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The Pyrenees, Pau, France travel blog

The Pyrenees

A travel blog entry by meganandkevin

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We left the gorgeous Atlantic coast and headed an hour and a half east to the base of the Pyrenees. The old town centre sits up on a hill and the panoramic views of the Pyrenees is a pretty decent backdrop.  When we rolled into town and found our ...

Pau, Pau, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by lifeinbrian

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After arriving in France through the tunnel, we spent the night in the quite beautiful city of Pau, with a magnificent snow-peaked mountain backdrop. Our wild campspot was the middle of a busy car park but it wasn't too noisy and we managed to sleep, only ...

No Time for Travel Blog, Pau, France travel blog

No Time for Travel Blog

A travel blog entry by wlwilkin

... if I had the time. Yesterday, I was just about finished writing an entry complaining about how awful the computers are in Pau when my server suddenly crashed. Tomorrow I leave to spend five days in Rome. I'm quite literally going just for the ...

un homme deux fois étranger, Pau, France travel blog

un homme deux fois étranger

A travel blog entry by wlwilkin

... real chore. Et donc adieu, Camembert, quoth the raven... I've been playing a decent amount of "French Football" here in Pau. First there is the university-organized club every Tuesday night from eight to ten. Through that, I met those terrific ...

Une tete pleine de choses, Pau, France travel blog

Une tete pleine de choses

A travel blog entry by wlwilkin

I hit a car the other day on my bike. The car didn't hit me. Rather, I simply T-boned it at an agreeable enough angle that I didn't go flying onto the hood. Cursed round-abouts. The driver sped off/continued on, either out of fear or habit. As I ...

Le retour de l'Espagne, Pau, France travel blog

Le retour de l'Espagne

A travel blog entry by wlwilkin

... Spain for Friday and Saturday. We spent the first night in San Sabastian, a beautiful city roughly twice the size of Pau right along the northern coast of the country. All of the students who are currently taking the comparitive modern literature ...

The Three Week Theory, Pau, France travel blog

The Three Week Theory

A travel blog entry by wlwilkin

... for the three weeks, because I got something out of them. All this rambling is simply to say that my three weeks have passed in Pau. Ca veut dire, after the excitement of the first three weeks wore off, it kind of hit me that I was stuck living in ...

La reconnaissance de plusieurs langues, Pau, France travel blog

La reconnaissance de plusieurs langues

A travel blog entry by wlwilkin

... show last night. It was comforting to see that every underground/indie music stereotype in America is equally present in France. Voilà le programme: 1. Some old dude who was apparently English playing roughly three notes on a grand piano for about ...

Pas grandes choses, Pau, France travel blog

Pas grandes choses

A travel blog entry by wlwilkin

... the conversation to a more agreeable subject. Also to my advantage is my overly positive, rather bafoonish manner of conversation here in France. No one's going to make fun of the ghost of Christmas past if he's making an honest effort to learn ...

Boire comme Européan, Pau, France travel blog

Boire comme Européan

A travel blog entry by wlwilkin

... These chicks wanted to become French teachers or something, so quid pro quo, just like it always is with the night life in France. Except most members of the opposite sex don't usually have a mutual professor who arranges the date for you, mais quand ...

Toulouse, Pau, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by wlwilkin

Went to Toulouse this weekend, a city rich in history and industry. Here in France they call it "La Ville Rose", so-named for the abnormal amount of bricks on the roads and the buildings. I went with a dude and some girls. They wanted to do some ...

Decembre's Delights, Pau, France travel blog

Decembre's Delights

A travel blog entry by anna_rochelle


 Salut tout le monde, Today 'la greve' has fully taken over the universite. I arrived for class this morning only to find all the other students and professors standing around outside chatting and discussing the new blockages, which have made it ...

School's Out, Pau, France travel blog

School's Out

A travel blog entry by wlwilkin

... . I've never eaten so much gelato over such a short period of time. The pizza was pretty great too, but I'd say that France and America can hold their own. Rather, it was the carbanara that destroyed me. Tour of the Vatican museum was interesting. ...

French Cows, Pau, France travel blog

French Cows

A travel blog entry by wlwilkin

... with it! ". A harmless colloquialism used to express frustration (much less crude than others that I've been privileged to learn while in France), which all the same assigns the cow to a whole new level of undesirabity on par with Hades the god of the ...

Ohhhh BARCELONE!!, Pau, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by anna_rochelle


Bonjour tout le monde!! It's Monday and I'm back in Pau now, in the computer lab after dragging myself to class this morning with having only slept for a few hours - after one of the most tremendous weekends of my life. Barcelona (Barcelone in French) ...

