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Ecuador - The banana capital of the world, Machala Ecuador, Ecuador travel blog

Ecuador - The banana capital of the world

A travel blog entry by jennykelly

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... the roads as we found there is in Peru. We found it really strange, after clearing customs in Peru, that their counterparts in Ecuador were situated some 5 kilometers away at the side of the road in a marquee, with no indicator that we had to stop there. ...

Machala, Machala, Ecuador travel blog


A travel blog entry by john_and_anna

map ...

Bananas everywhere, Pasaje, Ecuador travel blog

Bananas everywhere

A travel blog entry by peterdebelgica


... great view on the volcanos Cayambe, Cotopaxi, Sincholagua, Reventador, Antisana and Sangay we arrived at the tropical coastline of South Ecuador, the land of hammocks, banana snacks and cold beer. A great feeling to close the door behind our 'culos'. ...

Bananas, bananas, bananas, Machala, Ecuador travel blog

Bananas, bananas, bananas

A travel blog entry by 50odd

23rd September 2009 Hotel Araujo, Machala, Ecuador (15 usd) Very warm but cloudy naranjal – Machala (96 kms) Today was all about bananas and cocoa, but mostly bananas. We've decided to call Machala The Big Banana and we think it has a bit more going ...

Der seltsame Zauber einer Geisterinsel, Jambeli, Ecuador travel blog

Der seltsame Zauber einer Geisterinsel

A travel blog entry by doscompletos


... Wenns geht etwas Abseit der Touristenpfade. Und da hatten wir mit der Mangroveninsel Jambeli genau ins Schwarze getroffen! Machala ist eine Hafenstadt (der wichtigste Bananenexportierende Hafen Ecuadors, Chiquita lässt grüssen) und nicht besonders ...

Anden, Vulkansee, Pferde & huebsche Frauen, Machala, Ecuador travel blog

Anden, Vulkansee, Pferde & huebsche Frauen

A travel blog entry by big_lou

Nach Karneval am Beach hats mich zum Wandern in die Anden verschlagen und ich habe den "Quilotoa Loop" in Zentral-Ecuador gemacht. Nachdem ich in Latacunga 28$ in ein Paar zunftige Wanderstiefel investiert habe, bin ich in das kleine Andendorf Zumbahua ...

Extreme Ecuador - part one, Machala, Ecuador travel blog

Extreme Ecuador - part one

A travel blog entry by parkerich


... bumpy roads whilst trying to avoid head on collisions with any other vehicle on the road. Eventually we got to Machala, banana capital of Ecuador, where we asked him to take us to the first half decent sounding hotel/hostel in the Lonely Planet guide ...

Visitors, Animals and Work, Machala, Ecuador travel blog

Visitors, Animals and Work

A travel blog entry by ecuadorlt


... a five year old girl. Until the monster is euthanized (HA! or in this case shot in the head...there's no animal control in Ecuador), I do not dare to take even two steps onto my neighbors' property.   Other animal news.  My cat had kittens! ...

Tanto Que Hacer y Tan Poco Tiempo, Machala, Ecuador travel blog

Tanto Que Hacer y Tan Poco Tiempo

A travel blog entry by ecuadorlt


¡Saludos! Hoy estoy en Machala recorriendo por toda la ciudad, esperando terminar con todos las tareas que tengo que hacer. Entonces, escribiré sólo lo interesante... Well, I'm down to the last five months of service (four months and nineteen ...

Reconnect! (And Being Sick), Machala, Ecuador travel blog

Reconnect! (And Being Sick)

A travel blog entry by ecuadorlt

... "Rebelde" dance routine...if you don´t know the group, look it up, you´ll be hooked. No translations necessary). And now, I am back in southern Ecuador, ready to work and hoping that the next six months brings even more than the first! Hasta ...

Our first non-touristy city, Machala, Ecuador travel blog

Our first non-touristy city

A travel blog entry by tablefor2


On our way to the border to Peru, we had to spend a night in Machala.  This is not a city for the gringo.  Karlton was feeling uneasy, with many, many long stares.  Yvonne was gong to get some pineapple for 25 cents, but the man's wife ...

Why am I here?, Guayquil, Ecuador travel blog

Why am I here?

A travel blog entry by simona

Hmmmmm...we have not quite made it to Peru. We did make it to Guayquil but were told that the 2.30pm bus now leaves at 11.30am, so come back tomorrow. So we spent the day unexpectedly in Guayquil. It was quite exciting to be in a town again, albeit very ...

Grant Proposal, Machala, Ecuador travel blog

Grant Proposal

A travel blog entry by ecuadorlt

... ...nunca termina. Este proyecto me tiene demasiado ocupada. Pero, está bien, el tiempo está pasando rapidísimo... Today I am in Machala.  Monday, Wednesday and Saturday of last week I was also in Machala. And this Thursday I will be back. And ...

El Fin Ya?, Machala, Ecuador travel blog

El Fin Ya?

A travel blog entry by ecuadorlt


... . Oh yes, and I am expecting two much-anticipated visitors before I head home: mi papá and...POR FIN...Cesar.  (Je, je, je, broma mi amor.)   I hope to get at least one more entry in before I leave Ecuador, so until then...   Chao. ...

Galapagos, Machala, Ecuador travel blog


A travel blog entry by carlier


... towards Peru. We stopped along the way in several beautiful Andean towns before dropping down to the coast and Ecuador’s historically notorious second city -Guayaquil. Notorious amongst backpackers for its apparently high rate of crime targeted at ...

