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Great Heights, Cotapaxi, Ecuador travel blog

Great Heights

A travel blog entry by billyandtrav


... galloped down the mountain. He recovered the next day but Cotapaxi was out of the question. Day 3 and 4 were rest days. Day 5 Cotapaxi. 5897m. I would love to go on about how fab this was and what a wonderful achievement it was to reach the top ...

Cotapaxi Climb, Cotapaxi, Ecuador travel blog

Cotapaxi Climb

A travel blog entry by lizsandell


... ’s walking and I really couldn’t let him down. At this stage we saw the most amazing sight - the shadow of Cotapaxi (well that's what I thought it was - could have been hallucinating for all I knew) The next hour was probably the hardest of ...

High Altitude ´fun´, Cotapaxi, Ecuador travel blog

High Altitude ´fun´

A travel blog entry by polomuiriu


I had to spend a few days around Cotapaxi to acclimatise to the high altitude. The problem with high altitude is that you can´t do much training for it, you just need to spend some time at high altitude and hope that yiu get acclimatised. I was staying ...

climbing volcanos seems like a good idea........, Cotapaxi, Ecuador travel blog

climbing volcanos seems like a good idea........

A travel blog entry by nixb


For some strange reason, I thought that it would be a good idea to climb up Cotapaxi on Saturday.  Not being a seasoned mountaineer, I took the easy way out, which was to take a bus to 4500 m, climb up to 4800m to the Refuge hut have lunch and then ...

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