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Cruisin' through Croatia, Osijek, Croatia travel blog

Cruisin' through Croatia

A travel blog entry by 92.days.vagrant

We drove through Croatia today but didn't stop. Nice lookin' country. ...

The best tree house in the world!, Osijek, Croatia travel blog

The best tree house in the world!

A travel blog entry by pilotl


... we didn't finish today. Our next door neighbours came along and I played with them until Mario came back. He took me to HNK Osijek's home stadium while the players were practising. We were allowed in (which normally does not happen) and I got a photo with ...

Well Off the Beaten Path, Osijek, Croatia travel blog

Well Off the Beaten Path

A travel blog entry by atlpilot36


... that is really who we should be czeching out in that tee. Ryanair delivered us as only Ryanair can to a tiny Stalinist style airport in Osijek, Croatia about the size of the one in Valdosta, GA, and 180 of us waited outside in the sun and heat to enter ...

Osijek welcoming, Osijek, Croatia travel blog

Osijek welcoming

A travel blog entry by pilotl


... ! The car was parked for around an hour so I knew it would be hot, but not that hot!  We then left for Osijek, my dad's hometown, some 250km east of Zagreb. Osijek is the main centre of the province called Slavonia which is rather flat and full of ...

Slavonia!, Osijek, Croatia travel blog


A travel blog entry by pilotl


Today I woke up at 10 a.m. because I was so tired last night. At my feet, I saw a ball. I looked at it closely and it said 2010 Hungary Futsal World Cup. I realised it was from Mario. I had some traditional sausage and capsicum for breakfast, typical ...

30 A brush with the law and the Woods of Fear!, Osijek, Croatia travel blog

30 A brush with the law and the Woods of Fear!

A travel blog entry by springy100


30 A brush with the law and the woods of fear Pittomaco to Donji Miholjac Distance 125km   Best bit: watching the sun set on the castle at Donji Worst bit: seeing a poor squashed hedgehog Animals: lots of birds with odd colours that I didnt ...

Mate and the tennis disaster, Osijek, Croatia travel blog

Mate and the tennis disaster

A travel blog entry by pilotl

... to say one last goodbye to my grandfather. We stopped in Zagreb to say bye to Marica, Alica and Fran. Marica gave me Croatia's Football Representation ball. Fran was cuter than ever so it was sad to leave him.  My dad, my grandmother and I continued ...



A travel blog entry by onsixwheels


... is beyond difficult. after leaving osijek, we rode through a protected marshland area. we could see the bird sanctuary -a wild marsh park.  more birds with long legs than you could count! croatia is beautiful and the people really open and ...

Osijek, Osijek, Croatia travel blog


A travel blog entry by bangkokrandy

A remarkably, unexpectedly lovely town. Stayed with one of the coolest guys I've ever known - whom I met at the AIESEC conference the week before: Igor Brkc. (Okay, so he's missing a few vowels. That's the way it is in those ...

Sign of a good time, Osijek, Croatia travel blog

Sign of a good time

A travel blog entry by grantgirls


... have been volunteering with an organization called PRONI that does peace activism and youth work.  They are one of the oldest NGOs in Croatia (keep in mind they didn't have any before the war) and they do a lot of amazing work.  My classmate and ...

Osijek to Zagreb, Osijek, Croatia travel blog

Osijek to Zagreb

A travel blog entry by spsadventures


... ; From there, she took us to the old fort. It was originally settled by Croats. Then, the Ottomans came. Originally, the Osijek residents from long ago had peacefully surrendered to the Ottomans to save their town. But, years later the Ottomans wanted to ...

Arriving Osejik, Osijek, Croatia travel blog

Arriving Osejik

A travel blog entry by lovett217


Today we got up early... 5:45am. Lala went to Fishermans Bastion to get good pictures, then we went to the markets before our 9am departure. After 3-4 hours, we arrived in Osejik! Very cute but unpictureque town. Guest house is very cute where we are ...

Day 16, July 28 (120km) -Off to Bed, Osijek, Croatia travel blog

Day 16, July 28 (120km) -Off to Bed

A travel blog entry by duanet


... happy to see A/C in the room. I actually spent almost entire evening just lying on the bed naked cooling off.  So far Croatia reminds me of Czech Republic - rolling hills and very modern. I actually stayed in a pension just outside of Osijek in a ...

Der Drau entlang, Osijek, Croatia travel blog

Der Drau entlang

A travel blog entry by alfred.huber


[PHOTO_ID_BLOCK=wechselkr-te-bufo-viridis.jpg] Der "Star" des heutigen Tages war die Wechselkröte. Als ich an einer kleinen Baustelle bei Gemeindearbeitern anhalten musste, entdeckte ich dieses Tier im Gras. Gut getarnt sass es da und kroch später ...

