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Pointe du Minou, Kerangoff, France travel blog

Pointe du Minou

A travel blog entry by pascale7171153


    Voor we naar huis gingen deden we nog een zeer klein stuk van de GR34, maar het was de moeite. Om te beginnen vertrokken we van een baai in Plougonvelin waar enkele dappere probeerde om op de golfen te surfen. Dan ging ...

24/06/09, Camaret-sur-Mer, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by fbauchet


... a cruising speed of 150km/hr. The further we got from Paris, the sicker Margaret got so we had to find a hotel quickly. After a few phone calls we arrived in Camaret sur mer, a lovely little sea port on the Brittany coast and stayed there for the night. ...

Beautiful views near Camaret, Camaret-sur-Mer, France travel blog

Beautiful views near Camaret

A travel blog entry by megs-anoop


... were they raised and why? This was just an introduction to what we were going to see at Carnac in a few days time. Camaret-sur-Mer is a small port town, once frequented for commercial purposes, but now mainly surviving on the tourist trade. In fact, this ...

Ile d'Ouessant, Ile d'Ouessant, France travel blog

Ile d'Ouessant

A travel blog entry by emilyb


I loved Ile d'Ouessant. Despite the cold and wind (and it was cold and windy all morning and at the end of the day), it was wonderful. They had rented bikes for us to ride all around the island and gave us a picnic lunch to eat whenever and wherever ...

Western Approaches, Atlantic Ocean, France travel blog

Western Approaches

A travel blog entry by pete-r


Western Approaches       N 48°02.9'           W 013°39.4'        By noon we'll be well out into the Atlantic; at 09:00 we were at over 12° ...

Noord Biscay bijna volbracht, Camaret-sur-Mer, France travel blog

Noord Biscay bijna volbracht

A travel blog entry by psteerenberg


... ons verlaten en als de wind die ons eerst nog een half uurtje laat zeilen. We stomen met grootzeil en motor op naar Camaret-sur-Mer, schuin schuin tegenover Brest  een goede uitval basis voor de ronding van de kop van Brest. De kust van basalt ...

Journée à Camaret, où il fait toujours beau..., Camaret-sur-Mer, France travel blog

Journée à Camaret, où il fait toujours beau...

A travel blog entry by vilmouss


... 'Pa qui ne supporte pas les décalages d'horaire. Et il y a quand même 1h30 de route pour aller de Plouarzel à Camaret. Branchement du Coyote pour flirter allègrement avec les limites de vitesse sans prendre trop de risques. Malheureusement pour nos ...

Bay of Biscay Part 2, Bay of Biscay, France travel blog

Bay of Biscay Part 2

A travel blog entry by daytempest


This was the second and last full day at sea.  Unfortunately, there was a storm, so it was incredibly rocky.  The waves were around 4 to 5 meters high and it got so bad that the dishes in the dining room all fell off the table.  One of the ...

Sick leave, Camaret-sur-Mer, France travel blog

Sick leave

A travel blog entry by jilly361


CROSSING THE BAY I was so sick on the initial start to cross the Bay that Steve diverted to Camaret Sur Mer for the night making a big detour.  The boys continued onwards to cross the Bay and I spent the day waiting to catch a bus to Brest, so that I ...

Little Britain, Camaret-sur-Mer, France travel blog

Little Britain

A travel blog entry by lauraandmikey


... . This literally translates as butter cake. Round parcels of pastry and butter with caramelised sugar. Not a calorie in them!! Camaret-Sur-Mer on the Western coast of Brittany known as the Crozon Peninsula is a small fishing village, with colourful ...

Camaret Syria Mer, Camaret-sur-Mer, France travel blog

Camaret Syria Mer

A travel blog entry by ellisasailing


After a lazy start we slip the bout and gear over to feel up and go onto the quay to explore . A stroll around the town and try to hunt some wifi proved quite difficult hence the delay in posting the blog. Some quaint streets and novel ideas but nothing ...

