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Peace and Quiet in Otepaa, Otepaa, Estonia travel blog

Peace and Quiet in Otepaa

A travel blog entry by lostalready


We caught the bus to Otepaa, a small town in the South of Estonia, to discover the tourist information office and the hostel closed. Detouring down a side street, we found a large 'hostel' sign and a house crowded with extremely friendly people who were ...

For a little more time...., Otepaa, Estonia travel blog

For a little more time....

A travel blog entry by mrconfused

... visit. And didn't really find much. It was only when I strayed beyond the boundaries of the houses that I saw the appeal. Otepaa is a small hill-top town surrounded by an exceedingly pleasant nature reserve, with a couple of calm lakes not far distant. ...

Drinking Like an Estonian, Otepaa, Estonia travel blog

Drinking Like an Estonian

A travel blog entry by kally563


Today, I found myself in Riga. It had not been my intention to get there until Wednesday or Thursday, but when a Russian mob-looking Lithuanian businessman offers you a free ride to the Latvian capital in his mafia-mobile, you don't say no. And so it was ...

Estonia: Reflections and Practicalities, Otepaa, Estonia travel blog

Estonia: Reflections and Practicalities

A travel blog entry by kally563

... to Helsinki. And perhaps that's part of Estonia's beauty - you run no risk of seeing anything but the real. Practicalities: Estonia is delightfully easy to travel in and in that respect, I couldn't have been happier to start my trip here. Maps ...

Rural Estonia, Otepaa, Estonia travel blog

Rural Estonia

A travel blog entry by kally563

... they say, "You don't know how they think." It is an ominous end to our conversation, and reflective, I believe of Estonia's feelings towards Russia. As I continue to travel, I expect I will find Estonians have the greatest lingering hatred towards their ...

In Otepää, Otepää, Estonia travel blog

In Otepää

A travel blog entry by nzhuk


... and apple juice, some porridge which tasted a little weird, tea and coffee. The breakfast was good and we we're ready for our longest daily trip during our journey - from Otepää to Valga, the city located right on the border between Estonia and Latvia. ...

Untitled, Otepää Parish, Estonia travel blog


A travel blog entry by erikale91

... After about 15 minutes there was no sign of anyone I knew. So I went out again, walking into cafes and shops. The great thing about Estonia is there is free WiFi in most every cafe or restaurant. I knew that if I could get a WiFi signal I could get on my ...

Üliõpilaste X suvemängud, Kääriku, Estonia travel blog

Üliõpilaste X suvemängud

A travel blog entry by veikok


Suvemängud kestsid 26-28 juuni Käärikul. Üle 500 osaleja. Palju nalja ja kalja. ...

Adventure on the High Ropes, Otepaa, Estonia travel blog

Adventure on the High Ropes

A travel blog entry by alexandra_day


... It was more physically exhausting than you would think! But we did have the best part left: the zip lines. There aren't alot of hills in Estonia but here there were a few. We got to ride across the valley on a zip line and then walk up a big hill and fly ...

Lõpuks Käärikul, Kääriku, Estonia travel blog

Lõpuks Käärikul

A travel blog entry by veikok

Suvemängud on juba peale ...

Fitting in and getting out, Otepaa, Estonia travel blog

Fitting in and getting out

A travel blog entry by luggage06z


... 's Day, which of course is not really a holiday outside of the US and Ireland. There is definitely NOT a significant Irish population in Estonia, but the Gunpowder Cellar still hosted a St. Patty's party that night with a live band. A lot of international ...

18. Station Otepää, Otepää, Estonia travel blog

18. Station Otepää

A travel blog entry by tomtenskatt

Tja. vorbei mit estnisch-grau. Es hat geschneit in Estland und wir fahren nun nach Otepää und nutzen die Zeit für einen netten Spaziergang um den Pühajärv. :) Gesucht: letzter Buchstabe des Aufenthaltortes für die 2. Stelle. TK: ...

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