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Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen, Kastrup, Denmark travel blog

Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by mumnrina


... rained but not too disruptive. Homewardbound by metro, foot and bus with a bag full of strawberries which we enjoyed as a late dessert after an enjoyable  and not too tiring day.  And Denmark is very very flat! No ski slopes here in the winter. ...

Dragør - Old maritime village, Kastrup, Denmark travel blog

Dragør - Old maritime village

A travel blog entry by mumnrina


... is so different to Finland - patchwork of farms with farmhouses nestled individually amongst them. The highest altitude above sea level in all of Denmark is 173 meters and on the island of Amager, where we are staying, it is all of 7 meters! You can't ...

Afgang mod Thailand, Kastrup, Danmark travel blog

Afgang mod Thailand

A travel blog entry by kasperdk


Så går turen snart mod ...

Elaine's turn, Kastrup, Denmark travel blog

Elaine's turn

A travel blog entry by derek_roberts10


This was basically a repeat of yesterday initially, namely up and away by 10:30, case in left luggage and then on into town. The difference today was one of cultural level – we were going to explore the old 'hippy' quarter of Copenhagen, in and ...

Return to Kastrup, Kastrup, Denmark travel blog

Return to Kastrup

A travel blog entry by derek_roberts10

We managed to extricate ourselves from our berth sans bow thruster with no difficulty and after only 10 minutes on the engine, we were able to hoist the sails (all 3 ie stay'sl included) and sail southwards in the SSW wind of F3. So, my prediction of ...

Malmö trip, Kastrup, Denmark travel blog

Malmö trip

A travel blog entry by derek_roberts10


Malmö day. I must confess it wasn't high on my list of choices but Elaine wanted to go and as she’s an old friend and quite nice really, I’d decided to accommodate her wishes (skipper’s prerogative to decide on day’s programme!). ...

A Day in Copenhagen, Kastrup, Denmark travel blog

A Day in Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by derek_roberts10


... Rosemary’s was late afternoon. That would give us time at the end of their visit, so we decided on the 2 days, one for Denmark and one for Sweden. That done, we headed off for the metro and bought tickets that give you 10 journeys on the metro, ...

Nice & Close to the airport, Kastrup, Denmark travel blog

Nice & Close to the airport

A travel blog entry by derek_roberts10

... update the blog. This marina offers free wifi, and I hope that free or affordable and accessible wifi will be the norm in Denmark, so the 'block updating’ of the blog will happen less frequently, rather it will be possible to adopt a trickle ...

Visitors' Arrival, Kastrup, Denmark travel blog

Visitors' Arrival

A travel blog entry by derek_roberts10


The day of our friends' arrival dawned a little grey and cloudy, but the temperature was acceptable and the forecast for the coming week was very positive, so we weren’t too concerned. Whilst I updated the blog, Julie did some clothes and ...

Rosemary's departure, Kastrup, Denmark travel blog

Rosemary's departure

A travel blog entry by derek_roberts10


Today we were losing one of our friends, as Rosemary's flight for Stansted left at 17:10. Elaine’s plane to Manchester was leaving the next day at 16:30. That meant that we had two good half days to fill and we were determined to do so well, to ...

Eventyret begynder, København, Danmark travel blog

Eventyret begynder

A travel blog entry by krabbe

Torsdag morgen vågner ungerne allerede kl. 5.30. De er spændte. Det er moderen også. Idag skal vi rejse alene til Kuala Lumpur hvor vi mødes med Michael for at starte vores længe ventede ferie. Idag er det ikke svært at ...

Afrejse fra København, Kastrup, Denmark travel blog

Afrejse fra København

A travel blog entry by bd_usa

Vi rejser fra Danmark kl. ...

Så er vi næsten klar, Ørestad, Denmark travel blog

Så er vi næsten klar

A travel blog entry by mlarsen

Så er vi næsten klar til at rejse. Jeg har fået et nyt pas og vi har begge efter en tur til den vietnamesiske ambassade her i København fået visum sat i passet. Jeg har også fået fornyet min difteri vaccination så på det område burde vi også ...

Jul 19, 2010, Kastrup, Denmark travel blog

Jul 19, 2010

A travel blog entry by noller11


Kopenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by elisa.bum


Genug für heute! Der Taxifahrer war nicht sonderlich erfreut über die kurze Fahrt vom Flughafen zum Hotel :o) "Jesus Christus" war seine Reaktion. Shit ...

Into Scandinavia, Kopenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Into Scandinavia

A travel blog entry by bsmida


taking the overnight train from amsterdam to kopenhagen is great, because you save on accomodation cost and travel time, killing two birds with one ...

amsterdam, Amsterdam, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by clairebroomby

amsterdam ...

New Years Eve!!, Kastrup, Denmark travel blog

New Years Eve!!

A travel blog entry by kara.b


... came to live in Denmark 3 or 4 years ago. Her mom is Danish and her dad is American. Josie and Matilda are both from Denmark but they like to speak English. We then all got ready for the night. We straightened/curled our hair, they did their makeup and ...

Ready to go!, Ørestad, Denmark travel blog

Ready to go!

A travel blog entry by mlarsen

Hej alle Så er tasken stortset pakket og jeg er næsten klar til at tage af sted. Jeg har investeret i et Eye-fi SD kort, som gør det muligt at uploade mine billeder trådløst, så længe jeg er i nærheden af et gratis trådløst netværk. Om det ...

Goodbye DR, castrup, Denmark travel blog

Goodbye DR

A travel blog entry by lifeforce1


... in Sweden at 13:30 the next day, fuck do I need a vacation now? YES! I was very pleased with "Kastrup" airport in Denmark, modern, good logistics, it was just to walk through and get on the train directly, no hassle! Afterword NY I was very surprised ...

Nu er der ikke længe til..., Kastrup, Danmark travel blog

Nu er der ikke længe til...

A travel blog entry by cecilienexmann

Så er der ikke mange dage til, at jeg skal af sted, og mens jeg stille og bestemmer mig for, hvilke sæt tøj jeg skal have med og får styr på sommerfuglene i maven, har jeg også gået at overvejet, hvordan jeg kan holde ...

Morgonstund har guld..., Kastrup, Denmark travel blog

Morgonstund har guld...

A travel blog entry by adamp

Tog tåget i ottan, närmare bestämt klockan 05.04. Är nu framme på Kastrup flygplats för att strax ta flyget mot söderns ...

Moving on, Kobenhavn, Denmark travel blog

Moving on

A travel blog entry by od_ghoti

From Bremen we travelled up through Denmark, then across to Odense, and finally took the long bridge over to Copenhagan. The Bridge was amazing and the view from it utterly stunning. In Copenhagen we first searched out the Little Mermaid then drifted back ...

vi ses!, Kastrup, Denmark travel blog

vi ses!

A travel blog entry by dennishoej


saa star vi pludselig i lufthavnen og siger farvel, det var fed men maerkelig oplevelse da det nu for alvor begynder at gaa op for mig vi tager afsted i 10 maneder og for alvor er kommet paa egen haand. nu er der en 35 timers lang ...

erstes Volleyball Turnier, Amager, Denmark travel blog

erstes Volleyball Turnier

A travel blog entry by cph2mex


Hallo Ihr Lieben, nun ist es schon fast einen Monat her, dass ich hier einen Eintrag gemacht habe und es ist mal wieder an der Zeit. Ich habe einige News zu berichten und hoffe, dass ich es über das Wochenende einmal schaffe. Nun steht auch schon wieder ...

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