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Hiking in the Pyranees, Tarbes, Spain travel blog

Hiking in the Pyranees

A travel blog entry by vagabonderz


... nature is. It is, by far, the most beautiful place we've seen so far on this trip. After the cirque, we drove to Tarbes, an inconspicuous little town where we just planned on parking on the street and having a free night's sleep. We stumbled on a music ...

Into Tarbes, towards high ground!, Tarbes, France travel blog

Into Tarbes, towards high ground!

A travel blog entry by rob_shill


Today, we set off towards Tarbes after what was a very interesting evening weather wise in this area. All through the night the river raged its way down the valley. Luckily enough, it didn't breach the part of the site I am staying at but the bottom part ...

Gala, Tarbes, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by peacefrog


The annual gala of my Engineering School in Tarbes. I had thought that coming back on that weekend would give extra incentive to my friends to come over and see me. Don't know what the real incentive was, but those who could be there were there. The ...

Day 24 - Oloron-Sainte-Marie to Tarbes, Tarbes, France travel blog

Day 24 - Oloron-Sainte-Marie to Tarbes

A travel blog entry by fcardoso


Distance: 91.27 km Average speed: 14.8 km/h Moving time: 6h10min Total ascent height: 745 Full story coming ...

French Pyrenees, Tarbes, France travel blog

French Pyrenees

A travel blog entry by bernadtom


A quick hello to my papa and pepe 10 days before take off. Since leaving work the 21st Dec, I feel like I'm traveling already but I start with well known places the first week and you can't be disapointed with the mountains, food and drinks that the ...

Lourdes, le Tour and Speliologie, Tarbes, France travel blog

Lourdes, le Tour and Speliologie

A travel blog entry by onawym


... day, organised processions and even an underground basilica with capacity for 20,000. It’s the second most visited place in France after Paris and the number of hotels in Lourdes per head of population is again second only Paris. Riding on the back ...

Dernière ligne droite, Tarbes, France travel blog

Dernière ligne droite

A travel blog entry by je_to_fajn


Tel l'oiseau migrateur avant le grand départ, ces 2 dernières semaines en France m'auront permis de faire de bonnes réserves de graisse avant de partir mais surtout de revoir tous mes êtres chers (et également de conduire une F550 Maranello à plus ...

Day 5 Tarbes... No... Toumay, Tarbes, France travel blog

Day 5 Tarbes... No... Toumay

A travel blog entry by 3spirit

... , tall trees on either side of the road. Also a few cars flashed at us but we have no idea why! We arrived at Tarbes, but after driving around for a little while, and looking up a place to stay we realised that we actually don't like staying in cities! ...

Aug 19, 2013, Tarbes, France travel blog

Aug 19, 2013

A travel blog entry by lilidanglais


Hi from the Pyrenees, Pyrenees, France travel blog

Hi from the Pyrenees

A travel blog entry by emmashanahan


... when we were younger so my mom told me to take her there. We went out only to see that pretty much everything was closed. Things in france shut down at lunch time and a little after. We went back there later and maya went on. At around 4:45 my mom drove ...

France, you are amazing., Pyrenees, France travel blog

France, you are amazing.

A travel blog entry by emmashanahan


Hi everyone! So there has been a lot going on, including me being sick. I had a horrible sore throat and swollen glands and a fever. Yea... fun times. I am still trying to get over that as we speak. But anyway, onto the more exciting things. so the day ...

fairytale city, Tarbes, France travel blog

fairytale city

A travel blog entry by stoptheworld


Tony and I had so many jobs to do on the computer, we didn't get out of the hotel till nearly 12. It's quite frustrating when you want to do sightseeing, but we seem to have finally got the tiles for Westcourt organised. It seems that we have had the ...

Kurzer Stop, Tarbes, France travel blog

Kurzer Stop

A travel blog entry by jonas.steger

Auf dem Weg nach Lourdes haben wir hier kurz pausiert, wir sind einmal über den Stadtplatz gelaufen und haben frische Croissants und pain-chocolat gekauft. An einer Kaserne hat mit Papa noch ein altes Propeller-Transportflugzeug gezeigt ...

Day 1 (and some pics from the journey), Pyrenees, France travel blog

Day 1 (and some pics from the journey)

A travel blog entry by emmashanahan


well guys, i made it. please forgive me if i miss spell a couple words. i am using a french computer and the keys are in different places. so after a plane, two trains and a car we finally arrived to the pyrenees. we were so tired but we still had to ...

Tarbes, Tarbes, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by ludoargentina


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