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Salsa!!, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by smitherson

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... road was only built in the 1960's, before which you could only get there by sea.  this has made Baracoa quite a different place to the rest of Cuba and I would recommend a visit to anyone. As we arrived in the center of Baracoa and starting ...

en la casa de las dos hermanas, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog

en la casa de las dos hermanas

A travel blog entry by rubyfunk

... and both of them have very strong and interesting views about Cuba. I think this was also one of my favorite things in Cuba, not only in Baracoa but in Havana too, the chance to really get to know and speak to the people in whose home you are staying. I ...

What is and is NOT included, At sea, Cuba travel blog

What is and is NOT included

A travel blog entry by akmshain

A cruise offers plenty to eat, that's for sure. Big breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, plus afternoon tea and room service. You could eat round the clock if you wanted. And most, but not all, of it is included in what we paid for the cruise. For ...

Baracoa, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by kc2009


Baracoa is a tropical village at the far end of Cuba.  It is surrounded by lush jungle and has a quaint fishing village next to it, called Boca De Miel which is famous for the brightly coloured snails that habitat there.  We took a trek with a local ...

Inselende, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by senderjung


Nach einer landschaftlichen tollen Busfahrt über Guantanamo (der US-Stützpunkt ist logischerweise nicht ausgeschildert) erreichten wir Baracoa am südöstlichsten Ende der Insel an dem man an sehr klaren Tagen bis nach Haiti (der Zustand dort ist trotz ...

first part of the delivery - toward the Bahamas, great inagua, Bahamas travel blog

first part of the delivery - toward the Bahamas

A travel blog entry by ayack

13.01.09 : As you understood, i'm now going to the Bahamas and Nassau will be my next stop. We left St Martin two days ago with a good and fair wind. We arrived really quickly on the British Virgin Islands : Anegada, virgin Gorda or ...

Ciudad Primera, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog

Ciudad Primera

A travel blog entry by iluv2xplore


... some of the musicians I met along the way and a pair of figurines carved out of wood only found in Cuba… DOWNTOWN BARACOA Our day began at the Museo Municipal del Fuerte Matachín (Matachín Fort Municipal Museum), which documents the history ...

Baracoa - Netter Ort, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog

Baracoa - Netter Ort

A travel blog entry by patricia.eifler


... dem Mietwagen über Berge nach Baracoa gefahren. Die Fahrt bot schon wieder tolle Motive, die wir gleich festgehalten haben. In Baracoa angekommen wurden wir erst mal von 3 oder 4 Cassavermittlern belagert und wir waren ziemlich genervt. Auf eigener Faust ...

Hey!, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by easties

three ...

The smallest for the third time, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog

The smallest for the third time

A travel blog entry by chris.wauman


... te bedanken. daarvoor was Baracoa enkel via zee te bereiken). En om ff door te gaan met de geschiedenisles: Baracoa is de eerste stad gesticht in Cuba door de spanjaarden na de ontdekking (idd door Columbus). Baracoa is ontspannen voor de terugkeer naar ...

weiter quer durch Kuba, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog

weiter quer durch Kuba

A travel blog entry by goni


... keinen Nerv mehr für die Stadt haben und lassen wie auch in den anderen Städten das Nachtleben aus. Die letzte Station ist Baracoa, ein süsses Städtchen am Meer, ganz im Osten des Landes, welches wir nun einmal (praktisch) komplett durchquert haben. ...

The Caribbean, Windward Passage, Cuba travel blog

The Caribbean

A travel blog entry by pete-r


... night, at 74° 40' west, off Rum Cay. Now (09:30) heading south through the Windward Passage, with the eastern end of Cuba visible over to starboard. Guantanamo is further east; lost in the haze. The noon fix puts us just into the Caribbean. Dead calm ...

Feliz Navidad: Langosta y Chocolate, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog

Feliz Navidad: Langosta y Chocolate

A travel blog entry by jennyroberts


... to rent them or not. Our family were very friendly, our room was lovely and we had a great view of the sea from our window; Baracoa was hot and humid, so the aircon at our homestay was welcome too. Once settled in, we met back up for a walk through town ...

Baracoa, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by alexkons

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... earn money and charm falls by the wayside, while cubans polish how to charm women down to a fine art. in a pleasant way. not a lot else to do. they stare, but it´s ok. but basically, my time in cuba has once again taught me that i am gorgeous. ...

Cuba Day 5 Sneaky Peak Into Guantanamo Bay, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog

Cuba Day 5 Sneaky Peak Into Guantanamo Bay

A travel blog entry by travellovebite


... It even has a McDonalds in this bay which is quite funny since there isn't a single one that exists in Cuba. We were back on the road to Baracoa. The sight of banana and cocoa plantations got repetitive. The roads up in the mountains got trickier where as ...

Playa Baracoa, Playa Baracoa, Cuba travel blog

Playa Baracoa

A travel blog entry by judybruceben

Please note that some of these dates are provisional, I having cleverly left my calendar elswhere. Playa Baracoa; a small resort town for Cubans just a little east of Havana, and our first trip anywhere on the bikes. It all went pretty well from the ...

