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Estonia, Parnu, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by talamarko

... to move on. I would leave for Parnu in the morning and stop while on my way to Latvia. Parnu, about 2 hours by bus from Tallinn Eek95, is Estonia's leading seaside resort. It's a magnet for spa-seeking Finns and party loving Estonian's all attracted ...

La mer baltique, Parnu, Estonia travel blog

La mer baltique

A travel blog entry by celine.anais


... d'un bon vent venu direct du pole nord. On a rencontre un viel estonien qui nous a joue de l'accordeon et nous a offert du champagne russe. Ce matin, nous avons fait un tour du port de Parnu dans son bateau. En voici les photos toutes ...

Farewell Party, Pärnu, Estonia travel blog

Farewell Party

A travel blog entry by kaarel


... weeks have flown by really fast and i suddenly discovered that i have less than a week before my departure. The last weekend in Estonia was booked for my friends and a farewell party. It took place in Mihkel's country house in Pärnumaa as a whole ...

Day 31 - Pärnu, Parnu, Estonia travel blog

Day 31 - Pärnu

A travel blog entry by magicbus1


... to Sweden to get your knees wet. It was a fantastic beach though. We decided we couldn't pass by the 'largest tavern in Estonia' without popping in. It is huge, both inside and outside, although on a Wednesday afternoon there were more serving staff than ...

Travelling day today..., Parnu, Estonia travel blog

Travelling day today...

A travel blog entry by jcontheroad


On the road for most of today to cover the 250 miles to Parnu, Estonia. Before I left town I visited Karosta Prison, this was a military prison last used in 1997.....and it was nasty...cold, damp and very depressing. Popped into Liepaja Cathedral, it's ...

Estonia's Summer Capital., Pärnu, Estonia travel blog

Estonia's Summer Capital.

A travel blog entry by rachelkw


I let the tent dry out a little after we got up. The kids had a go at archery, using one bow and six arrows. The manager supervised them for about 20 minutes, before he got bored. I could sense his growing realisation, that the arrow arcing into the ...

Adventurous Camping, Nurme, Estonia travel blog

Adventurous Camping

A travel blog entry by rachelkw


Jöekääru Adventure Camp is not quite what it seems. Its advertising boasts of corporate facilities, an adventure park, archery, kayaking, paint-balling and a climbing wall. In reality, it is a quiet but pleasant campsite with a play area for the ...

I should pay attention to the tagline, Parnu, Estonia travel blog

I should pay attention to the tagline

A travel blog entry by mrconfused


... mean, if a city describes itself as 'the summer capital of estonia', it's probably best not to visit towards the middle of autumn. Estonia's party town in the summer, I found it to be a remarkably quiet place. A little too quiet really, as there's not ...

Parnu, Parnu, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by danskgirl

Bussed down the country 127km south on Eurolines to Parnu, staying Koidula Park hotel On Kuninga (more reminisent of a Blackpool B&B I'd say only dearer), beside it was an 18th century Elizabethan church with lovely maroon and ochre brick work and over ...

Pärnu, August 25, 2005 - Thursday, Parnu, Estonia travel blog

Pärnu, August 25, 2005 - Thursday

A travel blog entry by the_wayfarer


... calling a town like Pärnu a summer capital may be a contradiction before you even start, but if someone was born in Estonia, or Finland, then their standards are most certainly different. After all, Pärnu was allegedly famous as a health resort, as ...

Day 30 - Tallinn to Pärnu, Parnu, Estonia travel blog

Day 30 - Tallinn to Pärnu

A travel blog entry by magicbus1


... of thundery showers the weather was good, the temperature being in the low 20s. There seem to be four sorts of buildings in Estonia. There's mediaeval in the old town centres; then wooden houses mostly needing a bit of TLC. I think these are ...

Sunny beach day at last!, Parnu, Estonia travel blog

Sunny beach day at last!

A travel blog entry by gypsymichelle


Finally got some sun and beach time ...

Suite... vers l'Estonie, Parnu, Estonia travel blog

Suite... vers l'Estonie

A travel blog entry by celine.anais


... semaine !!! Le soleil est revenu malgre la grande fraicheur, qui ne nous dissuade pas de nous baigner. Un jour de pause A parnu apres deux grosses journees de sportives professionnelles ( 80 et 90 km qui nous ont calmes...) Je pourrais vous parler ...

Tallinn, Talinn, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by mrsmac


We are in Talinn. This is a great city. We had been here in 2001 so we have noticed the enormous progress the city has undergone since then. We arrived here yesterday afternoon. Last night we had a meal provided in the hotel so we did not venture out. ...

Trip with my mexican friend to Parnu, Parnu, Estonia travel blog

Trip with my mexican friend to Parnu

A travel blog entry by liviou


........... ...

