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Eka merkintä ennen reissua, Ivalo, Finland travel blog

Eka merkintä ennen reissua

A travel blog entry by piedrop

Rokotteita otettu ja matkakuumetta. Jusan koneella Ivalossa. Piti lisäillä tämmönen reissu blogi ohjelam, vaan tuskin reissun aikana kauhiasti tulee kirjoiteltua, mutta ...

Noorwegen, tot de volgende keer!, Ivalo, Finland travel blog

Noorwegen, tot de volgende keer!

A travel blog entry by amberenrutger


Vanmorgen om half 9 hebben we de tent ingepakt en zijn we weer vertrokken richting Finland. Dit is de laatste dag Noorwegen voor deze vakantie. Toch wel jammer, want het is zo een prachtig land.. Snel maar weer een keer terug! De dag begon met prachtig ...

Hitchhiker's log, part 1, Ivalo, Finland travel blog

Hitchhiker's log, part 1

A travel blog entry by renard


... to go all the way to Helsinki or if I should give up. It was really easy to get out of Inari, even though it is such a small place (around 600 inhabitants), as on the 9th minute, the 9th car stopped to me and two nice women gave me a ride to ...

Arctic Loop, Ivalo, Finland travel blog

Arctic Loop

A travel blog entry by simonlant

... and 260 miles from Nordkapp the furthest north part of Europe. All this whilst being over 700 miles away from Helsinki in south Finland. We popped back into the car and continued a further 10 miles or so to a larger town called Ivalo where we decided ...

North was not far away, Ivalo, Finland travel blog

North was not far away

A travel blog entry by inke


... now we are officially in the North. It was so easy to come here. We are actually living very close to North in South of Finland, too, we just realised... Now we are staying in the hotel called Lapinleuku. It's in Ivalo. (Avvil in Sami language) We are ...

A day to remember, Ivalo, Finland travel blog

A day to remember

A travel blog entry by tanglia


... . And it worked! The wipers were working as they should again. After a small diner in a petrol station we arrived at the cabin in Ivalo a little after midnight. So it was a long day, but we had seen and experienced som much that we had to talk about it ...

Sami culture, Ivalo, Finland travel blog

Sami culture

A travel blog entry by boomermaxwell


... lakes- really beautiful although not as spectacular as Norway. Going to be hard not to compare all subsequent scenery with Norway. Reached Ivalo for coffee and tourist info. Discovered we had missed the Sami town of Inari. Drove back, found our camp for ...

Hammerfest to Ivalo, Ivalo, Finland travel blog

Hammerfest to Ivalo

A travel blog entry by traveltragic

Morning in town Solid driving rest of the day - could not see much because we were mostly on wet dirt roads so the bus was covered with mud. Bush camp near Ivalo good fun - big ...

See Helsinki entry!, Ivalo, Finland travel blog

See Helsinki entry!

A travel blog entry by alexandjem

See Helsinki entry! ...

Day of Travel, Ivalo, Finland travel blog

Day of Travel

A travel blog entry by traveleasy


It took all day to travel from St. Petersburg to Ivalo in Lapland. Was picked up at the Moscow Hotel by our transfer and taken to the airport.  We got there before check-in time.  There was a large queue of suitcases at the check in ...


Eindelijk "Thuis"

A travel blog entry by superfinn

Om 9:30m ongeveer komen we aan in Ukonjarvi Altijd fijn om hier te arriveren. na 600 km zijn we ook wel aan een sauna en bed toe!   We krijgen de cabin bij het meer. We gaan laat naar bed. en gluren nog even voor het Noorderlicht! Maar de bewolking ...

kelgutamas I, Ivalo, Finland travel blog

kelgutamas I

A travel blog entry by nipitiri


Saabub info, et minuga koos tulevad kelgutama veel kaks inimest. Saapad, jope ja läbiloetud raamatud pakitakse pärast hommikusööki kotti ja pannakse konkusse. Asemele saan kombinesooni, voodriga kummikud, labakud ja läkiläki. Saabuvad kaks ...

valge öö, Ivalo, Finland travel blog

valge öö

A travel blog entry by nipitiri


Finnair saadab check-in-smsi. Äge. Pakkimisel läheb peamine aur sellele, et otsustada, mitu raamatut tuleks kaasa võtta. Ikkagi pikad pimedad õhtud… Ja õnneks tuleb meelde, et kuivõrd ID-kaart istub büroos kaardilugejas, peab kaasas olema ...

Reindeer, Veskoniemi, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by nahury1


Went out to a local Sami couple's place where they have some reindeer. Took a very unimpressive ride in a sled pulled by a reindeer. Was interesting having the reindeer from behind be right at your head. ...

