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Nearly Finnished, Vantaa, Finland travel blog

Nearly Finnished

A travel blog entry by segacs

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... airport in Helsinki, and this trip is almost Finnished. (You didn't really expect me to get through this blog without at least one Finland pun, did you?) The trip back to Helsinki from Turku was pretty much just a reverse of the way there. We abused the ...

Tick Tock Time Stop, Vantaa, Finland travel blog

Tick Tock Time Stop

A travel blog entry by natandy


... hope! Then home to chill out with the Hull household and pack our bags for another early rise for the flight to Finland. Arrived yesterday in Helsinki and after years of anticipation finally got to realise my childhood dream of meeting Netta in her ...

The Trip Begins, Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport, Finland travel blog

The Trip Begins

A travel blog entry by tilulei77


Anxiously done with school and ready for new adventures! Stockholm was only a stop for the night....then the real adventure ...

A Day in Vantaa, Vantaa, Finland travel blog

A Day in Vantaa

A travel blog entry by yellowdragon


... pre-school in the mornings. Then she goes to work. I start the day with a glass of milk. The milk tastes so much better in Finland. I also prepare an egg for myself and eat. This is my first day off work. This is the first day when I don't really have to ...

Vantaa, Vantaa, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by amatsinrake


Ensimmäinen lentomme (Rovaniemi-Helsinki siis) oli vartin myöhässä ilmeisesti Helsingin sumuisen sään vuoksi. Siskon perheessä oli luettu AMATSIN BLOGIA tarkkaan ja iloiseksi yllätykseksemme Mohammed oli tullut meitä vastaan. Autokyyti vei ...

Helsinki (Helsinki-Vantaa), Vantaa, Finland travel blog

Helsinki (Helsinki-Vantaa)

A travel blog entry by amatsinrake


Etela-Suomi naytti koneesta kasin ennen laskeutumista jo niin kevaiselta! Helsinki-Vantaan kentalla oli jotenkin niin kotoisa tunnelma. Alex Stubbinkin nakoinen mies tuli vastaan ;-) Ja Kasperi ehti viela lepailla ennen taman AMATSIN RAKEN ...

Tervetuole Vantaalle!, Vantaa, Finland travel blog

Tervetuole Vantaalle!

A travel blog entry by yellowdragon


... streets and everybody is going somewhere to do something, it's all so quiet. On our way to the supermarket we come by Vantaa's biggest attraction: The Heureka.The Heureka is a science museum for children and youth, but also for parents. It ...

Finnish Finale, Vantaa, Finland travel blog

Finnish Finale

A travel blog entry by natandy


Golly..already 8 days have passed since we arrived in Finland...this journey is reaching terminal velocity and we can certainly feel it! Thank goodness we have both finally started to feel a little restless for home...we were worried we would just want to ...

last days of Finland, Vantaa, Finland travel blog

last days of Finland

A travel blog entry by nancy.chappell


... the airport and is the town where she grew up. I didn't know this before but Anne was one of the best figure skaters in Finland as a child and young teen. She still has the enviable figure of a skater. Anne was an Innisfree volunteer 10 years ago, until ...

Hiki Vantaa kenttä, Vantaa, Finland travel blog

Hiki Vantaa kenttä

A travel blog entry by arskamaailmalla


Aamupäiviä. Rakkaimmat isä ja äite hyvästeltii. Checkinni höylättiin läpi ongelmitta. Likka kysy checkinnissä että onko Thaimaasta paluulippu, mutta onneks oli jatkolento hommattuna, ni päästiin koneeseen. Tässä oluttuopilla yritetään ...

The long trip home, Vantaa, Finland travel blog

The long trip home

A travel blog entry by kirksontour


Big sleep in this morning before going out for last minute gift shopping for Rob and Caleb, the 2 birthday boys. The snow had melted a lot and the streets and footpaths were full of dirty snowy mush. Everything very quiet on a cold Saturday morning. ...

Helsinki, Vantaa, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by vandersluis

Het is nu 15:18 lokale tijd en we zijn zojuist geland op het vliegveld van Helsinki. We kunnen nu wederom oefenen met wachten want om vijf uur vertrekt onze vlucht naar Bangkok. De vlucht tot zover probleemloos verlopen, rustig weer en zelfs op deze ...

Helsinki, Overnight, Vantaa, Finland travel blog

Helsinki, Overnight

A travel blog entry by garytan


8:25 pm→10:45 pm  Finnair 658  ------S          OSL-HEL 8:25 pm→10:45 pm  Finnair 2658  SMTWT--  OSL-HEL 1h 25m duration GLO Hotel Airport Wake up relaxed at Helsinki ...

At the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, Vantaa, Finland travel blog

At the Helsinki-Vantaa airport

A travel blog entry by salla_t

Nothing much to tell yet, just waiting at the airport for the boarding to start. First stop is Hong Kong. So not looking forward for the eight hour stop over, before the flight to Perth leaves. If memory serves right, at least there is a good internet ...

