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Almost the End of Europe, St Malo, France travel blog

Almost the End of Europe

A travel blog entry by peteandmandy

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24th - 25th September 2007. We drove right through to St Malo from Lacanua which took most of the day. We checked into a budget hotel chain and went next door for Macca's. The first time we'd resorted to the golden arches through the whole ...

Brittany, San Malo, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by marjorie


Brittany is salty and seafaring. Staying in a little hotel that is like a lighthouse. Dined on seafood and crepes and cider. On Anzac Day I went to a service for members of the Resistance who died in the concentration camps. This is the 60th ...

Ausflug nach Saint Malo, Saint Malo, France travel blog

Ausflug nach Saint Malo

A travel blog entry by tante_trudy


Heute sind Jaqueline, Vicky und ich nach Saint Malo gefahren. Diese Stadt ist in der Bretagne und ist ca. 60 km von Avranches entfernt. Als erstes besuchten wir das Aquarium. Wir waren überpunktlich und mussten noch eine halbe Stunde warten bis es ...

Coastal Walk & Saint Malo, Saint-Malo, France travel blog

Coastal Walk & Saint Malo

A travel blog entry by megs-anoop


... waterfront boulevard. The beach area closest to the boulevard is lined with tree trunks driven into the sand. These form part of St-Malo’s breakwater against winter storms. We were still waiting for the sun to come out but it hadn’t made an ...

Just drove straight through, St Malo, France travel blog

Just drove straight through

A travel blog entry by geraldfarr

Move along, nothing to see ...

Saint-Malo, Saint-Malo, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by jrank2889


... stuff the whole way and shared our music with eachother since we were both listening to our ipods as well.  The trip to Saint- Malo took about 2-2.5 hours. M. Melin was on our bus (he's the president of CIDEF-- Kalani, Ashley and I get to eat with ...

Sunday lunch and Saint-Malo, St Malo, France travel blog

Sunday lunch and Saint-Malo

A travel blog entry by jannettek


... we have been here we have enjoyed some of the best oysters ever.  They are fresh, salty and delicious. In France oysters are graded and have allocated a number from 1 to 5 according to their size eg a number 2 oyster is bigger than a ...

Le Mont Michel, Mont St Michael, France travel blog

Le Mont Michel

A travel blog entry by nick-chia


... We took some great pictures leaving Poole then before you know it , WHAM, we rounded the heads into a forty knot gale coming over from France. They sped the boat up to full speed and it nealy swept us off the viewing deck. We went below to get a couple of ...

The Paris to St-Malo Rally, St-Malo, France travel blog

The Paris to St-Malo Rally

A travel blog entry by hsb


... . We went through the north roads, driving near Rouen, Caen, before heading back down south through Avranches, and finally reaching St-Malo around 6.30pm. Heading for the medieval city, the walls loomed from a distance. I found one of the gates to the ...

I've Been Near the Mountain Top, Saint-Malo, France travel blog

I've Been Near the Mountain Top

A travel blog entry by drtee


... in a marine-version of a holding pattern for 45 minutes.  Some sea sickness ensued, I understand. When we finally got to St Malo we were a couple of hours late.  The ride to Mont St-Michel was about an hour.  Tom, who is fluent in French ...

Normandy in September, Saint Malo, France travel blog

Normandy in September

A travel blog entry by kyle-and-lisa


Many of you know that my parents were just in France for a visit. It had been 4 months since we last saw them back in Lincoln! I felt like a little girl again when I saw their happy faces at the airport.   We spent the weekend walking around ...

Mount St Michel, Mount St Michel, France travel blog

Mount St Michel

A travel blog entry by gustn


A ...

Mont St. Michel, Saint-Malo, France travel blog

Mont St. Michel

A travel blog entry by liz.swind


Sunday we drove 2 hours to Bretagne (or Brittany) to Mont St. Michel. There is an abbey on top which began construction in the 700s. It's very old and medieval. There were a ton of steps we had to climb up, but once we got to the top, it was well worth ...

La Ville close de Saint-Malo, Saint-Malo, France travel blog

La Ville close de Saint-Malo

A travel blog entry by pascale7171153


... dag om een hele stad te doen zoals Saint-Malo is veel te weinig, dus dan deden we alleen maar la Ville close de Saint-Malo. Het oude en volledig ommuurde stadsgedeelte van deze stad. Het was bewolkt, maar het regende niet. En we hebben er heerlijk ...

The last post, St Malo, France travel blog

The last post

A travel blog entry by geraldfarr


... on time, the boys were brilliant given the early start, excellent teamwork to do all that stuff you only seem to do in France (e.g. put all the bed linen and towels into a big orange bag). The satnav and ViaMichelin both indicated that it would take ...

Cruising to Saint Malo & Navigation, Saint-Malo, France travel blog

Cruising to Saint Malo & Navigation

A travel blog entry by mylifesjourney


... ’t had the chance to. We wanted to pull out the two jet-skis and ride along as the yacht continued its course towards Saint Malo, still several hours away. The Second Mate was at the helm and she called the bosun to prepare to launch the jetskis. ...

