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Is It Wrong to Love a Power Plant?, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

Is It Wrong to Love a Power Plant?

A travel blog entry by eundel

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I spent much of this morning driving through Croatia's coastal mountains. One particularly lovely ocean inlet was dominated by a giant coal-fired power plant. I expect most people would have thought this ruined the scene, but I'm an engineer at heart ...

Rijeka, Croatia, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

Rijeka, Croatia

A travel blog entry by akawally

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More and more, it seemed that Northern Croatia was closed for the season, and the signs seemed to be urging us southward. After seeing the roman collesium in Pula, we looked around for a hotel and then decided to drive to Rijeka to provide an early ...

Patience is a virtue, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

Patience is a virtue

A travel blog entry by amullett

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... in this case I think it more refers to the fact that the city is a port. That is about it too...just a port. I flew into Rijeka and I get off the plane on this tarmac that looks like I am the flying doctor or something. The terminal was a tin shack about ...

How much does food, drink & TV rule your life?, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

How much does food, drink & TV rule your life?

A travel blog entry by xplorersarah

... to be a waste of a day of holidays. I'm trying to relax and I figured doing a bit of shopping would be perfect for that. Rijeka has some impressive clothing stores so I was full of excitement as I made my way out of the backpackers I'd just checked into. ...

Medieval greetings from Kastav, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

Medieval greetings from Kastav

A travel blog entry by pilotl

On our way to Rijeka we stopped at Kastav. Kastav is an old medieval suburb of Rijeka situated on one of the hills. Strategically this was good location for observation and defence in the medieval times. The fortress is still well ...

Istria, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog


A travel blog entry by joshnadeau


... Irish or Scottish houses, though).   Soon the scattered houses gather into discernable outskirts and Rijeka grows around us. It's a major port-city in Croatia and houses a considerable harbour with large ships docked for loading. It is similar to ...

Rejuvinating Rijeka, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

Rejuvinating Rijeka

A travel blog entry by dawieboy


... We caught an overnight train from Venice to Zagreb and got a connecting train early in the morning...and got in to Rijeka at midday.  The scenery on the train ride was fantastic....going down the mountain towards the coastline...just brilliant.  ...

bucsu...és hazafelé, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

bucsu...és hazafelé

A travel blog entry by misku


... nekem. és aztmonta hogy egszerüen ugy tudok eljutni a határhoz hogy este kviisz ngem egy helyre aohl sok kmaiion áll rijeka közelébe... és majd valmeylik biztos elvsiz a határhoz ha éjfélt üt az ora.merthogy akkrovan vége a kamionstopnak... ...

Roaming around Rijeka, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

Roaming around Rijeka

A travel blog entry by pilotl


... Nana's apartment, right in time for gnocchi, a traditional sausage like potato and pastry mix. In the evening, our last one in Croatia, we had a plan to go out for drinks with Arsa and then Dado decided to join us. We went to Trsat, Rijeka's eastern ...

An Undiscovered Gem, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

An Undiscovered Gem

A travel blog entry by xplorersarah


... 30 years ago.  I was a very busy girl today. Pula has some amazing historical monuments including a spectacular Arena. This is Croatia's Colloseum except you're free to walk all over it. Concerts are still held within it. I also visited a local ...

Dobar dan Hrvatska!, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

Dobar dan Hrvatska!

A travel blog entry by pilotl


... season (European winter) so it has only been a couple of months since we have last seen each other. When we come to Croatia, we stay in her apartment where my mum grew up and lived until she went to University. My grandfather unfortunately died just ...

Beach life, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

Beach life

A travel blog entry by pilotl


... 4 (it is summer holidays in Croatia). When I told him I was 11 and I was in Year 7, he was confused. (This is because in Croatia, you start school when you are 7 years old).  We came home at around 6:30. At around 8, we went to a show called Baba ...

Moscenicka Draga farewells, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

Moscenicka Draga farewells

A travel blog entry by pilotl

... I called him. We had lunch in the restaurant by the beach, an early celebration of my dad's birthday as we'll be far from Croatia on his birthday in 5 days time. Here and there, there were some drops of rain so we left earlier than usually. I said goodbye ...

Pizza by the beach at night, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

Pizza by the beach at night

A travel blog entry by pilotl


... in the shade of the restaurants by the beach. Usual daily routine.  After Mošćenička Draga, we went to Rijeka's centre to meet up with my mum's godmother and godfather.    We then went to the train station to pick up Mario ...

18hr Boat Journey, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

18hr Boat Journey

A travel blog entry by dipal88

the boat journey wasn't as bad i thought it was going to be. despite orginally planning to sleep on deck, once the wind picked up it was inevitable that we were going to have to go inside. However, during the journey the view was great. we passed so many ...

