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Another sleepy town, Otepää, Estonia travel blog

Another sleepy town

A travel blog entry by linda-and-rick


... reached a majority of seats by the time we had to go and get the bus, but it seemed likely they were going to. Otepaa is another place with wooden houses, often with peeling paint, tin rooves and pretty flowers in the garden. The gardens here are more ...

Peace and Quiet in Otepaa, Otepaa, Estonia travel blog

Peace and Quiet in Otepaa

A travel blog entry by lostalready


We caught the bus to Otepaa, a small town in the South of Estonia, to discover the tourist information office and the hostel closed. Detouring down a side street, we found a large 'hostel' sign and a house crowded with extremely friendly people who were ...

For a little more time...., Otepaa, Estonia travel blog

For a little more time....

A travel blog entry by mrconfused

... visit. And didn't really find much. It was only when I strayed beyond the boundaries of the houses that I saw the appeal. Otepaa is a small hill-top town surrounded by an exceedingly pleasant nature reserve, with a couple of calm lakes not far distant. ...

Drinking Like an Estonian, Otepaa, Estonia travel blog

Drinking Like an Estonian

A travel blog entry by kally563


Today, I found myself in Riga. It had not been my intention to get there until Wednesday or Thursday, but when a Russian mob-looking Lithuanian businessman offers you a free ride to the Latvian capital in his mafia-mobile, you don't say no. And so it was ...

Estonia: Reflections and Practicalities, Otepaa, Estonia travel blog

Estonia: Reflections and Practicalities

A travel blog entry by kally563

... to Helsinki. And perhaps that's part of Estonia's beauty - you run no risk of seeing anything but the real. Practicalities: Estonia is delightfully easy to travel in and in that respect, I couldn't have been happier to start my trip here. Maps ...

Rural Estonia, Otepaa, Estonia travel blog

Rural Estonia

A travel blog entry by kally563

... they say, "You don't know how they think." It is an ominous end to our conversation, and reflective, I believe of Estonia's feelings towards Russia. As I continue to travel, I expect I will find Estonians have the greatest lingering hatred towards their ...

In Otepää, Otepää, Estonia travel blog

In Otepää

A travel blog entry by nzhuk


... and apple juice, some porridge which tasted a little weird, tea and coffee. The breakfast was good and we we're ready for our longest daily trip during our journey - from Otepää to Valga, the city located right on the border between Estonia and Latvia. ...

Untitled, Otepää Parish, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by erikale91

... After about 15 minutes there was no sign of anyone I knew. So I went out again, walking into cafes and shops. The great thing about Estonia is there is free WiFi in most every cafe or restaurant. I knew that if I could get a WiFi signal I could get on my ...

Üliõpilaste X suvemängud, Kääriku, Estonia travel blog

Üliõpilaste X suvemängud

A travel blog entry by veikok


Suvemängud kestsid 26-28 juuni Käärikul. Üle 500 osaleja. Palju nalja ja kalja. ...

Adventure on the High Ropes, Otepaa, Estonia travel blog

Adventure on the High Ropes

A travel blog entry by alexandra_day


... It was more physically exhausting than you would think! But we did have the best part left: the zip lines. There aren't alot of hills in Estonia but here there were a few. We got to ride across the valley on a zip line and then walk up a big hill and fly ...

Lõpuks Käärikul, Kääriku, Estonia travel blog

Lõpuks Käärikul

A travel blog entry by veikok

Suvemängud on juba peale ...

Fitting in and getting out, Otepaa, Estonia travel blog

Fitting in and getting out

A travel blog entry by luggage06z


... 's Day, which of course is not really a holiday outside of the US and Ireland. There is definitely NOT a significant Irish population in Estonia, but the Gunpowder Cellar still hosted a St. Patty's party that night with a live band. A lot of international ...

18. Station Otepää, Otepää, Estonia travel blog

18. Station Otepää

A travel blog entry by tomtenskatt

Tja. vorbei mit estnisch-grau. Es hat geschneit in Estland und wir fahren nun nach Otepää und nutzen die Zeit für einen netten Spaziergang um den Pühajärv. :) Gesucht: letzter Buchstabe des Aufenthaltortes für die 2. Stelle. TK: ...

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