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Paradise and much more!!, Fiji, Fiji travel blog

Paradise and much more!!

A travel blog entry by carolandjoe


Well what can we say about Fiji apart from the fact its got to be one of the most beautiful places on the earth! it was complete paradise and we had such a great time well as getting engaged here, as everyone knows. The first island we ...

Some stories & Sunset photos, Vitu Levu, Fiji travel blog

Some stories & Sunset photos

A travel blog entry by bernie-s


Bernie Today we were faced with a dilemma, we had run out of sun cream, someone had stolen my shoes and we had no food. It seemed that a shoeless trip to town to stock up on used, eaten and stolen goods was necessary. The day began immensely hot, ...

Escape Fiji!, Yasawa Islands, Fiji travel blog

Escape Fiji!

A travel blog entry by snsgowest


... 're not on a boat you're not in Fiji!" - The new slogan of the EscapeFiji boat company. ( Fiji, mainland:- We were sitting in an internet cafe in Nadi, searching for accommodation on the Yasawa islands, getting nowhere, and ...

Cobia crater & Ringgold Atolls, Cobia, Fiji travel blog

Cobia crater & Ringgold Atolls

A travel blog entry by andreasjahn


It was nice and sunny this day. I need to stress that point as it was mostly raining throughout our trip on Fiji. We did two morning dives at the Ringgold Atoll (Kokoda Point, Wall Street). Kokoda Point is a wall dive. The wall drops ...

Slice of Heaven at Octopus Resort, Waya Island, Fiji travel blog

Slice of Heaven at Octopus Resort

A travel blog entry by sarah11011


... my biggest decision of the day was what to choose for lunch. Happy Hour began at 6:30 every night. This was a great to enjoy a Fiji Gold beer while mingling with the other guests. At around 7:45 dinner began. Seriously, it was a feast every ...

I looooooooove Vorovoro!, Labasa, Fiji travel blog

I looooooooove Vorovoro!

A travel blog entry by annaobeirne

Bula!!!! Just a really quick hello to say that I'm having such a good time in Vorovoro! I'm in town today so it's the first time I've been able to go on the internet. But was asked to write a blog on the tribewanted site so if you fancy reading that ...

Diving in Rabi, Rabi, Fiji travel blog

Diving in Rabi

A travel blog entry by andreasjahn


We did our last two morning dives at Alberts Wall and Alberts Point in Rabi. Alberts Wall is a really nice wall dive with a spectacular drop and lots of soft coral. After the dives we kayaked along the beach of Alberts Bay.  There we visited a village ...

145 km by bus takes 6.5 hours here, Lambasa, Fiji travel blog

145 km by bus takes 6.5 hours here

A travel blog entry by joostschouten


... lunch I met a guy on his way to a rugby tryout. All young men dream of playing for the Rugby 7's as this is where Fiji is world champion. This guy actually already had played a few times for the national team. No special treatment for him though. He was ...

Some marvelous things, Vitu Levu, Fiji travel blog

Some marvelous things

A travel blog entry by bernie-s


I'm afraid dear readers that the time has come to bombard you with wonderful pictures of Fiji, that I'm afraid may make you jealous. I thought that places were the beach meets the rainforest were places that I would never get to go, but here you have, ...

Fiji is HOT, Vitu Levu, Fiji travel blog

Fiji is HOT

A travel blog entry by bernie-s


... , with more regular savings. Our first 4 hours today were an absolute mission. We weren't happy with our first nights accommodation in Fiji. Not that it had cockroaches or anything. I mean, yes there was a pool. yes the rooms were air conditioned, yes ...

BULA...or way too much Kava., Waya Island, Fiji travel blog

BULA...or way too much Kava.

A travel blog entry by donjohn


... looked at each others bodies and realized we had gone completely pallid.Out came the travel books, the online searches and it was decided....Fiji. Sounds exotic,no? Well, it was. We are down here in the Southern half of the planet so why not go for ...

Fiji Time, Vorovoro, Fiji travel blog

Fiji Time

A travel blog entry by benandlindsey


... in Labasa, pronounced Lam-ba-sa. Yes, this is the airport--the WHOLE airport: runway and terminal building We flew into Labasa on Fiji's second largest island, Vanau Levu, landing on a the mini-runway that's splat in the middle of sugarcane fields.  ...

Nanuya Lai Lai Island, Nanuya Lai Lai Island, Fiji travel blog

Nanuya Lai Lai Island

A travel blog entry by clairebear80


Sunrise Resort. Will update ...

Tavewa Island, Tavewa Island, Fiji travel blog

Tavewa Island

A travel blog entry by clairebear80


Tavewa Island - David's Place. Too busy enjoying myself at the mo but will update this ...

Tavewa & Nanuya Lailai Is (Yasawa Fiji), Tavewa, Fiji travel blog

Tavewa & Nanuya Lailai Is (Yasawa Fiji)

A travel blog entry by jazzy


Just adding ...

