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Brest - really just our base (short), Brest, France travel blog

Brest - really just our base (short)

A travel blog entry by globalshepherds

... the caption "Breszt Punishers" written on it. With just a bit of internet research Brian learned that there are 2-3 kite shops in Brest and a long kite-forum article described at least 20 different kite sites in and around Brest. We then found a hotel ...

it was a long time, Brest, France travel blog

it was a long time

A travel blog entry by fbauchet


After packing the car we went on the port for the "petit dejeuner" and we took the tourist drive toward Brest to be closer to my friends. We found a hotel called Oceania with a swimming pool (do not get excited as it is only 3ft deep) design for English ...

26/06/09, Brest, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by fbauchet


This morning after breakfast we were going back to our room when someone was behind me and it was Christophe.... he really has not changed we had a long chat and as we both had thing to do we decided to have a drink tomorrow night before going for diner. ...

Mireille, Brest, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by nadegeb72


... comme tous les jours : "elle est pas belle la vie ? Qu'est-ce qu'on a bien fait de partir..." Elle est en France depuis quelques mois, à essayer de régler les problèmes de succession... Le bateau est en indivision et les gamins du premier mariage de ...

27/06/09, Brest, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by fbauchet


... the local fast food to bring home lunch so we could seat down and have something to eat while we watched the game. Australia v France... it was a non event as the French played like crap following their tour of New-Zealand. Anyway I ended up getting a ...

Brest, Brest, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by emilyb

Brest (yes, pronounced like that), on the other hand, is not a beautiful city. It was destroyed completely in WWII and rebuilt in the 50's and since, apparently entirely out of concrete. The landscape around it is beautiful, but not the city itself. We ...

28/06/09, Brest, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by fbauchet


After last night I got up quiet late and we went Josh and I went to Christophe to copy some old French movies on DVDs for me to take back home at the end of the trip but we run into a trap as I was told we were expected to have lunch with them. So I went ...

Brest, Brest, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by benbauchet

... not going to say the time at all... EVER! The fun is still going on...  Brest. It is a lovely place in Brittany, near france where they speak french. Brest was good and fun so i am going to tell you about it. Well my mum felt sick so we stayed at a port ...

Thank you daddy, Brest, France travel blog

Thank you daddy

A travel blog entry by nadegeb72


Thank you for the comfort, the kindness, the driving me around the area to remind me how beautiful my country is. Thank you for making this moment a less difficult one for me. I love you. ...

Who Knew Brest(s) were SO BIG, Brest, France travel blog

Who Knew Brest(s) were SO BIG

A travel blog entry by europebaby


Tuesday July 12th, 2005 - HOTEL.....SO......FAR..... Going from the nice cool Switzerland, back to the burningly hot France took its toll on us as we tried to find our hotel. the information desk at the train station had no clue where it was and we had ...

CROZON-CAMARET-BREST                   (Km 85), Brest, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by fabiocip


... bevono. Ultimi 400m di ciclo (più il doppio di girotondi) per scovare, difeso dal suo parco, il sorprendente nuovo Ostello di BREST, il cui salone conviviale, tanto per render l'idea, sembra ripreso da un inserto patinato di "Class": sarà almeno 200mq, ...

And Thus the Dribbling Starts, Brest, France travel blog

And Thus the Dribbling Starts

A travel blog entry by jimnunn


The first night survived! Although Lance could not sleep because of the noise of the aircon fan, which apparently can't be switched off, and the pitching and yawing of the ship kept waking me up (It wasn't like that on the Anthem of the Seas!) Last night ...

We zijn in Brest, Brest, France travel blog

We zijn in Brest

A travel blog entry by psteerenberg


... die aan geeft al heel wat ervaring te hebben op de Bretonse kusten. Als wij onze zorgen uitten om de Chenal du Four om bij Brest te komen ( de hele Atlantische Oceaan botst op die kust) en aanhaken over de verhalen van Raz de Sein, komt hij met een ...

The Coast is the Most, Brest, France travel blog

The Coast is the Most

A travel blog entry by blemings


... lots of walking today...a quaint medieval town, the site of the megaliths , the cliffs at Pointe Raz..This part of France is called Brittany..unique Breton language, customs, food...We will be continuing along the coast tomorrow..just taking it easy and ...

Hello to Jason Isaacs, Brest, off the coast of, France travel blog

Hello to Jason Isaacs

A travel blog entry by jimnunn


It's the last day of the cruise, we're into the Bay of Biscay and the weather is rubbish, cloudy and windy.  The sun does break through now and again, but it feels like it's cold, although it is 21c. i learned several things yesterday. During a ...

Hanging out the flag, Brest, off the coast of France, France travel blog

Hanging out the flag

A travel blog entry by jimnunn


There are 14 restaurants on the ship about eight of which you have to book in advance.  Dave managed to get us booked into "Chic" a "modern restuarant, using only freshly gathered ingredients".  And I thought, "yeah? Well how are you going to ...