Pau, Pirenei atlantici, Pau, France travel blog

Pau, Pirenei atlantici

A travel blog entry by jovanni


... da due settimane siamo ospiti della sorella di Laetitia, Monicà e sua figlia Swahely  di 8 anni. Motivo della sosta qui a Pau è salutare la famiglia di Laetitia e procedere con i documenti necessari per il viaggio . Tra qualche giorno passeremo a ...

Une Langue Deux fois Latine, Pau, France travel blog

Une Langue Deux fois Latine

A travel blog entry by wlwilkin

Last night I almost put Preparation H on my tooth brush. Don't ask ;) For those of you who know me better... don't ask either. Fun Fact: If a Frenchman were to read aloud what I just wrote, he would dictate the "..." by saying "etc etc etc". Ca ...

This is PAU, Pau, France travel blog

This is PAU

A travel blog entry by anna_rochelle


Okay... wow. There's absolutely a ridiculous amount to catch up on and I only have about minutes before class. I'm in Pau, France now, which is where I'll be living and going to the school for the next four months. The countryside we visited after ...

bonjour, Pau, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by wlwilkin

bonjour, vous pouvez m'entendre ...

Grand Opening, Pau, France travel blog

Grand Opening

A travel blog entry by wlwilkin

... of a blog like this, but I can assure you that what I write on will only be the most inconsequential of my experiences in France. Cela dit, enjoy! Will ps. i probably won't update this for a few days. our group is taking a field trip to Spain ...

Grand Prix Car Racing in Pau , Pau, France travel blog

Grand Prix Car Racing in Pau

A travel blog entry by broose09


Pau is the orginal home of the Grand ...

Je suis Palois..., Pau, France travel blog

Je suis Palois...

A travel blog entry by anna_rochelle


... and also being brought into the more local social scene here. Despite the many activities and new people and beauty of France, I'm definately getting to that point of where, as Carrie Bradshaw would say, the lonliness is palpable. I miss everyone ...

Snow! (from afar) and Festivities, Pau, France travel blog

Snow! (from afar) and Festivities

A travel blog entry by browntravelco


A lovely drive today through the most adorable little fortified village and ANOTHER cool chateau with some delicious wines. Once again what they classify as a tasting is dangerous. We were tasting the regional 'Armagnac' (like Cognac) and it was huge! ...

Tour de France, Pierrefitte-Nostalas, France travel blog

Tour de France

A travel blog entry by kinoeye

... new development!  I have been hired, last minute, for a job with Discovery Channel shooting something related to the Tour de France!  So now I am sitting in the Grand Hôtel de France in Southern France, near the border of Spain.  We flew ...

Disturbing Implications, Pau, France travel blog

Disturbing Implications

A travel blog entry by wlwilkin

After arriving in France, I've inevitably learned a lot of French. Every once in a while I'll run into a new word or expression that seems to open me up to a whole new world of communication. As in, from that point on, I can't imagine how I was able to ...

Lourdes, Pau, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by wlwilkin

... have taken place, then they officially declare the whole package a "miracle." After I had already registered to study abroad in Pau, France, I was excited to discover that the town was located within thirty miles of, Lourdes, one of the big-time bona ...

Mais, Maman, tu sais bien que j'adore les anchois!, Pau, France travel blog

Mais, Maman, tu sais bien que j'adore les anchois!

A travel blog entry by wlwilkin

The title of this entry is a quote from Thadée, the eight-year-old boy in my host family. He's full of good lines. And songs. Soline calls him the grand chanteur of the family. On well more than one occasion has he broken out full-throttle in the ...

Didn't finish last entry, Pau, France travel blog

Didn't finish last entry

A travel blog entry by wlwilkin

... about, like my dinner with the Chinese students, my interview with the Protestant pastor, and all the strikes going on here in France, but alas. Maybe I'll have time to write about that stuff next semester, but the journal kind of loses it's charm when ...

Pau-Hizzle: Life as we know it!!, Pau, France travel blog

Pau-Hizzle: Life as we know it!!

A travel blog entry by anna_rochelle

... lovely day of greve (strike) in France. Aside from the nearly two week long strike of the students in university all over France, this is a different one comprised of all the public service workers. I agree with them though, Sarkozy has just augmented his ...

Draft Entry, Lourenties, France travel blog

Draft Entry

A travel blog entry by peacefrog


Go to the Summary Page __________________________ This is just my draft entry, not for reading Link to an entry: LINK Insert a picture: Picture with link: ____________________________________________________________ Have ...

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