Travel Day, Osijek, Croatia travel blog

Travel Day

A travel blog entry by abergsma

... of the train, and the AC was working quite well so the train ride was quite pleasant (while I was awake).  Upon entry to Croatia, the border lady took my passport, and I later saw her carrying it to the building outside.  This was all fine since ...

'THE WORLD DIDN'T WAIT FOR US', Osijek, Croatia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tezzatravels


... the war, a subject which I suspect will be inescapable here. The guide had an interesting observation about alcohol consumption in Croatia based on geography. Those in the north drink later in the day but drink alot whereas those in the south drink all ...

From Mohaks, Hungary, to Osijek, Croatia, Osijek, Croatia travel blog

From Mohaks, Hungary, to Osijek, Croatia

A travel blog entry by travellerbruce


The next morning I set off, and soon crossed the border to Croatia. My first impression of the country was that it was on fire, as there seemed to be stubble-burning nearly every direction I looked. My route took me away from the river, and soon I was on ...

Grgic Family in Cepin, Cepin, Croatia travel blog

Grgic Family in Cepin

A travel blog entry by baxterjune14


... enough too, as there wasn't a lot for them to do.  Draz did some quick negotiating, and before too long, we headed into Osijek to look around (and try and burn off some energy as it was going to be a long night). Ivona and Marinela (the older girls) ...

Fantastic Food and Family, Osijek, Croatia travel blog

Fantastic Food and Family

A travel blog entry by jrriley8

... then to dinner with her cousin. Caught trams which is easy! Yesterday we travelled by bus from Zagreb to Rosa's cousin in Osijek in the east of Croatia near the Bosnian border. We are having a great time. Yesterday we ate constantly from 4:30 until 10pm! ...

Beautiful places, beautiful faces, Osijek, Croatia travel blog

Beautiful places, beautiful faces

A travel blog entry by grantgirls


... served us coffee and gave us some tips on getting along in Osijek.  Not quite the same experience as we would have in the U.S.  We are going to have an excellent time here in Osijek!  Hopefully more pictures to come tomorrow. ...

Snow barrier, Osijek, Croatia travel blog

Snow barrier

A travel blog entry by keeeper


... when it did – it did in full speed, one car after another. And this way, by the end of this day I was already in Croatia. Too bad – close to the highway, with no good spot in sight and with 60km to Osijek, where my CS host was expecting me. ...

SOME WINE TASTING, Osijek, Croatia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tezzatravels


Going to bed fairly early meant more chances to wake up. Not a bad sleep until after 0300 and then a bit intermittent. Got up c 0630. By the time my shower was over, it was late enough to put on the main room light and get the Dutchman up. Worked on the ...

Landmine lottery..... I think not, Osijek, Croatia travel blog

Landmine lottery..... I think not

A travel blog entry by 2bikesnpenguin


At the border entering Croatia I failed to stop exactly where you were meant to and got shouted at by the guard, not a good start. Relics from the 1999 war with Serbia were everywhere as we cycled and it was not a surprise to later find out that this ...

"Lock the doors, leave the world outside"

A travel blog entry by brogley

... what to do here. The hostel manager is no where in sight. Perhaps he's downstairs partying which is what I'd love to do before it ends. This is just no fun up here. In the morning, I'm gonna jet out of here and out of Croatia. If someone opens the ...

back to Osijek to go again, Osijek, Croatia travel blog

back to Osijek to go again

A travel blog entry by jrriley8

... also visited Princess Sylvia (from melbourne) and her kids and mum and mother in law in Jarmina before we went to Nikinci. Back to Osijek for lunch at >Milka and Tihos *pita which is mince, sour cream and pastry /heaven!. Had fantastic lunch/dinner or ...

Mountain High, Valley Low, Osijek, Croatia travel blog

Mountain High, Valley Low

A travel blog entry by nickandsal


... of the music) and soon after enjoyed morning tea with a spectacular view.  We spent the following day driving to Osijek in Croatia's north east. One of the advantages of Maksimillian Guesthouse, where we are staying, is that they rent bikes. We set ...

Day Six - Croatia, Osijek, Croatia travel blog

Day Six - Croatia

A travel blog entry by porterth


Today, we spent the morning cruising to Vukovar in Croatia.  A local string band came on board an d played music..  We were all on board the boat until 1:30 when we boarded the bus to go visit the small town os Osijek. On the trip from the boat ...

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