Out into the wilderness, Nellimö, Finland travel blog

Out into the wilderness

A travel blog entry by nahury1


I decided to stay at the wilderness hotel on the southeastern part of the lake in Nellim. Thought it would be better than the ski resort area near Inari. The hotel is also having a wedding, so there was a neat outside ice chapel. ...

An authentic experience, Ivalo, Finland travel blog

An authentic experience

A travel blog entry by sharnac123


Woke up to a beautiful view this morning - surrounded by trees and snow, and we were warm as can be snuggled up in bed! Very cool feeling. We packed up our things, had a quick shower and made our way to the restaurant for ...

Relaxation at it's best, Ivalo, Finland travel blog

Relaxation at it's best

A travel blog entry by sharnac123


Well we slept better than we thought we did - woke up at 10.30!! Getting dressed was awful, our clothes had pretty much frozen! We left our little igloo, had a quick shower to warm ourselves up, and then breakfast. We needed to wait until 2pm to ...

10th Day, Ivalo, Finland travel blog

10th Day

A travel blog entry by ariwn ...

Some more miscellaneous shots, Nellimö, Finland travel blog

Some more miscellaneous shots

A travel blog entry by nahury1


Since I came in during the day, I missed out on one of the days of potentially planned activities. I got them to drop the ice fishing, and I ended up just walking around the town. ...

Husky Sledding, Ivalo, Finland travel blog

Husky Sledding

A travel blog entry by tingping


Our first activity was Husky Sledding booked through Mr Henri. While most Husky Sledding are only 2 hours long, we had a special deal from Mr Henri to get an additional hour at the same price!     It was a super thrilling ride across the ...

Snowmobiling, Nellim, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by nahury1


The next daytime activity was snowmobiling. We went up to the highest point near the town. Would have been impressive if you could see. We did get them to lead us to the Orthodox Church on the way back. (see next entry) At least we didn't cross over ...

Day 9 of trip. Saturday 20-6-15, Ivalo, Finland travel blog

Day 9 of trip. Saturday 20-6-15

A travel blog entry by wazzyol


... which is 42 kms from the Russian boarder. So we all climbed the lookout and shook our fists towards Putin. We then bussed our way to Ivalo which is our stop for the night. We had a walk along the river where the hotel sits. We had a group buffet dinner ...

The Aurora happened for us, Ivalo, Finland travel blog

The Aurora happened for us

A travel blog entry by traveleasy


This morning we had to check out of our log cabin and move to the glass igloo.  The igloos aren't ready until 2pm and so we will be wandering around.  We have completed all the organised activities and so are left to our devices. I went to ...

Reindeer sleigh ride, Ivalo, Finland travel blog

Reindeer sleigh ride

A travel blog entry by traveleasy


... and there were two people in each one.  We had been joined by two others, Australian guys who had been travelling through Finland.  The reindeer were buckled onto the sleds by shafts and each reindeer was linked to the sled in front. The guy ...

Flight to Ivalo, Ivalo, Finland travel blog

Flight to Ivalo

A travel blog entry by garytan


Original Plan: for 02 Feb 201411:10 HEL to IVL (Ivalo) 12:50 AY465   S - - W T F S  (1h 40m duration) Actual: Arrived at Helsinki at about 08:30. Scheduled arrival time was 04:30 to catch flight AY559 which was suppose to ...

The adventure begins!, Ivalo, Finland travel blog

The adventure begins!

A travel blog entry by sharnac123


... a purchase of some interesting looking Finnish lollies,  it was time to board our plane. It was a short flight to Ivalo - about an hour and a half. I had the window seat and spent my time staring out at the stunning view - brilliant blue ...

Aurora Borealis, Ivalo, Finland travel blog

Aurora Borealis

A travel blog entry by benkat

It took about three hours to drive from Levi to Kakslauttanen igloo village. When we arrived we were directed to a brand new resort called Santa's village which is 5 minutes away. It's more convenient than the old one because the igloos are accessible by ...

ring täis, Ivalo, Finland travel blog

ring täis

A travel blog entry by nipitiri


... erikohtlemist pole. Between sleep I see sloping green Finnish landscape under dark blue cloud has appeared behind the window. A stop in Ivalo, the circle is full. Change of driver. Before going he explains what's going on to two German tourists. Because ...

Husky Dog Sledding, Nellim, Finland travel blog

Husky Dog Sledding

A travel blog entry by nahury1


The activity for the day was sledding with huskies. Amazing how fast you can end up going. And at times, the sled is fairly quiet. The dogs usually don't bark when they are running, so it is a peaceful experience. The video and photos are from when I was ...

buss, Ivalo, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by nipitiri


... . In stops he tells exactly how many minutes we're going to stay there and if there's enough time to get a coffee. And in Ivalo he sees that everyone catches their connecting bus. I have two and half hours until that. Big bag stays in the luggage room and ...

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