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Underwater Beverly Hills, Kadavu, Fiji travel blog

Underwater Beverly Hills

A travel blog entry by sarahvani


... to the little glas bubble that was the cockpit the whole way, you can imagine how big my grin was! Approaching Kadavu was a bit like viewing Kong's Skull Island, except better weather and nicer coral reefs. The landscape looked decidedly murderous ...

Autiosaarella, Kadavu Island, Fiji travel blog


A travel blog entry by miiajussi


Buukattiin respasta liput 9.30 lähtevään botskiin. Tarkoitus oli ehtiä helposti 12.40 lähtevään flygariin Nadista Kadavun saarelle. No, botskihan oli snadisti myöhässä ja päästiin lähtemään Treasure Islandilta kybän aikoihin. Kelattiin et ...

Back to Kadavu, Kadavu, Fiji travel blog

Back to Kadavu

A travel blog entry by tuomasw


Veikko ja Ratu Jo lahti jo eilen kohti Kadavun saarta. Itse paatin kuitenkin menna lentokoneella perasta ja saastaa vahan jalkaa silla. Pikkasen on arvokkaampi vaihtoehto, mutta myos hieman mukavempi ja nopeampi (45min. suunta). Onneksi paatin menna ...

Dolphins off the bow!, Namara Island, Kadavu, Fiji, Fiji travel blog

Dolphins off the bow!

A travel blog entry by fyrelizard


The following day was the one where my sailing really seemed to all come together. Watching me and the little mistakes that I kept making, Jim succeeded in explaining the mechanics of sailing in terms that I could understand. Finally I could recognise ...

Hot Cupcakes, Kadavu Island, Fiji travel blog

Hot Cupcakes

A travel blog entry by ditdotnonny


There is an orchestra of noises in the morning on Kadavu. A constant foundation of crickets, accompanied by the continuous lapping of waves and occasional drumming of rain. There is no real bird song instead loud single toots like children's party ...

Landing on sea snakes, Ono Island, Kadavu, Fiji, Fiji travel blog

Landing on sea snakes

A travel blog entry by fyrelizard


We sailed to the island of Ono, and moored in the shelter of a reef, by the Astrolabe Reef Resort. The resort was in the final stages of construction. Half Fijian Jason, his wife Danielle and young family had moved from Sydney to join father Joe in ...

Bounty Island, Kadavu Island, Fiji travel blog

Bounty Island

A travel blog entry by danandhat

We stayed in the Bounty Island resort (where Celebrity Love Island was filmed, what a claim to fame?) The accomodation was right on the beach, and was a bit basic compared to what we were used to. It had air-conditioning but that was where the ...

Manta rays dancing, Ono Island, Kadavu, Fiji, Fiji travel blog

Manta rays dancing

A travel blog entry by fyrelizard


We spent four days diving round Ono, eight dives in all, with a rest day in the middle, spent reading, drinking Glenlivet and practicing adjusting the colour balance on dive photos to stop everything looking quite so blue... Jim proved very good at ...

Paddle to a village, Kadavu, Fiji travel blog

Paddle to a village

A travel blog entry by twagner


... is rapidly going MAD. Indeed Pete, that was before 1959, can you imagine what he would think now?  Well anyway, traditional Fiji life is definately reduced to simplest of terms. Everything they need, except for a few provisions such as rice and ...

Good Times on Galoa, Kadavu, Fiji travel blog

Good Times on Galoa

A travel blog entry by alexgriffin


... & safety. After the hectic pace of Suva, I needed a value for money place to stay on one of the outer islands. I chose Kadavu, as I had heard good reports from people who had been there. I flew there & looked up Reece's Place in the Lonely Planet ...

Love in the Pacific, Kadavu Island, Fiji travel blog

Love in the Pacific

A travel blog entry by twagner


... of palm leaf and then banana leaves and left to cook. Before having dinner there was a kava ceremony, the traditional drink of Fiji. Whenever there is a meeting or ceremony of any sort, the kava bowl comes out. However, it seems it can come out ...

Stumbling in the mud, Kadavu, Fiji travel blog

Stumbling in the mud

A travel blog entry by twagner


... up in these areas. So much so that the governement of Fiji has put a protection on this ecosystem. These are the last Kadavu pictures. We were very sad to leave our gorgeous island. I would definately recommend a trip over if anyone is ever ...

Kadavu here I come, Kadavu, Fiji travel blog

Kadavu here I come

A travel blog entry by siti

Landed in Vunisea after an awesome morning with Penny and her friends, went through Nadi Markets bought tasty pinapple..... flew in worlds most deralict plane to Vunisea (Kadavu's ...

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