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Down by the sea, baby its better down where its, Volivoli beach resort, Fiji travel blog

Down by the sea, baby its better down where its

A travel blog entry by coopertrooper

This is a top pick!

... tiiiiime" was the first words from our dive instructor, rolling out the word time in a very slow relaxed manor. Fiji time is a national institution here, it roughly means: something will happen when it should happen, not when it was supposed to ...

Naviti Yasawa Island, Naviti, Fiji travel blog

Naviti Yasawa Island

A travel blog entry by richsarasloper


... The whole experience was very relaxing and we managed to get our tans back and refresh our batteries and if your ever head to Fiji make sure you go to the Yasawas but choose your resort carefully. Before long our new friends had left and our time had ...

More travelling on the King's Road, Rakiraki, Fiji travel blog

More travelling on the King's Road

A travel blog entry by jameswidowss


... down us we (to quote Alicia) “got the fuck out this stupid town” and headed north up King’s Road toward Rakiraki under the mistaken impression that it was a resort town. It was not. We got lost a couple of times along the way near ...

Resorting to resort tactics, Rakiraki, Fiji travel blog

Resorting to resort tactics

A travel blog entry by jamiemeasures


... leave this resort. I had originally planned to stay only a week. Now I have added a day, and spent a few hours doing some Fiji research. I think I will get a rental car for a week and do the whole mainland, starting tomorrow. I also want to visit at ...

Just a quickie....., Rakiraki, Fiji travel blog

Just a quickie.....

A travel blog entry by halfeatenapple

... staying in a place called volivoli which is amazing, check it out at - if you like, soooooo beautiful! Have travelled to rakiraki with the kiwi's we've met they are mark, peter and marian to buy some food, it's about 20mins away from ...

Pőhjaranniku tuur ja sőbrapäeva pidu, Rakiraki, Fiji travel blog

Pőhjaranniku tuur ja sőbrapäeva pidu

A travel blog entry by anneristo


... veel ühe Heilikki kohaliku töökaaslase - Elsiga ning tema mehe Samiga, kes paistsid olevad just sellised suure hingega ja toredad Fiji inimesed. Kuuldes, et Risto ja Anne on pulmareisil, leidis Elsi, et selle peale peaksid kőik naised ühe tulise ...

Rakiraki, Rakiraki, Fiji travel blog


A travel blog entry by timandmary

We past a few towns along the way and saw everything from cows tied up along side the road to goats crossing the streets. There were a few watermelon stands and women selling brooms and plants in front of their houses. Everyone looked curiously into ...

Last days in

Last days in "paradise"

A travel blog entry by snowflake


Air con, friendly people, pool, fun activities, exiting trip in the dark to the island, frogs, grumpy English ladies, mosquitos, fun Australians and a Swedish ...

All alone among the Fijians, South coast of Vanua Levu, Fiji travel blog

All alone among the Fijians

A travel blog entry by joostschouten


... my way to the boat which was first to leave for Viti Venu, and from there continue onward to Valua Levu, the second largest island in Fiji. This 30 year old boat wasn't pretty but did manage to get me there around noon. The ticket I had would bring me to ...

Nananu beach resort and dive, Nananu Island/Rakiraki, Fiji travel blog

Nananu beach resort and dive

A travel blog entry by jessntj

... an hour) since we've been told Fiji is so small. But almost 3 hours later we finally arrived in Rakiraki. On the drive, we saw how poor a lot of fiji actually is. People live in these shanties with sticks and sheet metal for walls. Lots of the houses ...

A random find, Volivoli Beach, Fiji travel blog

A random find

A travel blog entry by finn_steve


Randomly ended up at Volivoli beach for 2 nights after my initial idea didn't work out. Chilling ...

Rakiraki and around, Rakiraki, Fiji travel blog

Rakiraki and around

A travel blog entry by stathis


On my way back to Nadi to take the plane, a small trip around the main island of ...

Movember's Back!, Nananu-I-Ra, Fiji travel blog

Movember's Back!

A travel blog entry by theworldtrip


Right after the escapes at Ba, we caught a bus to RakiRaki and a boat ferry from Ellington Wharf, where we arrived with no money or food supplies for our time on the Island. Assuming there would be at least an ATM and a shop on Nananu-I-Ra ...

Raki Raki Town, Rakiraki, Fiji travel blog

Raki Raki Town

A travel blog entry by yoni


Sunday, November 26, 2006 We're at the gracefully aging Rakiraki Hotel. The rooms are nice at $60 Fijian with a fan and private bath and shower. More importantly they have an expansive patio with a couple shelters and an excellent pool which we are right ...

Fiji Experience Day 4 - brief but amazing!, Rakiraki, Fiji travel blog

Fiji Experience Day 4 - brief but amazing!

A travel blog entry by latergators

coming ...

nananu, Nananu island, Fiji travel blog


A travel blog entry by dobby


love scuba diving. this place is awsome, scuba diving is awsome this place is up for close contention with ko phi phi of thailannd, done lots of dives ere b4 i go home. got really stoned pissed and love diving! neway 30 hour trip soon to go home lets ...

