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Beauvais, Beauvais, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by piholland

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... unscathed, and we headed north for a place to freshen up before the trip home. I'm sat today at the municipal camp site in Beauvais, the guide book describes this place as dull city, its still very picturesque compared to England and if this is as bad as ...

Staying with Michelle, Austin and family, Beauvais, Paris, France travel blog

Staying with Michelle, Austin and family

A travel blog entry by worldofbintang

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... Laversines with Michelle, Austin, Bethany, Eleonore, Samuel and Joshua. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we spent time visiting Beauvais 'Beach' and the markets. We also went to an amusement park called Parc St Paul and then to the Buffalo Grill ...

The Colossus of Beauvais, Beauvais, France travel blog

The Colossus of Beauvais

A travel blog entry by zento

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... , a time where the growing burgs of France competed against each other for the most beautiful and daring cathedral.  The city of Beauvais simply wanted the highest one.   We arrived in the sleepy town of Beauvais at around noon, when not a single soul ...

Will Lauren find a beau in Beauvais?, Beauvais, France travel blog

Will Lauren find a beau in Beauvais?

A travel blog entry by dannjess


Here we are in Beauvais, France on a beautiful day. The stunning cathedral was very impressive inside and out. It was a quick trip outside of Paris. We did look for lots of beaus in Beauvais, but there were not many around. It seems to be a holiday week ...

Bad times in Beauvais...., Beauvais, France travel blog

Bad times in Beauvais....

A travel blog entry by sly.mod


Oh Dear. The information Mary gave me about the buses to Beauvais (Cheap flights, tiny airport---Ryanair InterEurope) was incorrect. Buses were supposed to be available to Beauvais (75 minute trip) every half hour according to the schedule, but that ...

Heading to Spain, Beauvais, France travel blog

Heading to Spain

A travel blog entry by hithere52


... .  Oh well, it was better than being an hour late.    So we had to get to the airport in a town called Beauvais.  In order to get to Beauvais from Laon by train, you had to go down to Paris and then back up to Beauvais.  ...

I Loathe Ryanair, Don't You?, Beauvais, France travel blog

I Loathe Ryanair, Don't You?

A travel blog entry by ckaczma

Soon to ...

Days 8, 9, Beauvais, France travel blog

Days 8, 9

A travel blog entry by austintbrown


... . I walked around the city hoping to stick to my plan of befriending someone and turns out not many people hang out in Beauvais, especially when it is raining. So that failed miserably and then it was about 9:30 and I contemplated sleeping inside of this ...

Metalliance Festival and the Cathedral, Beauvais, France travel blog

Metalliance Festival and the Cathedral

A travel blog entry by joergenmaria


Didn´t end with a whimper, but with a cough...., Beauvais, France travel blog

Didn´t end with a whimper, but with a cough....

A travel blog entry by astrix7


... for lunch then a look at the town square and the Cathedral which has been here for about 900 years.¨ (Facebook entry from Beauvais)  Because I had booked accommodation in a hurry (without checking the small print), I ended up in a room close to the ...

Arrivee de Karolina, Beauvais, France travel blog

Arrivee de Karolina

A travel blog entry by emeric.bensaci

Aujourd'hui ma cherie Karolina arrive de Pologne. Je vais la chercher a Beauvais, ou elle arrive avec Ryan Air. Pas trop de trafic, je mets deux heures et demi. Quand j'arrive a l'aeroport, dix minutes avant son arrivee, Karolina est deja la a ...

Massey Ferguson factory, Beauvais, France travel blog

Massey Ferguson factory

A travel blog entry by pegardyne

Geoff Saddlier had managed to organize a tour of the Massey tractor factory within 36hours of us asking him to! The only interesting bit was that the tour started at 9am, and we would have to leave the school by 5:20am to have a chance of getting there ...

From Chateaus to Castles, Beauvais, France travel blog

From Chateaus to Castles

A travel blog entry by elysetopher


Yesterday morning we got up and enjoyed a nice spread the French lady had laid out for us on the dinning table for breakfast. We downloaded a French speaking application on the iPad which really helped us at breakfast. We only had to mime half of the ...

Amiens and Beauvais Cathedrals, Amiens and Beauvais, France travel blog

Amiens and Beauvais Cathedrals

A travel blog entry by opollak


On Monday morning, we woke up early and took a charter bus first to Amiens, then to Beauvais, two smaller towns north of Paris. We drove first to Amiens to see the cathedral. We had a brief guided tour of the exterior and interior, then we spent some more ...

Beaugency, Beauvais, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by paulpenni


Sandy, crowded waterside (almost) aire. Lots of Belgians and Dutch. Plenty of souvenir tat. Stayed overnight but happy to move on ...