Hello France, Brest France, France travel blog

Hello France

A travel blog entry by lizmorbey


... we were tired but happy to have arrived safely. We will now stay here for a few days and visit our friends Mike and Jenny on their boat in Roscoff we will catch a bus tomorrow meanwhile chill now and have a cuppa.  So lovely to be back in ...

Vierde Diagonaal. Brest - Strasbourg. (deel1)., Saint-Renan, France travel blog

Vierde Diagonaal. Brest - Strasbourg. (deel1).

A travel blog entry by fernand.ooms


Dinsdag 21 juni. Saint-Renan----Plestin-les Grèves : 102 km - totaal: 4529 km. Nog een stevig ontbijt gehad bij Francine en een lekker vieruurtje meegekregen. Daarna alles ingepakt en om 9h vertrokken. Nog zwaar bewolkt en om 10h een stevige bui. Wat ...

Routine is starting to settle, Brest, France travel blog

Routine is starting to settle

A travel blog entry by sunshinett

... if that is more towards the bottom half of the standings. A few of us were a little unlucky as we hid a wind whole outside of Brest and so we could see on the radar thst the other boats were sailing away from us meanwhile about 4-5 of us were all just ...

bre, Brest, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by neildavis136

work ...

End of the world in Bretagne and many Menhirs, Brest, France travel blog

End of the world in Bretagne and many Menhirs

A travel blog entry by maplefanta

... a little backward area that was pretty cool, but finally we manage our route and reached the Pointe du Raz: the most western point of France. We spent most of the day there and hiked along the cliffs and a rough sea to enjoy the view on the open sea and ...

Dag 13   Brest, Brest, France travel blog

Dag 13 Brest

A travel blog entry by markflo


... af wat men het centrum noemt en alle mensen die we zagen  hadden we de vorige dagen reeds ontmoet op de boot. Brest is tijdens WO2 helemaal plat gebombardeerd en werd nadien helemaal uit het niets terug opgebouwd en is dus een heel moderne stad ...

Road Trip and Sautéed Pork, Brest, France travel blog

Road Trip and Sautéed Pork

A travel blog entry by chuckcurry


... Today because we are travelling north West, they are washed in sunlight, because it is yet another beautiful day at 22C. We toured Brest briefly and ended in the port. This city was mostly destroyed by allied bombing raids in WW II, and the rebuilding is ...

Back in Europe, Brest, France travel blog

Back in Europe

A travel blog entry by fra_roz


... 'à ce que nous nous rejoignons très bientôt.   C'est avec beaucoup d'émotion que j'ai revu mes parents à l'aéroport de Brest. Cela faisait presque 2 ans depuis la dernière fois que je les avais vus, quand ils nous avaient rendu visite dans le ...

The scary bit, Brest, France travel blog

The scary bit

A travel blog entry by sophistikitty


... skipper and I to gabber about how wonderful everything was. We had a rough patch as we turned east into the natural harbour that contains Brest, but nothing could mar the day we saw dolphins. We're now staying in the marina in Brest for about a week, and ...

Brest, France, Brest, France travel blog

Brest, France

A travel blog entry by classybird


Well the weather just got worse!  Cold and blowy! We were incredibly disappointed with Brest  i had visions of a nice little picturesque harbour and fishing boats.  We got on the shuttle bus which took us into a large city, where they were ...

Brest - Day 2, Brest, France travel blog

Brest - Day 2

A travel blog entry by narelle.grayson


... . I'm so glad we were only there for three hours, rather than the 5 hours we had originally planned. Once back in Brest we looked for a place for dinner. Lonely planet recommended a Brasserie nearby our hotel that served traditional French cuisine. The ...

Foul weather stops play!, Brest, France travel blog

Foul weather stops play!

A travel blog entry by greggpowell

Hi everyone, well we've had a bit of a false start. Sailed out of Portsmouth into stormy seas, so have pulled into Brest, France for some shelter. Got in on Thursday after one of my worst nights at sea ever, the Bay of Biscay is really rough at ...

Brittany Hospitality, Brest, France travel blog

Brittany Hospitality

A travel blog entry by abbeyandben


... - all the fresh ingredients looked great and we got very excited for when we could cook in Paris.   That evening we went to Brest to see Arnaud, Ben's friend from high school.  We ate dinner and stayed the night at Arnaud's parent's house.  Roger ...

Francia, Georgia, Bretaña, Irlanda y el mundo..., Brest, France travel blog

Francia, Georgia, Bretaña, Irlanda y el mundo...

A travel blog entry by iba-jee


... arabes (?) y un trato excelente.... si hasta nos regalo un trozo de tarta!!!! Hoy domingo hemos estado dando una vuelta por Brest. Nos hemos encotrado un mercado tradicional y hemos comprado fruta, verdura... y la comida del dia: una mezcla entre mini ...

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