Un peu de confort apres un dur effort, Rakiraki, Fiji travel blog

Un peu de confort apres un dur effort

A travel blog entry by ericetmanu

L'hôtel bénéficie d'un centre de plongée et je profite de l’occasion pour aller explorer les fonds marins du nord de Viti Levu. Nous plongeons d’abord sur le site « Dragon’s tale » puis un peu plus loin sur celui de ...

Great snorkeling, Makongai, Fiji travel blog

Great snorkeling

A travel blog entry by g_shook


We finally left Savusavu on this day and headed down to a small island to the east of Fiji's main island called Makongai- it was a former leper colony (today we would probably say "leprotically-challenged") and is very isolated (likely the reason it was ...

Rakiraki, Fiji, Rakiraki, Fiji travel blog

Rakiraki, Fiji

A travel blog entry by richrodjr


... hotel is just for one night and used to be a premier facility when the British ruled the island as a colony...but that was many years ago.  Still nice, albeit rustic! The waters and bay around Rakiraki is very picturesque and the diving was ...

Fiji Experience - Day 3, Rakiraki, Fiji travel blog

Fiji Experience - Day 3

A travel blog entry by ajbatty

The next day was more 'cultural,' at least in the morning. Leaving at around 8, we drove first through the capital city - Suva - and stopped/paused for a few minutes outside various government buildings and the sites of the several coups of recent ...

Dauphins, cascade et visite du village, Nataleira, Fiji travel blog

Dauphins, cascade et visite du village

A travel blog entry by ericetmanu


Je passe la journée avec mes 3 copines Akeneta , Nancy et Aseri, tout d'abord ŕ bord de l’excursion pour voir les dauphins.     Aprčs une nuit de chasse en mer, ils viennent se reposer dans la piscine naturelle formée par le ...

Fiji - Viti Levu - északi és keleti part, Rakiraki, Fiji travel blog

Fiji - Viti Levu - északi és keleti part

A travel blog entry by lindamatyi


Nadi – Lautoka- Volivoli Reggel szerzünk egy autót, és Fiji legnagyobb szigetén elindulunk a nyugati parton észak felé. Első megállónk a First Landing Village, ahol a faluban lakó William körbevezet minket. Mesél a törzsi ...

Lundi matin, rien envie de faire!, Nataleira, Fiji travel blog

Lundi matin, rien envie de faire!

A travel blog entry by ericetmanu


Journée trčs tranquille, et étant le seul client ŕ l'hôtel, je suis chouchouté par les 3 filles, Pei, Tave et Alisi. Je les quitte non sans un pincement au cœur et des embrassades en attendant le bus qui m’emmene un peu plus loin, chez ...

3rd Day of Feejee Experaince, Rakiraki, Fiji travel blog

3rd Day of Feejee Experaince

A travel blog entry by vicki.illsley

... my Feejee Experaince so far, the girls Hayley and Louise and both Kate and Moz all had to carry on back to Nadi for the departure from Fiji, but i had an extra day at this resort so we parted ways. It was so weird being back on my own after about 3 weeks ...

Messe et festin dominical, Nataleira, Fiji travel blog

Messe et festin dominical

A travel blog entry by ericetmanu


Ce matin, c'est bien entendu la messe qui est le point fort de toute la famille, et notamment avec Pei, Alice, Jone et Smiga qui font partie de la chorale. La cérémonie est assez particuličre et ce sont différents pręcheurs qui se succčdent au ...

Cannabilism, RakiRaki, Fiji travel blog


A travel blog entry by marchy

Been on a trip today to a place called Rakiraki North East of Viti Levu where a man ate 872 of his victims and he consumed every last piece... of each one! We have been to see his grave which is 2km out of the centre of Rakiraki just on the road ...

dur dur la marche a pied, Nayavutoka, Fiji travel blog

dur dur la marche a pied

A travel blog entry by ericetmanu


... périple aprčs encore 3 h de marche et je rejoins enfin King’s road d’oů je chope une voiture partant pour Rakiraki. Au Volivoli lodge, je retrouve le confort occidental et les touristes Anglo-Saxons avec leur bons et mauvais ...

nananuira, Nananu-i-ra, Fiji travel blog


A travel blog entry by pruepayne

e ...

Arrivee sur Nataleira, Nataleira, Fiji travel blog

Arrivee sur Nataleira

A travel blog entry by ericetmanu


Départ aux aurores avec le ferry, et au débarcadaire de Natovi, je décidai de prendre la direction opposée de tout le monde, et me retrouver seul sur la route a faire du stop. Ben me permit d'atteindre facilement Nataleira ou le Lonely Planet ...

And 29th July, Ra, Fiji travel blog

And 29th July

A travel blog entry by crocks


... 's what its all about. We set off at 08.30 for the 09.00 bus which arrives at 09.40 that's classed as on time for Fiji, we have a 3 hour hot smelly bus ride to Lautoka , straight off that one on to the next leaving almost straight away to Raki Raki this ...

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