Mont Saint Michel, St Malo, France travel blog

Mont Saint Michel

A travel blog entry by alexengel


... not to denote the experience or anything... Mont Saint Michel was fantastic!!! Its this amazing monastery-island in Brittany-Northern France, and has religious and ghost stories coming out its ears...the tides are also really incredible, the island is ...

Is Foxy telling us she rather be in Africa?, St. Malo, France travel blog

Is Foxy telling us she rather be in Africa?

A travel blog entry by bonthorn


... Foxy back from the garage all fixed up except the driver's window doesn't wind up anymore. Minor detail. Just kilometres away from St. Malo, we decided to stop for the night (well, technically it was early morning by then) and get a couple hours of ...

The Celtic Lands of France, Saint-Malo, France travel blog

The Celtic Lands of France

A travel blog entry by pgraves77


... of years protected the city from destruction. During WWII that streak ended with the allied bombing campaign to liberate France. During the conflict, American bombs were responsible for the destruction of eighty percent of St. Malo. Even though most ...

Long drive, St Malo, France travel blog

Long drive

A travel blog entry by tayka

... The roads were empty, so although we had to drive carefully because of the weather conditions, we made good progress and reached St Malo by the afternoon. The campsite we intended to stay at was closed for the winter, so we looked around for somewhere to ...

7 mai 2006 : Saint-Malo et la mer, Saint-Malo, France travel blog

7 mai 2006 : Saint-Malo et la mer

A travel blog entry by travellingjon


... , une partie des événements a été omise : un homme nous as assurés que la numéro 8 effectue la liaison avec Saint-Malo, malgré les appréhensions de PL, qui dispose de renseignements divergents, et qui se révéleront finalement erronés. À notre ...

Une ville à ne pas manquer!!, Saint-Malo, France travel blog

Une ville à ne pas manquer!!

A travel blog entry by vagabond2014


J'ai aimé arpenter les rues dans la vieille partie de Saint-Malo. Comme m'a dit Marie-Jo et Alain, je vais reconnaître le vieux Québec et c'est réellement cela.   ...

C'est parti, direction Saint-Malo!, Saint-Malo, France travel blog

C'est parti, direction Saint-Malo!

A travel blog entry by kerstina


... von Paimpol ueber Guingcamp und Rennes gefahren, was 4 Stunden gedauert hat, aber die Zeit verging wie im Flug. In Saint-Malo angekommen, haben wir einen Spaziergang in der Stadt gemacht, dessen Kern auf einer Insel liegt und von Festungsmauern umgeben ...

TRAVEL POD POETRY - TWO, Saint Malo, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by gwennifer


... eye can reach. The salty air fills this place called Brittany And we're most at home in our new family! We got linked to Saint Malo by our friend Alli H., So we're staying with her billet from last year's exchange. They live in the cute little ...

Saint-Malo, Saint-Malo, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by vana30


We got up this morning and drove to St-Malo. It was a nice 45 min. drive. St-Malo is a very beautiful, walled city.    First we walked along the coast. It was very beautiful and sunny out and very windy. They have a very interesting break wall system to ...

Poking into Bretagne, St. Malo, France travel blog

Poking into Bretagne

A travel blog entry by xerius

Here we are amidst grey stone and equally grey skies in Brittany, the Celtic-tinged far northwest of France. Pity it's such a brief visit, as the region shows a lot of intriguing promise. As I may have mentioned before though, Mayu and I had a day to play ...

LANNION-DINAN-SAINT MALO          (Km 60+90 treno), Saint-Malo, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by fabiocip


... un lungomare bello...lungo, per l'appunto: cammino incappucciato nella foschia e sotto un'insistente pioggerella che conferiscono a SAINT-MALO un'aura piuttosto spettrale, che considerandone le architetture trovo le doni molto. Spiagge, mura, castello e ...

Beach, Sun and Food!, Saint-Malo, France travel blog

Beach, Sun and Food!

A travel blog entry by adambrownell


... which was decent, not overly busy so only had one other guy in my room. It included breakfast for 23 euro, even though it was horrific! If you're looking for some time to chill out, head to Saint Malo and enjoy the beach! I would certainly recommend it. ...

Stuffed, Saint-Malo, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by deswirral


... ;s wait at Rennes station. We speak to Phil to sort out a hotel in the old town close to the ferry terminal. Alighting at St Malo it is decidedly cool. Phil has come up trumps with a lovely little hotel within the town walls; the only problem is that it ...

St-Malo, Saint-Malo, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by wayfgrrl


    To St-Malo, finally found a room at a collège. Beautiful beach. We're in the walled-in part of St-Malo, the old part, really neat. Menu for 18,70 ($4.68) for six courses. Janet had oysters, Jan had plâteau de fruits de mer (seafood ...

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