced "tz-ell-uh". It was ...

Train Travel, Celle, Germany travel blog

Train Travel

A travel blog entry by ahartry


... called the Oppermanns, and we agreed to come the next day. After an inquiry at the tourist office, we chose to go to Celle. We found a wonderful hotel next to the train station (Hotel Slater) which was still in the process of being remodeled. We ...

Voller Erwartung auf den Sommer, Celle, Germany travel blog

Voller Erwartung auf den Sommer

A travel blog entry by ystueck2


So, hier mal wieder ein Eintrag vom Fahrer: es ist Zeit einige CD`s zum Thema "I feel good" zu brennen um die Stimmung im Camper auf das Maß der "California Girls" zu trimmen, da wir sicher einige der Mädels dort treffen werden: Die Winzerinnen kommen ...

Noch knapp 4 Wochen bis zum nächsten Abenteuer, Celle, Germany travel blog

Noch knapp 4 Wochen bis zum nächsten Abenteuer

A travel blog entry by ystueck2


"Tempus Fugit" - die Zeit vergeht und die neue Abenteuer-Reise der Y-Stück Adventure-Reisegruppe beginnt in San Franzisko (The City genannt). Wir fangen an, nach einer letzten Besprechung vor einer Woche, die kleinen aber wichtigen Dinge des täglichen ...

Just like New Orleans, Celle, Germany travel blog

Just like New Orleans

A travel blog entry by thetravelmoores


... there was a jazz band parade taking place that evening. We listenened to about 6 different bands from Belgium, Holland and Germany, marching along behind them as they went!  There were hordes of people about all drinking, singing and generally ...

Trip to Celle, Germany, Celle, Germany travel blog

Trip to Celle, Germany

A travel blog entry by jomama


Berndt, one of our customers, took us to see Celle. This is a town that was spared the bombings of WWII. It is beautiful, as you can see from the ...

Grimm's Fairy Tales, Celle, Germany travel blog

Grimm's Fairy Tales

A travel blog entry by cokers


... 400 of them on motorways. We are staying at a small B&B in a quiet side street and went out and found dinner in an Italian restaurant - in northern Germany. And that's another day ticked off. Apologies for the puns and my first reference to ...

Celle it is!, Celle, Germany travel blog

Celle it is!

A travel blog entry by romeoogjulie


... god tid, og etter litt leting etter severdigheter gikk turen innom den gamle konsentrasjonsleiren Bergen-Belsen, like nord for Celle. Selve konsentrasjonsleiren eksisterer ikke lenger, da de allierte brant alt til grunnen etter at de tok kontrollen i ...

Die Spannung steigt, Celle, Germany travel blog

Die Spannung steigt

A travel blog entry by ystueck

Nun ist es bald soweit. Überall steigt die Spannung auf die bevorstehende Reise. Mit Mühe ist es gelungen die Koffer unter der festgesetzten Höchstgrenze zu befüllen. Mit Erwartung schauen wir auf den Freitag, wenn das große ...

New friends and a walk in the woods, Celle, Germany travel blog

New friends and a walk in the woods

A travel blog entry by whereisredtoday


... ladies who were very interested in my camping bits then a rather clever man who talked a lot,then a Danish couple who had come to Germany to buy their dishwasher!  Next to me in the car park were quite a few police vans. We didn't find out what they ...

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