Fotos de Mi Nueva Vida, Machala, Ecuador travel blog

Fotos de Mi Nueva Vida

A travel blog entry by ecuadorlt


¡Buenos Días! ¿Cómo está todo en EEUU? Estoy aquí trabajando y disfrutando la vida en Cerro Azul. He incluido algunas fotos esta vez para mostrarles una parte de esta vida! I hope you enjoy the photos I have included. This time I will let ...

Machala, Machala, Ecuador travel blog


A travel blog entry by mariejeanwilson

... office and the driver that they would wait, the bus drove off as soon as we got off to join the queue for the Ecuador exit stamp. Some bloke with a walkie talkie assured us it would come back, and it did about 20 minutes later after it had taken us ...

Barons and burgers, Machala, Ecuador travel blog

Barons and burgers

A travel blog entry by jungleboy

... bad part of town, so I wanted to arrive when it was light. Having counted back the ten hour journey, I realised that this meant leaving Machala at 8pm. It was midday. Eight hours is a long time in a city which, while it may have attractions, is unknown to ...

Grenzen zuigen, Machala, Ecuador travel blog

Grenzen zuigen

A travel blog entry by cosavesturtle


Hallo, Hier even een tussendoorberichtje, want ik verveel me. Ben nu 36 uur onderweg vanaf Cuzco (Peru) naar Quito (Ecuador). Stukje vliegtuig (1 uur), stukje bus (18 uur, supercomfortabel) en vervolgens de grens over. En dat is klote, vooral omdat je ...

The Holidays in Ecuador, Machala, Ecuador travel blog

The Holidays in Ecuador

A travel blog entry by ecuadorlt

... that I could discuss, but instead I would like to jump straight to Turkey Day! ¡Qué bueno! I may have been in Ecuador, thousands of miles from Plymouth Rock, but there was nothing lacking this Thanksgiving.  Three other volunteers and I gathered ...

Onward Northward! With my two travel friends!, Machala, Ecuador travel blog

Onward Northward! With my two travel friends!

A travel blog entry by jathomaz

My friends and I left the bus station in Rhuaquillas, the fronter town between Peru and Ecuador, headed for Quito.  Little did I know the convoluted trip we were to embark on.  We never stopped, just to disembark, hang around for another ...

Vacation, Work and Friends, Machala, Ecuador travel blog

Vacation, Work and Friends

A travel blog entry by ecuadorlt


... are four new volunteers (in the programs of Health and Youth and Families) that will be joining our group down here in Machala. I can´t believe I´ve already been here for almost six months! Incredible. They will certainly be great resources. That´s ...

A Flaming New Year, Machala, Ecuador travel blog

A Flaming New Year

A travel blog entry by ecuadorlt


Buenas Tardes Amigos ¿Cómo les va? Espero que todo bien. Estoy aquí en Cerro Azul y hace mucho calor! No lo puedo creer, pero realmente estoy soñando de la nieve allá en Maine! Por ahora tendré que aguantar este clima tropical...   Hey ...

Sigue La Vida del Campo, Machala, Ecuador travel blog

Sigue La Vida del Campo

A travel blog entry by ecuadorlt


... en la escuela, empezando la clase de inglés, dando charlas y sobre todo tratando de seguir viviendo la vida del campo de el Ecuador... Staying busy in the "campo" of Ecuador is not an easy task (the natives don´t even bother with it!) There is ...

Frustrations and Successes, Machala, Ecuador travel blog

Frustrations and Successes

A travel blog entry by ecuadorlt


... all of them.  In the coming weeks, in collaboration with the women's movement, we will begin a book collection project in Machala. Yey!   These same girls raised $40 in order to buy more books for their club.  We will be reading ...

The Andes., Machala, Ecuador travel blog

The Andes.

A travel blog entry by davey1212


... were about 25 miles of poor surfaces, but not the worst I have encountered, and a few stretches of gravel. Eventually arrived at Machala, about 45 miles north of the border and while looking for a hostal which did not exist, found another for $15 which ...

WE'RE EXPECTING!, Machala, Ecuador travel blog


A travel blog entry by griffs-on-tour


Now seems as good a time as any to drop an explanatory note into these proceedings. Since back in late September we've known that we were expecting a baby. Definitely planned...although to be fair I was hoping we would take slightly longer trying.  ...

Break for the border, Machala, Ecuador travel blog

Break for the border

A travel blog entry by stoo

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We have decided to head towards the West coast and cross the border from there.  With my protests falling on deaf ears, Paddy wants to hit up a beach town and perhaps try some surfing.  We're going to head to Mancora, Peru, and probably ...

Issues, Machala, Ecuador travel blog


A travel blog entry by whereilaymyhead

... an Uruguayan, needed a yellow fever shot to get into Ecuador. So, we head back to Huaquillas, a border town that's technically in Ecuador, to try to find a hosiptal or clinic. In the process, we notice another checkpoint. After a bit of investigation we ...

Unser Haus am Meer, Jambelí, Ecuador travel blog

Unser Haus am Meer

A travel blog entry by 4mochileros


... Aktion Gott sei Dank nur einen Kratzer abbekommen. Den Abend genossen wir, wie ihr euch denken koennt, in der Haengematte neben dem Lagerfeuer. Mittlerweile haben wir Ecuador hinter uns gelassen und sitzen an der Nordkueste Perus. Mehr dazu ...

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