WiFi Fun, Vantaa, Finland travel blog

WiFi Fun

A travel blog entry by joahonen


... quite a bit of fun. If I only had the money and preferably good company as well, I'd definitely find myself at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport more often. An hour more till boarding, I think I'll read an old-fashioned newspaper now. On paper, offline. That ...

Bye Finland, hello London, Vantaa, Finland travel blog

Bye Finland, hello London

A travel blog entry by druusi


And off we go again! After queuing up at the check-in ("What seat would I like..." and "Oh I don't think we can take those..") with a faulty tagging machine (it broke down after every third luggage tag) we manage to buy sandwiches from the cafe and then ...

Helsinki-Vantaa, Vantaa, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by amatsinrake

Toistakymmentä lentoa yhteensä ja vasta tämä viimeinen (Blue1 Helsinki-Rovaniemi) oli ...

First entry - It begins! , Vanda, Finland travel blog

First entry - It begins!

A travel blog entry by nickmoore

Well last night i had a few beers with some mates as a final of quite a few leaving do's! All of which i was well impressed with the turn out! Either people are going to miss me or they are just making sure i am leaving! (I'd rather not know the answer ...

Departing Helsinki-Vantaa, Vantaa, Finland travel blog

Departing Helsinki-Vantaa

A travel blog entry by druusi


... an empty bottle with you through the security control, and simply fill it up from the tap at the toilets. Tap water in Finland is extremely clean and can safely be drank! This tip has apparently become so popular that there has been some discordant voices ...

Külm on ja kitsas, Vantaa, Finland travel blog

Külm on ja kitsas

A travel blog entry by priidikvaikla


Ongi käes see aeg, kus asjad on pakitud ning keegi pileteid ei kontrolli ja Priidik ja Maarja on jõudnud Viking Line-i peale, mis viib neid natuke lähemale, kuhu tahavad jõuda. Laeval on oma residentkloun, mis Maarjale meeldib väga. Priidikule ...

Rovaniemi here we come - thoughts from Daniel, Vantaa, Finland travel blog

Rovaniemi here we come - thoughts from Daniel

A travel blog entry by team_rackers


We're at Helsinki airport now, waiting to board our flight to Rovaniemi in Northern Finland (Lapland), the UNESCO recognised home of Santa (aka 'the North Pole"). Our flight has been delayed but it hasn't dampened the girls' enthusiasm. The ground crew ...

Bookings via airbnb, Vantaa, Finland travel blog

Bookings via airbnb

A travel blog entry by druusi


For this roadtrip we, Jeff and I, did the bookings via airbnb, for the first time! Most of it seems to be quite handy, especially those places that you can just book and pay. Those ones that you submit a reservation and they can then choose if they want ...

Slovak summer, Vantaa, Finland travel blog

Slovak summer

A travel blog entry by ipalo


Hello to everybody, finally i kicked myself into the writing again. Well, we'd like to share with you couple of words and pictures from this summer, which we spent in Slovakia, partly in Croatia:) So, the travelling started 1st of July, when ...

Bussin vaihto, Vantaa, Finland travel blog

Bussin vaihto

A travel blog entry by ari2

Ainakaan en eksynyt heti ensimmäisessä mahdollisessa paikassa vaan pääsin onnellisesti ...

Lentokoneessa, Vantaa, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by ari2

Kehtaakohan tässä käydä vessassa kun reunapaikalla on vanha nainen, jolla näytti olevan ...

Lento alkaa, Vantaa, Finland travel blog

Lento alkaa

A travel blog entry by ari2

Täähän tuntuukin hauskalta, vähän niin kuin vaimea huvipuistolaite. Harmi, että ympäristö ...

Helsinki-Vantaan lentoasema, Aula 2, Vantaa, Finland travel blog

Helsinki-Vantaan lentoasema, Aula 2

A travel blog entry by ari2

Sujuipa kivuttomasti. Ei mulla lentopelkoa ole ollut (tai kohtahan sen näkee), mutta lentokentät ovat tuntuneet vähän pelottavilta kaikkine "vähintään tuntia etukäteen paikalla" -sääntöineen, jotka eivät sovi kauhean hyvin yhteen kroonisen ...

Lähtö, Vantaa, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by ssmatkat

Kaikki tarvittava on pakattu ja siirtyminen kohti lentokenttää alkaa. Lentokentalla oli sopivasti aikaa muutamalle oluelle. Yllatys oli suuri kun huomasimme etta Finnairilla oli aivan uusi kone jolla paasimme lentamaan. Koneessa emme malttaneet nukkua ...

Duunissa, Vantaa, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by niittymakimatti

Duunissa ...

Viimne pingutus kojujõudmiseks, Vantaa, Finland travel blog

Viimne pingutus kojujõudmiseks

A travel blog entry by aetal


3 tundi Vantaas. Õnneks paistab lumi sulanud ...

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