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Crepes in Locronan, Locronan, France travel blog

Crepes in Locronan

A travel blog entry by megs-anoop


... an art studio or two, we headed off on our tour. We thought we would start at the scenic viewpoint over the rooftops of Locronan and walked uphill to a path in front of a manor house. I’m not sure when the viewpoint was actually a viewpoint since ...

Een middeleeuwse stad om even weg te dromen, Locronan, France travel blog

Een middeleeuwse stad om even weg te dromen

A travel blog entry by pascale7171153


... ;witte paarden, ik in een lang en breed kleed met veel kant, en natuurlijk een prins om me te begeleiden. Dat was voor mij Locronan.       Jammer dat het echt toeristisch is. Nu was het al 01 oktober, maar als je hier in het ...

Locronan, Roc Trevezel, and St. Tregonnec, Locronan, France travel blog

Locronan, Roc Trevezel, and St. Tregonnec

A travel blog entry by emilyb


A pretty, picturesque Breton village. Again with the pretty little houses and the beautiful church. This time I lit a candle and said the French prayer they had posted there. We also got to taste some delicious traditional Breton crepes - ham and ...

Spring is coming., Locronan, France travel blog

Spring is coming.

A travel blog entry by stef5353


... place called Le Faou. All it really was is an inlet a church and a few houses. Tiny as. From there we drove on to Locronan which would have to be one of the nicer places we visited so far. All the buildings are built of local granite but the style seems ...

A Step Back In Time, Locronan, France travel blog

A Step Back In Time

A travel blog entry by emtashval


So today we took a little road trip to the nearby village of Locronan. It's famed to be the prettiest little town and Britanny. It certainly lived up to it's name. The majority of the houses and little shops were very old buildings made of stone. It makes ...

Sobre la marcha (Locronan), Locronan, France travel blog

Sobre la marcha (Locronan)

A travel blog entry by iba-jee


... es ser tan masocas como para ir a unas costas donde no hay ninguna protección y la lluvia no para de caer. Nuevo plan: Locronan. Un pequeño pueblo que nos había recomendado Marie (la del intercambio) y que no aparecía en las guías. Pensábamos ...

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