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how we got through Croatia, Zupanja, Croatia travel blog

how we got through Croatia

A travel blog entry by bogna

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... to where our driver was heading. After several km we caught a Turkish man, another lorry driver. While we were driving through the whole Croatia, I managed to catch up with sleep in the cabin bed of the Turkish man, for about 1,5h. At 5pm we were around ...

Bosnian muslim family life, Srebernik, Bosnia and Herzegovina travel blog

Bosnian muslim family life

A travel blog entry by bogna

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POLSKI: Gdy juz siedzielismy na plecakach tuz za Sarajewem, produkujac napis "Żelenica", zatrzymal sie spory van starego typu, z muzulmanska rodzinka Bosniakow w srodku. A mysmy nawet jeszcze nie zaczeli machac! Jechali w przeciwna strone ...

Rollin' on the  River, Vukovar, Croatia travel blog

Rollin' on the River

A travel blog entry by mugharrington


Vukovar & Osijek, Croatia Rollin' on the River More cold and rain.  Can this stop now?  Once again the ignorant American didn’t realize that this city, the largest port for Croatia on the Danube was 90% destroyed by the 87 day Croatian ...

Brcko. Tensed city, Brcko, Bosnia and Herzegovina travel blog

Brcko. Tensed city

A travel blog entry by travel_chris

story to follow /aug 31: i am still working on this. --- Probably the most tensed city of Bosnia. Brcko Distrikt. At the border in the north. You have everything here.. Croatians, Serbians and Muslims. And things certainly are not right. Where ...

31 Hungry for Hungary, Vukovar, Croatia travel blog

31 Hungry for Hungary

A travel blog entry by springy100


... lunch I guzzled a bottle or two of coke and a snickers and realised my legs would just take me to the historic city of Vukovar, so it was back in the saddle. Osijek looked a bit dull anyway, and everyone was in their gardens celebrating the May day ...

Vinkovci, Croatia, Vinkovci, Croatia travel blog

Vinkovci, Croatia

A travel blog entry by rvs


Dear friends! We have arrived in Croatia yesterday at around 11pm. We left Constanta at around 6am Wednesday morning.  The drive to Bucharest was very good as they have a brand new freeway.  From there onwards the roads were not so good.  ...

Vukovar - Osijeck, Croatia, Vukovar, Croatia travel blog

Vukovar - Osijeck, Croatia

A travel blog entry by beverlybrown


...  Our guides are very good about answering our questions about the war but they are a little careful not to point fingers. Vukovar is located on the Danube and Drava Rivers.  The area the city occupies was populated even in prehistoric times, and ...

My first visit to Croatia, Vukovar, Croatia travel blog

My first visit to Croatia

A travel blog entry by c.i.222

Just to set a pin for this ...

From Osijek to Ilok, Croatia, Ilok, Croatia travel blog

From Osijek to Ilok, Croatia

A travel blog entry by travellerbruce


... upriver from Vukovar where I found an ATM and stopped for lunch at a delightful shaded restaurant at the water's edge. Vukovar suffered enormously in the conflicts with the Serbs, and there is still massive evidence in the damaged buildings and ...

Jak jsme se spletli, Šibenik, Croatia travel blog

Jak jsme se spletli

A travel blog entry by kicune


Dnešek byl od samého začátku líný. Když jsme se kolem osmé probudili, jevilo se sice nebe jen mírně oblačně a místy dokonce prokouklo sluníčko, nicméně ze všech předpovědí, které se nám ...

Vukovar, Vukovar, Croatia travel blog


A travel blog entry by scatabout

This was an interesting day.    After breakfast went for a walking tour of Vukovar and ended up at the markets.      We only had 10 minutes there and on to the bus to drive up to Osjec for lunch.   There was ...

On to Croatia, Vukovar, Croatia travel blog

On to Croatia

A travel blog entry by leonarsu


Thursday morning and we just pulled into Vukovar in Croatia. This morning we have a talk on how it was to live under Communism by the Program Director who lived 31 years in that state. We also have a Croatian Tambura Band performing traditional string ...

