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South America or Bust, sapzurro, Colombia travel blog

South America or Bust

A travel blog entry by atlpilot36

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... under the cover of night. How I got here: Iguana Island to Pina Island – 2 hours by boat Pina Island to Sapzurra, Colombia dock– 2 hours by boat Dock to Dona Triny Hotel – One minute by foot Follow me in real time using this link: ...

A stone's throw from Panama, Sapzurro, Colombia travel blog

A stone's throw from Panama

A travel blog entry by 12_months_off


... ahumado, sudado, ... you name it) and then it's just counting the time until dinner gets served! The border between Colombia and Panama lies just some 50 metres away from Gilbert's doorstep. With Colombian and Panamanian immigration officers sharing ...

Sapzurro & La Miel: sweet like honey, Sapzurro, Colombia travel blog

Sapzurro & La Miel: sweet like honey

A travel blog entry by ristohannah


From Capurgana we took a stroll to neighbouring Sapzurro, a small village a couple of hours' walk further up the coast. Sapruzzo is the last Colombian village before Panama, and seems to be inhabited by more army personnel than civilian residents. The ...

On to Sapzurro through the jungle, Sapzurro, Colombia travel blog

On to Sapzurro through the jungle

A travel blog entry by chimichenga


... intricate webs that led us to imagine ourselves Indiana Jones ducking and dodging danger, we finally descended into Sapzurro totally spent and drenched in sweat.  Still, that kind of excercise through a thrumming and somewhat threatening ...

Last Night in Colombia, Sapzurro, Colombia travel blog

Last Night in Colombia

A travel blog entry by deni367


... captain wasn't genuine, but with the Little information we had, it seemed logical to doubt him. We spent our last night in Colombia in a few small hostels scattered around this small village. We met up for dinner and drinks at a restaurant and after ...

Confines del nuevo mundo, Sapzurro, Colombia travel blog

Confines del nuevo mundo

A travel blog entry by cocolatino


... nous avons décidé de passer les derniers jours sur la côte caraïbe, dans les villages de pêcheurs de Capurgana et Sapzurro, seulement accessibles en bateau ou avion. Avant cela on doit se payer une bonne virée: taxi puis bateau de Mompos à Magangue ...

#Sapzurro-BirthdayParadise, Capurgana, Colombia travel blog


A travel blog entry by alexliz


... trail and head off to somewhere where we could pride ourselves we made it, plus to hopefully find less tourists. Since Colombia was still resurfacing from the guerrilla fight, many places in Colombia were at one time considered to dangerous to visit. ...

Colombia the country with many moons!, Sapzurro , Colombia travel blog

Colombia the country with many moons!

A travel blog entry by shazy2011

... crew !! whop whop!!! hahahahaha (and those of u reading this not part of the wild card crew ... dont hate! hahahaha)....I arrived in Sapzurro colombia, on saturday 1st october. needles to say iwe all needed to find our "land legs"!! we spent the day at ...

An unforgettable vacation, Acandí, Colombia travel blog

An unforgettable vacation

A travel blog entry by yuliavca


... Is a beautiful place to take some photos. Sapzurro:  This place is an annexed village of Acandí, From Sapzurro you can go to walk to border between Colombia an Panamá to know the town neighbor of other country " La miel” to arrive to this ...

May 25, 2013, Sapzurro, Colombia travel blog

May 25, 2013

A travel blog entry by jannekethijs13


Sapzurro, Sapzurro, Colombia travel blog


A travel blog entry by triallair

. ...

Mettacomet Impacks Planet Earth!, Sapzurro, Colombia travel blog

Mettacomet Impacks Planet Earth!

A travel blog entry by jdswed


Aw Shit, where to start!  This is being written on day six of a five day boat trip, and we are still another boat trip of 16 hours to get to Turbo, then 200 miles to where we were supposed to land one day ago.  This really has been the trip ...

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