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In Copenhaguen... yep, Copenhaguen, Denmark travel blog

In Copenhaguen... yep

A travel blog entry by maplefanta


July 22 We started walking from the south island to the city center and finally after a while and seeing a grocery caddie lying there I got the idea of using it to loose the weight of our shoulder, which was great and got lots of giggle and look from ...

Faelled parkrun, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Faelled parkrun

A travel blog entry by johnnym


I was tired last night, after an interrupted night's sleep on the train and didn't sleep much better in the hostel. Too hot, too noisy to be ideal. As soon as I got out to jog the 2k to the park I was fairly sure this was not going to be a great run. ...

Back to Granada :-(, Frederiksberg, Denmark travel blog

Back to Granada :-(

A travel blog entry by evamaria85

It was in some respects the niceset Christmas holiday ever, but it was over too ...

Ms. B's Global Takeover, Frederiksberg, Denmark travel blog

Ms. B's Global Takeover

A travel blog entry by copenhangin


If I were to imagine the 9-to-5 commute, I'd taste Starbucks, hear NPR, and see my Facebook news feed. However, when I grab my bag and head out the door, my reality does not reflect my imagination: Wipe the morning dew off my seat. Buckle my helmet. And ...

Fanget av storm i Danmark, kobenhavn, Denmark travel blog

Fanget av storm i Danmark

A travel blog entry by flippan


Forsinkelser Vi var alle spente og nervøse - vi skal til asia i 5 uker! Vi var seks stykker fra folkehøgskolen som hadde tilbrakt vinterferien hos meg. Vi satte oss på toget til Oslo. Audun og Stefan, som ikke skulle være med på turen, gikk av på ...

Kopenhagen, Kopenhagen, Denmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by slawago4

asd ...

Copenhagen Zoo, Frederiksberg, Denmark travel blog

Copenhagen Zoo

A travel blog entry by panderson92


This weekend I visited Copenhagen zoo, which is surprisingly close to where I stay! The zoo is one of the oldest in Europe. It was a good time of year to visit as there were quite a few babies about, including lion cubs and a baby hippo! I was surprised ...

Hfhfhgg, København, Danmark travel blog


A travel blog entry by junktilkim


O ...

Back for good, Frederiksberg, Denmark travel blog

Back for good

A travel blog entry by evamaria85

At last back, but only me, my suitcase decided to have a sleep over in Barcelona. But was wonderful getting back home to family and boy friend. Best, Eva ...

Deuxmark: The second time around, Frederiksberg, Denmark travel blog

Deuxmark: The second time around

A travel blog entry by copenhangin


... . On my run, I nodded to a few zebras and antelope who seemed only a little more out of place than me ;) Living in Denmark has proven much more different than studying here, perhaps because it is more unstructured and I am the only agent responsible for ...

Hvad er det her for noget lort?, Frederiksberg, Denmark travel blog

Hvad er det her for noget lort?

A travel blog entry by rasmusseverinse


Hej alle. Jeg tester lige den her lorte ...

Going to the airport, Frederiksberg, Denmark travel blog

Going to the airport

A travel blog entry by granborg

Left home - going to the ...

Lige før flyafgang, Frederiksberg, Denmark travel blog

Lige før flyafgang

A travel blog entry by testskb


Så skal jeg snart afsted på rejsen. Flyet afgår om en lille time og jeg glæder mig! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas commodo dui iaculis tellus hendrerit eu placerat dui molestie. Nulla erat velit, porta vitae ...

11:20..? 20:11!!, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

11:20..? 20:11!!

A travel blog entry by globetothers

Efter att ha mött upp med Robban kom vi fram till att en bit mat med tillhörande öl skulle sitta fint. Robban fick i incheckningskön reda på att planet vi skall med blivit tvunget att landa i Frankfurt. "Kolla på avgångstavlan för mer ...

Arrived in Copenhagen, København, Denmark travel blog

Arrived in Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by mattymatson


Checked into sleep in heaven hostel Went for a walk around city Tried to sleep Meet Madison and we went for a walk - hired bikes and rode through an amazing sunset to Copenhagen street food - had an Italian pork roll Went to Christiania and bought a ...

Mar 31, 2013, Frederiksberg, Denmark travel blog

Mar 31, 2013

A travel blog entry by hongmai


Lidt før-turen skriblerier, Frederiksberg, Denmark travel blog

Lidt før-turen skriblerier

A travel blog entry by sofie-mads

Så skal vi snart afsted igen - farvel til slud, goddag til de Kanariske øer :) Sidste uge på jobbet før afgang til 14 dage på La Gomera. Bogen om vandreruterne er indkøbt, og støvlerne står på spring på ...

Departing tomorrow, København, Danmark travel blog

Departing tomorrow

A travel blog entry by peterkier


All the gear is testet. Bikes are shining - all we need to mount are a couple of danish flag "Dannebrog" and we are off on the first leg towards the Helsinki boat in Stockholm. On the way it's gonna be are sweet ride on part of the legendary 6500km ...

Winter in Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark travel blog

Winter in Copenhagen

A travel blog entry by chrissy-bigal


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