Beach or what?, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog

Beach or what?

A travel blog entry by moki_travels

... We settled for 43$ and he gave me chocolate, fruits and breat to bring along. I also took beer he bought for me. I left Baracoa with a bitter taste.... Even the weather of Baracoa said goodbye - I was soaked to the bones. Alone on the bus station, soaking ...

Lovely Coastal town, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog

Lovely Coastal town

A travel blog entry by adamz


... Got to say that the tail I got was huge and had lots of meat in it. Definately one the best meal I've had in Cuba (with a octopus the night before a clsoe second). Ended up wandering around the town that night and headed to Casa Trova where I listened to ...

Travels to the Oriente, Camaguey, Santiago, Baracoa and Trinidad, Cuba travel blog

Travels to the Oriente

A travel blog entry by sheenasumaria


... in the Guantanamo region.   La belleza de Guantanamo   I took the 5 hour bus to Baracoa, on the far eastern tip of Cuba. The descent through the mountains was incredible to see...with the views of the coast, sea and leafy ...

Tracking Cuba, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog

Tracking Cuba

A travel blog entry by richard.boase


... therapeutic after a social evening and a way to wind down before bed), we've just passed through the Windward Passage between Cuba and Haiti, taking us into the Caribbean Sea and out towards Kingston, Jamaica. Another sea day tomorrow. Maybe that's the ...

Baracoa, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by gavin_davies

... . Much like in Vinales they are uber friendly, and happily set me up with some lunch. According the the LP the main draw of Baracoa has been it's relative isolation from the rest of the country. It is the country's oldest city (though with a pop of 40k ...

El Yanque, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog

El Yanque

A travel blog entry by gavin_davies

A nice breakfast and I was in the tour place for my day trip at half eight. You need a minimum of four people for an English guide so as there are only two of us we are "making do" with a Spanish speaker. Fortunately the other guy on the tour, Chavi is ...

Columbus landed here in 1492, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog

Columbus landed here in 1492

A travel blog entry by c.i.222


... . . . .  DAY 10 June 5: We had to leave Baracoa to return by bus to Santiago for one night.  Our bus departed Baracoa after 2PM, and we arrived in Santiago a little after 7PM.  We had dinner at Casa La Granda Hotel.   ...

Baracoa y sus alrededores, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog

Baracoa y sus alrededores

A travel blog entry by marichoube


... salsa, salsa, salsa... je peux pas marcher mais danse quand même, c´est la dernière soirée tous ensemble. Samedi 23: dans Baracoa avec Jana, massage du visage chez un coiffeur (hum hum bof bof), almuerzo dans notre paladar 1511 et départ pour la ...

Baracoa - Yum., Baracoa, Cuba travel blog

Baracoa - Yum.

A travel blog entry by panzaverde

... , or in balls that are grated into hot milk. Al drank a whole jug of this at our casa each morning. Baracoa is the first place in Cuba where we've checked out some nature. Nearby Parque Alejandro Von Humboldt has many endemic species. We saw a tiny frog ...

Baracoa part 2 - let's get political!, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog

Baracoa part 2 - let's get political!

A travel blog entry by panzaverde

... , actually they're lying and he's really in another place. You see this broken telephone pole here? This is a symbol of Baracoa." As he left us he saluted and gave us the revolutionary slogan "Hasta victoria siempre!" (Always towards victory!) One of the ...

Cette île décré-pépite, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog

Cette île décré-pépite

A travel blog entry by lilipom


... a son petit container réfrigéré pour ce liquide qui ne se garde que 3 mois. Incroyable...         Baracoa... Mon petit paradis. Jy passerai 10 jours. les vagues se déchaînent sur la promenade decrépépite  de la ...

BA-RA-CO-AAAAA!!!!, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by davidlaurent


... attaquer la route du retour.   Les jours suivants je ne pourrai pas allez plus loin dans l'exploration des alentours de Baracoa, m'étant blessé au tendon d'Achille. Qu'à cela ne tienne, je passerai de bonnes soirées avec 2 amis Suisses, dans ce ...

Baracoa, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog


A travel blog entry by evaenkoen


Baracoa is ongeveer het meest oostelijke punt van Cuba en de eerste plaats waar Colombus aan land kwam te Cuba. Het is een dorpje dat lang afgescheiden lag van de rest van Cuba omdat het moeilijk te bereiken was. Nu ligt er een kronkelweg vanuit Santiago ...

Vi drar til Baracoa, Baracoa, Cuba travel blog

Vi drar til Baracoa

A travel blog entry by steinaag


Rundturen vår denne uken kommer til å gå fra marinaen til Baracoa, videre til Santiago de Cuba, og så til Holguin, før vi treturnerer til marinaen neste søndag, kanskje via Guardalavaca, nå forhåpentligvis med tredjemann på slep. Puh. Vi forlot ...

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