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Crocodiles, Concentric Circles & A Very Long D, Konso, Ethiopia travel blog

Crocodiles, Concentric Circles & A Very Long D

A travel blog entry by shyam_t


... of the road (which got me rather worried), yelling 'Highland, Hiiii-land!!' or 'YouYouYouYouYou!!!' The former is the brand of Ethiopia's first bottled water, and is a real collectible by the sound of it; the bottles are used to keep either milk from ...

Blown Shock Again, Konso, Ethiopia travel blog

Blown Shock Again

A travel blog entry by harryabroad


... is a concept).  So summarising we are all pretty dirty, dusty and smelly feeling a little over it by this stage.  Ethiopia has almost no infrastructure and hence things like ATMS are a pipe dream.  We bought a little Ethiopian money from ...

Local issues, Gewada, Ethiopia travel blog

Local issues

A travel blog entry by gary.rosewarne


We met up with our fellow overlanders and in Konzo and filled up fuel for the last time in Ethiopia.  Andre and Barend also had to do some running repairs on their 80-series Cruisers, but nothing major. Shawn and I also did some investigation on a ...

Konso, Konso, Ethiopia travel blog


A travel blog entry by vmarchal


... , le paysage est spectaculaire avec ces montagnes cultivées en terrasse (et cela a été commencé il y a 50 ans quand le roi konso a décidé que désormais pour préserver la terre, il fallait cultiver en terrasse). Question nourriture j'ai le droit à ...

The Last Straw, Konso, Ethiopia travel blog

The Last Straw

A travel blog entry by tabasamu2010


... our routine of packing and eating breakfast, and then set off towards the Omo Valley. The first town when reaching the Valley is Konso. We drove into Strawberry Field Eco Hotel and Camping. After being told it’s 30 Birr per tent for camping, we ...

"You you you you you!!"

A travel blog entry by bonthorn


... into town and had dinner at Edget Hotel, where the "food is the best Konso has to offer". We devoured our first injera dinner in Ethiopia, along with a mountain of and tibs and eggs. Well, Matt and I did at least. Between the two of us we ate twice as ...

Konso, Konso, Ethiopia travel blog


A travel blog entry by izzie

Konso ...

human cargo, Konso, Ethiopia travel blog

human cargo

A travel blog entry by thesunroseclear


Perhaps the best part of the whole 8-day tour was talking to my companions. Zhou had guided tours all over China before moving to Britain. Bex had been a producer for BBC radio news, and spoke fluent Mandarin. They had recently travelled for around a ...

Konso, Konso, Ethiopia travel blog


A travel blog entry by yoni


... to approach to take his photo, so we settle for a couple young guys who just like to get dolled up. February 1, 2008 Konso, Ethiopia This morning before we left Turmi we meet some people from Save the Children Foundation at the Buska, which was ...

Konso, entry to the Omo Valley, Konso, Ethiopia travel blog

Konso, entry to the Omo Valley

A travel blog entry by carolerich

This is a top pick!

... this area....right out of a National Geographic article.  This is a more traditional African area then other locations in Ethiopia.  The predominant religion is animism, although the towns have some Christians and Muslims.  When I get home ...

Village life in Konso, Konso, Ethiopia travel blog

Village life in Konso

A travel blog entry by carlosherbane


... with flies and in a state of needing their clothes washed. We visited the village wall, the community houses and the generation pole. Konso was not unlike Calabor 30 years ago in many ways. The sun went down; we ate tacos for supper and went to ...

Keyafar, Bullenspringen, Keyafar, Ethiopia travel blog

Keyafar, Bullenspringen

A travel blog entry by antonunterwegs


Bullenspringen beim Stamm der Bana im Dorf Tole etwa 20km von Keyafar. Eki, der Sohn des Dorfältesten will seine schwangere Freundin heiraten und muss dafür über Bullen springen. Er hat es gestern auf dem Markt in Keyafar allen seinen Freunden der ...

Oh well..., Konso, Ethiopia travel blog

Oh well...

A travel blog entry by dentalvagabond


... to hitch another ride to the final destination Konso. Getting into the hotel I thought I was in heaven! My first room in Ethiopia with a private bath!!! I was so happy and immediately wanted to take a shower when I realized - butt naked - that there is ...

Turmi - Keyafar, Keyafar, Ethiopia travel blog

Turmi - Keyafar

A travel blog entry by antonunterwegs


Schon auf dem Weg nach Key Afar überholen wir viele Angehörige der Stämme aus den umliegenden Dörfern in ihrer traditionellen Kleidung, die mit Kühen, Ziegen, Gemüse und was auch immer auf dem Weg zum Markt sind, der hier jeden Donnerstag ...

Visit to the Konso King, Konso, Ethiopia travel blog

Visit to the Konso King

A travel blog entry by dmarek


... to take advantage of their offers sometimes.  You could find out more about their lives and what it is like to live in Ethiopia maybe - in exchange for a small amount of money.   It is not really a rip-off - it can be a worthwhile ...

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