In the airport, Beauvais, France travel blog

In the airport

A travel blog entry by kevinsvge

In the airport we have waited to take a plane . ...

We're in France!!!, Beauvais, France travel blog

We're in France!!!

A travel blog entry by clairemcevoy


Hello!!! Just arrived in a town called Gornay after cycling no less than 59 miles to get here! AND I managed all those miles on a slice of toast, a modest breakfast on the ferry and an energy bar.  I'll tell you what....I'm blimin knackered!! ...

Départ de Beauvais, Beauvais, France travel blog

Départ de Beauvais

A travel blog entry by philocan

Ce matin, nous nous sommes levés á 5h00 du matin pour quitter la maison á 6h00 en direction de l'aéroport de Beauvais. L'enregistrement s'est fait en 2mn car aucune attente et on était prèt à entrer en salle d'embarquement, on était d'ailleurs ...

Beavis, huh, huh..., Beauvais, France travel blog

Beavis, huh, huh...

A travel blog entry by kylegdavis


We stood at the front along side the cattle heard waiting to get on the plane, then to our luck, the they decided to open the other gate just where we were standing and now the heard stood behind us.  MR. Ryan Air, what a guy...  for just about ...

Mauvais Beauvais, Beauvais, France travel blog

Mauvais Beauvais

A travel blog entry by trippingkiwi


... he had minimal gear).  So that got us off to a bad start.. but I got Simon a coffee and a croissant as a "thanks for carrying my shit over the border' gift! That was our Wicked stay in Beauvais! :D Let's hope Barcelona is a bit more exciting!!  ...

beauvais, Beauvais, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by fredjade

b ...

Beauvais, Oise, France, Beauvais, France travel blog

Beauvais, Oise, France

A travel blog entry by richmiketrav

... euros. Got talking to a chap who had just done a festival weekend at the colliseum nearby. Headed through pretty roads to Beauvais visiting medieval villages and roman theatres. Wonderful. Super lunch of pan bagnat which is like a salad nicoise in a wide ...

Van Beauvais naar Valençay, Beauvais, France travel blog

Van Beauvais naar Valençay

A travel blog entry by markflo


Reisweg: Beauvais - Chartres - Blois - Valençay Prachtig weer, zon en 21° Het was een heel rustige plaats en we hebben er heerlijk geslapen. Rond 9 uur zijn we vertrokken richting Chartres via N10. Dit is een drukke weg en we komen maar langzaam ...

Shall We to Paris?, Beauvais, France travel blog

Shall We to Paris?

A travel blog entry by breimer


... together none-the-less.  It didn't really matter because we slept the whole flight. We flew into the Ryanair airport in Beauvais.  We knew we'd end up in a little airport outside of the city because most of the time that's how Ryanair ...

Day of Rest, Beauvais, France travel blog

Day of Rest

A travel blog entry by kylegdavis

Don't you wish sometimes life could be like the dream world, where you can skip the boring parts.   After returning to Paris... dirrect to a hotel in CDG and to sleep.   All day we did nothing but sleep and watch movies - totally the ...

Et si j'essayais en France?, Beauvais, France travel blog

Et si j'essayais en France?

A travel blog entry by teten


... 'ais! Après un départ en TGV à 12h54 de Vannes, une escale à Paris le temps de changer de gare, mon terminus est à Beauvais en Picardie à 18h33, chez une demoiselle prénommée Anne-Laure. Arrivé à l'heure, mon hôte est là pour m'accueillir à ...

Amazing Cathedral With Fascinating Clocks, Beauvais, France travel blog

Amazing Cathedral With Fascinating Clocks

A travel blog entry by carlton


We were really glad we got to St. Pierre Cathedral in Beauvais before they closed.  We had a bit more than an hr here.  It's the tallest cathedral in the world.....220 ft built of chalk, so it's blindingly white.....dates from the 1200s, ...

Day 3: Abbeville to Beauvais, Beauvais, France travel blog

Day 3: Abbeville to Beauvais

A travel blog entry by badgeandmorters


... region. After lunch you can enjoy the countryside with a little less ‘undulations’ than previous days. We finish the day in Beauvais where the market square, Place de l'Hôtel de Ville, is a true highlight. Several of the houses close to the ...

Beauvais, Beauvais, France travel blog


A travel blog entry by lauri_fe

una sorpresita para ...

Winter Break- an amazing and not so amazing start, Beauvais, France travel blog

Winter Break- an amazing and not so amazing start

A travel blog entry by franceandbeyond

... to the airport to take our flight to Dublin.  All in all, we had 5 hours of travel time to get from Rennes to Paris Beauvais with only 6 hours allotted.  It was close!  But we made it!  Things seemed to be going very well for ...

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