Little India, Labasa, Fiji travel blog

Little India

A travel blog entry by finn_steve


Spent the day here just wandering about. A large Indo-Fijian population here. Lots of good (and cheap) ...

Kioa and a Fijian Funeral, Valease Settlement, Fiji travel blog

Kioa and a Fijian Funeral

A travel blog entry by sahs

... a lot to do at this particular point in time other than relax and catch up with my journal, which, despite the enormous amount of Fiji Time that I have, seems to be continually out of date.  I am meeting the manager of the farm later to learn a ...

To Buca Bay - Coming Home, Valease Settlement, Fiji travel blog

To Buca Bay - Coming Home

A travel blog entry by sahs

... , and the deadzone that had greeted me off the ferry had been too much for me - I am struggling with the concept of Fiji Time.  The bus passed the luxurious Namale resort not long after leaving Savusavu, but at $1000FJ per night (330 pounds) it was a ...

Nagigi Village, Nagigi, Fiji travel blog

Nagigi Village

A travel blog entry by sahs

... is basically a shark barrier.  It is something that I am going to have to deal with. I spent the afternoon taking some Fiji Time, lying on the veranda, reading and snoozing with the sound of tropical rain thundering around me.  I don't know ...

Church and the Salt Lake, Nagigi, Fiji travel blog

Church and the Salt Lake

A travel blog entry by sahs

I was welcomed into the village community today at the Sunday church service, a humbling experience, because I had not been paying much attention to what was happening as it was all going on in Fijian and I didn't understand a word that was being ...

Gold for the price of silver, SavuSavu and Labasa, Fiji travel blog

Gold for the price of silver

A travel blog entry by froglin81


... . Passing through the villages I noticed that for some reason they all seem to be sponsored by Coca-Cola. I'm not sure why... Labasa was charmingly described to us by one of its residents as "boring". But it was ok. Sure there was enough exhaust ...

Lavena Coastal Walk, Lavena, Fiji travel blog

Lavena Coastal Walk

A travel blog entry by sahs

... .  I am quite sad that this is my last night here, but I made a promise Olivia, and one to Joe and Sau, so I must go on, and start heading back to the main island.  I also do not want to be in a position where I miss my flight due to Fiji ...

2014-04-14 i det varme Nord, Labasa, Fiji travel blog

2014-04-14 i det varme Nord

A travel blog entry by erikaggerholm


Bussen kørte alle de ca 10 km til Labasa (udtales Lambasa), som ligger inde i landet - jeg var ikke afklaret med hvad jeg ville - ventede lidt på en bus til Savusavu kl. 12:15, altså 3 timers ventetid - gik en tur og fandt 3 hoteller, som alle kostede ...

Weaving, Nagigi, Fiji travel blog


A travel blog entry by sahs

... one did not come for some time, I decided to start walking back, I didn't want to hang around the market.  This being Fiji however, it turned into a hitch, not because I was trying to catch a lift, but because people just stop and offer them.  ...

Mololo Islands, Mololo Islands, Fiji travel blog

Mololo Islands

A travel blog entry by wanderlywagon


Text ...

på vej mod Labasa, Labasa, Fiji travel blog

på vej mod Labasa

A travel blog entry by erikaggerholm


Søndag kl. 15 tager til Lautoka med bus og færgen til Labasa på Vanua Levu ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Kl. 8 lykkedes det mig at få at vide, at der sejler et skib i dag kl. 15 fra Lautaka, som ikke ligger ret langt ...

On The Grog, Vorovoro, Fiji travel blog

On The Grog

A travel blog entry by antandruthybabe


Partaking of grog on the grog mat is a whole sub-culture on its own. Kava is grown on Fiji for the sole purpose of harvesting and drying out the root of the kava plant, before pounding the dried roots into a fine powder ready for mixing with water to make ...

Real Men Pee in the Sea, Vorovoro, Fiji travel blog

Real Men Pee in the Sea

A travel blog entry by antandruthybabe


We've been here for just over 24 hours as I (Ant) write this entry. Being totally honest if somebody offered a boat ride off the island to take us to somewhere with a clean room and comfortable bed I would bite their arm off. It has been a brutal shock ...

Tribe Wanted - Apparently, Labasa, Fiji travel blog

Tribe Wanted - Apparently

A travel blog entry by antandruthybabe


The 3 hour bus ride across the mountains from Savusavu brought us to Labasa, the capital of the island, a big sugar cane town as well as a bustling port. Our instructions were to call Jimmy upon arrival at the bus station, and he would send somebody to ...

Some Edited Highlights, Vorovoro, Fiji travel blog

Some Edited Highlights

A travel blog entry by antandruthybabe


... up on the beach singing the farewell song. We had to walk the line and bid each person farewell before clambering into the boat. Back to Labasa. Would we do it again?  Probably not, but we were glad that we had done it, lasted the week and come as ...

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