The old

The old "End of the World"

A travel blog entry by stevelegassick


Memorial to sailors, and let your imagination run wild looking out to what was the complete unknown for so, so ...

Europe, Camaret-sur-Mer, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by mills01480


Quintessential fishing village, Camaret-sur-Mer, France travel blog

Quintessential fishing village

A travel blog entry by dindhenry


First stop on another big driving day was the historic fishing village of Camaret sur mer. A lovely drive on single lane roads passing through little settlements and villages with houses to the edge of the road and well kept houses with little to ...

And we're off again, Camaret-sur-Mer, France travel blog

And we're off again

A travel blog entry by sophistikitty


... the sun broke through at times and we were soon stripping off some of our (many) layers of clothing. We're spending the night in Camaret, a little seaside town which is really rather nice. I say 'the night'; we'll only be here until about 3am, as we have ...

Another day closer to the Raz', Camaret-sur-Mer, France travel blog

Another day closer to the Raz'

A travel blog entry by skippyroo


... a bit wobbly in the strong current). In the morning we set off at sunrise for a fairly long passage to our next destination Cameret-sur-Mer. We picked up a visitors buoy not far from the town.  In the afternoon we strolled around - not much to see ...

Bay of Biscay to Camaret sur Mer, Camaret-sur-Mer, France travel blog

Bay of Biscay to Camaret sur Mer

A travel blog entry by ellisasailing


Time to leave and just as a little reminder Ellisa decides to play up again with her gears - something more serious that we hope will hold out till she is back in the UK for further investigation. Writing this as we are 2/3 of the way across it still ...

Raz du Sein avklarat, Camaret-sur-Mer, France travel blog

Raz du Sein avklarat

A travel blog entry by takingdixiehome


... nummer 1 avklarad. Vi fortsatte resten av dagen i sakta mak, utan det fantastiska seglarvädrat vi haft tidigare dagar, till Camaret sur Mer  där vi skall tillbringa natten och ta en liten sovmorgon. Väl på plats upptäckte vi att storseglet ...

Wycieczka po brzegach Bretanii, Camaret-sur-Mer, France travel blog

Wycieczka po brzegach Bretanii

A travel blog entry by mikemas


To z pewnoscia najciekawsze miejsce ktore zobaczylem podczas tego wyjazdu.. Wybralismy sie na spacer gdyz wypatrzylem w oddali na wzgorzu typowy bunkier sluzacy chyba do obrony wejscia do zatoki. Kontynuowanie spaceru przynosilo same, jeszcze bardziej ...

Camaret del Mer, Camaret-sur-Mer, France travel blog

Camaret del Mer

A travel blog entry by mikemas


Male, niezbyt zachwycajace miasteczko polozone nad zatoka. aby nie pokonywac dodatkowej drogi wglab ladu zatrzymalismy sie wlasnie tutaj. Jednak nie samo miasteczko a bliska okolica sa najwiekszym atutem jak sie pozniej okazalo.. Sanitariaty w marinie sa ...

The long haul, Camaret-sur-Mer, France travel blog

The long haul

A travel blog entry by chrisndavid


... the Chanel du Four. Few minor mishaps so we just stood off until dawn. Got to the Chanel and headed for Camaret sur Mer. Seemed a L O N G way after a fairly sleepless night. Entered marina at approx 11am Saturday. Went shopping and Dave slept for 13 ...

Landgang, Camaret-sur-Mer, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by picabo

Sehr schöner Ort mit vielen kleinen Galerien. Ich kaufe einen Leuchtturm-Holzschnitt von Jean-Paul Romanc. Christian besorgt die Blöcke und Spi-Schoten. Felix ist am Strand, Elke bummelt auch und Wolfram besteigt den Berg und genießt die tolle ...

Jul 22, 2012, Camaret-sur-Mer, France travel blog

Jul 22, 2012

A travel blog entry by veromarcos


Le phare, Saint-Mathieu, France travel blog

Le phare

A travel blog entry by klaudiajaissle


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