Two new countries in one day., Vukovar, Croatia travel blog

Two new countries in one day.

A travel blog entry by jimfavor1


Monday We awoke today in Vukovar, Croatia. Croatia is a country that stretches from the Danube to the Adriatic Sea. Until the civil wars, it was part of the country of Yugoslavia. "In the Adriatic, Croatia has 1,185 islands - many are major tourist ...

camp male ciste!, Ploče, Croatia travel blog

camp male ciste!

A travel blog entry by simonandtally


Tally writing... Simon and I headed back over the Bosnia border into the other side of Croatia later that day and found a perfect small campsite called 'male ciste'. Again another family run place, they seem to be the best value and by far better ...

Icing on the Cake, Vukovar, Croatia travel blog

Icing on the Cake

A travel blog entry by sandrabutzel


Blog for Thursday, May 31st Vukovar and Osijek, Croatia River Countess Vukovar is a smaller town (35,000) which was heavily damaged in the "Homeland Wars" of the 1990s, pitting Serbs against Croats, with criminal leaders such as Milosevic and others ...

Ilok, Croatia - Day 17/18, Ilok, Croatia travel blog

Ilok, Croatia - Day 17/18

A travel blog entry by denill


... drove over the bridge.It was occupied for 7 years.  The border crossings are all very different experiences. We have crossed into Croatia four times now. The last time we really got the treatment, took ages and held up quite a few other travelers. ...

Vukovar and Osijek, Vukovar, Croatia travel blog

Vukovar and Osijek

A travel blog entry by clbutler

The Danube marks the border between Croatia (right bank) and Serbia (left bank). We dock in Vukovar, Croatia, nInety percent of this city was destroyed and hundreds of citizens massacred in the civil war that started after Croatia declared independence in ...

Belgrado, Vukovar, Croatia travel blog


A travel blog entry by wehman

... en rijden langs de Donau. Hier zien we nog veel kapotgeschoten huizen en resten van de oorlog in voormalig Joegoslavië. Vooral in Vukovar , het deed erg luguber aan. Het ziet er arm en armoedig uit, zowel in Kroatië als in Servië. Via de ...

S větrem v zádech, Šibenik, Croatia travel blog

S větrem v zádech

A travel blog entry by kicune


Ráno se budíme do luxusního babě letního rána - město Šibenik, celé v bílém mramoru, se vyhřívá v paprscích jadranského slunka a příjemný větřík slibuje, že bychom dnes mohli i plachty vytáhnout. ...

opuzen - pleSKA tour begins, Opuzen, Croatia travel blog

opuzen - pleSKA tour begins

A travel blog entry by simonandtally


Tally writing... Time to start the tour with pleSKA band today! We hopped on a 2 hour bus to location number one...opuzen. On arrival the bar was closed but we thought ahh sod it, let's just sit here and cool down by the water. Within minutes the ...

Vukova Croatia, Vukovar, Croatia travel blog

Vukova Croatia

A travel blog entry by rpulz

... Visit to Osijek and the Franciscan church with organ recital and a walk through the old town square. We visited a village home for a Croatia home cooked lunch, which was very tasty. Everything on the table was got from the garden! We then visited a Cellar ...

TEKRAR ROGOTIN, Rogotin, Croatia travel blog


A travel blog entry by traveloturc

Neretva’nın kıyısını izleyerek Ragotin’ e yuvama vardım.. Otelim gerçekten harika … Masama kuruldum…internet çalışıyor… Notlarımı yazdım… ...

z, Z, Andorra travel blog


A travel blog entry by hanwei

z ...

"Orlov Put" Organic Farm and wetlands boat trip

A travel blog entry by galgano47


... building down the block with a veranda and doors and windows opening off the veranda held up by pillars.  Throughout the day in Croatia, this was a common design.  I asked the guide at the end of the day for an explanation.  Three or more ...

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