Croatia Coast, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

Croatia Coast

A travel blog entry by redtilly


... away.  They had good wifi so I was able to get a few entries onto Travelpod while we waited.  I had a data SIM card for Croatia but it was very slow to load photos.  It wasn't far from Rijeka to the border with Slovenia and within about 2 ...

Volosko beats, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

Volosko beats

A travel blog entry by pilotl


... so thin that it is almost fully transparent!  After dinner, we went out to the Volosko summer night festival. The coastline near Rijeka is dotted with small towns, and each place has it's own festival once every year in the summer. It is a ...

The Guerin children - new blog May 2007, Rejeke, Croatia travel blog

The Guerin children - new blog May 2007

A travel blog entry by gurus


... name for our motorhome and have settled on TITO the KETTLE VAN! It has been lots of fun learning words in different languages - in Croatia you say "dobar dan" for hello and "do vidjenja" for good-bye. We miss you and are thinking of you. Love ...

Passing Through... Slowly, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

Passing Through... Slowly

A travel blog entry by meganfisher


... a boat to get across one of the lakes. The only issue was how busy it was. It is clearly a must see tourist destination in Croatia! When we were done exploring the park, we got picked up and taken to the place we were staying. I went for another walk ...

At long last - another entry from Croatia, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

At long last - another entry from Croatia

A travel blog entry by gurus


... Dolomites (alps) was fabulous and we have decided our retirement will include some time here each year. We are now in Croatia, on the Istrian Peninsular (the new Tuscany) and it is fabulous. Lots of Italian cuisine, the clearest stretches of the ...

Rijeka, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog


A travel blog entry by chrispy

... . No bikes. After handing over 150 Kronas, the bikes were safely stowed underneath with no further fuss, and we bused through Croatia towards the coast. I did notice that a couple of places were pretty shot up, a reminder that this was a war zone ...

Crowded apartment, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

Crowded apartment

A travel blog entry by pilotl

... , and tiramisu for dessert. I watched the tennis tournament in Umag on the television and later watched the friendly handball match between Croatia and Sweden. It is crowded in my Nana's apartment now, as there is four of us staying here, plus her and my ...

Friendly football, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

Friendly football

A travel blog entry by pilotl


... carved in a particular way. We came home and then I went with my uncle Dado to a friendly football match between HNK Rijeka and Celje, a B-league team from Slovenia. The stadium is very close to the apartment. Dado goes to every match that Rijeka plays, ...

Tije and Tuene, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

Tije and Tuene

A travel blog entry by pilotl


In the morning, we had breakfast and then my dad and I were on our way back to Rijeka. We stopped at a ranch called Barba Tone. I didn't ride a horse though. I said goodbye to Rea, Rocco, Lara and Nika and then we were off. We then went straight to ...

Remembering Tomo, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

Remembering Tomo

A travel blog entry by pilotl


After breakfast we first went to the cemetery, to visit my grandfather's grave. He died in 2000, just a few weeks before I was born. My mum says he was so much fun; she still misses him a lot. I am really sad that I have never met him. Afterwards we went ...

Day 33, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

Day 33

A travel blog entry by dream-catcher


... have reached the end of it's days. He also checks the oil and tyres as we have now completed 2000 miles. Wow! We eventually leave for Croatia at 12.00 midday. The river at the site is very full and lapping up on to the grassy bank in places. The rain is ...

Short and Sweet, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

Short and Sweet

A travel blog entry by davidavi


Not much to say about Rijeka.  Just a few pictures for your enjoyment.  Ice cream is amazing though!  Off to Ljubljana in the morning! ...

Adriatic Sea Part 7, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

Adriatic Sea Part 7

A travel blog entry by rvs


... fish in abundance!!!  I hope my mate Eric from work sees some of the photos - he might have his next holiday in Croatia. :-) For the sunset we went back to Crikvenica where we had another perfect sunset (you got to see the photos).  ...

"Hey Lady, do you need a room?"

A travel blog entry by sands


... we caught an early bus to Zadar, the scenery on the way down was beautiful. The road followed the coastline all the way down. Croatia is a lot more arid than I thought it was - with white rock hills with a little speckling of vegetation here and there. ...

Rijeka, Croatia, Rijeka, Croatia travel blog

Rijeka, Croatia

A travel blog entry by eurotrip

So we stazed at Tina and Ninas house for two nights. It was fun to hang out with some good friends (also including Lada). Went to some bar that had all these toarches and then were plazing some live Croatian music including Bjelo Dugme (pretty good ...

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