Best of the Baltics, Tallin and Parnu, Estonia travel blog

Best of the Baltics

A travel blog entry by jai_82


... is still blue, there is noone around and it just feels like your in a fairytale land. After Tallin we caught a bus to Parnu, a coastal city in Estonia. It was nice, we weren´t expecting to go to a beach in the Baltics but we did and it was packed! ...

Our butts are sore, our legs are tired, already, Vasalemma, Estonia travel blog

Our butts are sore, our legs are tired, already

A travel blog entry by mklots

Day 1: 87 km, Tallinn to Vasalemma Start time: 3 PM End time: 10:45 PM Overnight: Allika farm, our own wooden hut, separate kitchen/wood stove sauna...awesome. Wake up: sheep Highlights: (NB: some of these may be lowlights, it is up to your ...

Fending For Myself, Parnu, Estonia travel blog

Fending For Myself

A travel blog entry by mish_brendan


... airport.  I walked to the city's main bus terminal where I booked a ticket on the 13:30 bus to the resort town of Parnu.  The journey took two hours and when I arrived I checked into my hostel, bought an onward ticket to Riga for Sunday and ...

Promises of Parnu, Parnu, Estonia travel blog

Promises of Parnu

A travel blog entry by no1pablo

After arriving 2 days ago with the promise of Estonia's greatest beaches, where the locals flock in droves to - we discovered, you guessed it RAIN. Beautiful beach yes - long, wide and golden sand but not much fun in the rain, I'm ...

Parnu, Parnu, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by sd0744


Parnu is located on the main road between Tallinn and Riga on the south-west coast of Estonia. From the lonely planet description of Parnu it sounds very much like my local town Bournemouth in Dorset, England with its golden-sand beaches, the lush ...

A Lazy Day At The Beach, Parnu, Estonia travel blog

A Lazy Day At The Beach

A travel blog entry by mish_brendan


... these sights were absolutely breathtaking they were all worth a look and it gave me something to fill my morning in with.  Parnu feels like a very peaceful city and its tree lined streets give it the charm of natural beauty.  After finishing up ...

Beautiful Parnu, Parnu, Estonia travel blog

Beautiful Parnu

A travel blog entry by billnpat


... the coast. There are lots more families camping and sunning along the coast here, and the weather is warm and sunny. On to Parnu, Estonia where we are ensconced in a crowded but clean and grassy campground very near the town centre. We rode our bikes ...

der sechste Tag - Litauen-Lettland-Estand, Pärnu, Estonia travel blog

der sechste Tag - Litauen-Lettland-Estand

A travel blog entry by die_eberhards


E.D.: Die Länder sind wirklich toll, beeindruckend, was da in den letzten Jahren passiert ist, wir sind total begeistert.  Zu erzählen gibt's aber nicht soviel, die Grenzen sind offen :-) - wir stellen lieber ein Paar Bilder ein. Im Übrigen ...

Sunshine Capital of Estonia!, Parnu, Estonia travel blog

Sunshine Capital of Estonia!

A travel blog entry by amaddocks


. ...

Poker in Parnu, Parnu, Estonia travel blog

Poker in Parnu

A travel blog entry by markprendergast

... bus to Parnu.  I'm slightly irritated when I arrive to find that I'd actually driven through it the previous day.  Parnu is Estonia's premier beach resort but this being the off season I'm not expecting it to be to lively but hoping it ...

South to Latvia, Parnu, Estonia travel blog

South to Latvia

A travel blog entry by grahamandmandi


... on my lap, travelling through gorgeous green Estonian countryside.  The mass of wildflowers everywhere is breathtaking.  Estonia is prosperous and modern; we were expecting some downtrodden Soviet satellite state and instead find it is smart, ...

Parnu, Parnu, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by frawldog


Parnu was supposed to be a summer capital of Estonia.  It's nearly middle of June now and I arrived to roughly 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  There was literally less than 10 people on the beach here and no one in the water.  There were sidewalk ...

puhkepäev, 0 km, Tõramaa, Tõramaa, Estonia travel blog

puhkepäev, 0 km, Tõramaa

A travel blog entry by nipitiri


I sleep until 9 o'clock instead of the usual wake up at 6. Lovely. Nice to sleep in a room for a change. Swallows dart behind the window. There’s wifi in the visitors’ center. No mobile network. I boil water for porridge and coffee and chat ...

Happy ending! (new trip next week), Parnu, Estonia travel blog

Happy ending! (new trip next week)

A travel blog entry by eix

... spent 17.-18.Oct in Estonia, so the total should be 42 days) - about 70 hours of pure flight time - 6 countries (Estonia, Latvia, Germany, UK, UAE, South Africa) - 4 timezones skipped (earliest UK summertime GMT+1, latest Dubai GMT+5) - 4 airlines ...

Mäeringi suvepäevad, Särghaua, Estonia travel blog

Mäeringi suvepäevad

A travel blog entry by veikok

Soovahetus. Pulm. Pidu hommikuni. Magamine lõunani. Võrkpall vihmas ...

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