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wuxi... why?, Wuxi, China travel blog

wuxi... why?

A travel blog entry by chris-marianne

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... for us. We sort of left wondering why we had hopped off the train in the first place. But its not Wuxi's fault probably, just maybe a bit of China-tiredness (and the fact that there is bugger all to do in Wuxi). Getting a ticket for Wuxi from Nanjing ...

visiting Lingshan, Wuxi, China travel blog

visiting Lingshan

A travel blog entry by andrea.lqz


   Wuxi - 无锡 ...

Wuxi for the Day, Wuxi, China travel blog

Wuxi for the Day

A travel blog entry by larlar1286


... explored the city.  From the Lonely Planet, we knew there wasn't much to Wuxi, but since it's an important city in our part of China, we figured it was worth a one day visit. We didn't turn out to be wrong, entirely, but the short way to put my story ...

Wuxi, Wuxi, China travel blog


A travel blog entry by robert_obrien


... , I got to ride a train for the first time in China in 10 years. Riding the trains is the best way to travel in China. I love it because you get to see so much of the countryside and also enjoy the gentle rocking motion a train provides. It's ashame train ...

Spiritual Revelations and Genuine Craftsmanship, Wuxi, China travel blog

Spiritual Revelations and Genuine Craftsmanship

A travel blog entry by wandertrust


... cheap Chinese crap?!” We all laughed at this, though I laughed a little inwardly more than outwardly. These people came to China and found themselves with a greater desire for the imitation than the reality it was trying to imitate. It seemed a bit ...

Journey from Nanjing to Shanghai, Wuxi, China travel blog

Journey from Nanjing to Shanghai

A travel blog entry by agi_and_rudi


... and it even looks like a whole new town at one point. We there realised that massive construction plans are running through China. Shortly before arriving in Shanghai, the display that is in each carriage indicates a top speed of 347 km/h. Quite ...

allergies, Wuxi, China travel blog


A travel blog entry by maymay1980

been sick for the past week. thought it was allergies at first since the weather is changing over here. (they actually have a spring!) it's been ok except for the sinus headache and the stuffy nose.  so needless to say, i've been a little worried ...

fear and loathing...., Wuxi, China travel blog

fear and loathing....

A travel blog entry by maymay1980


i spent another sleepless night in china. the anxiety of my move was eating a pit in my stomach. moving or the fear of the unknown always does that to me. no matter how many times i do this, it never gets easier. but luckily the chinese don't let you ...

tim's party, Wuxi, China travel blog

tim's party

A travel blog entry by maymay1980

... wine) and a cigar. i selected a cuban. even if i don't smoke cubans, i can't believe i had to travel all the way to china to sample a cuban cigar and cuban rum. jason, christina's husband, had a big grin on his face for the whole night while he was ...

election night/day, Wuxi, China travel blog

election night/day

A travel blog entry by maymay1980

... . cctv9, the only english channel in the whole of china, was teaching us sports chinese. followed by sports english. damn you china! don't you realize what a huge day this is in american history?! channel surfed. the usual stuff: chinese soaps, game ...

changes in a blink of an eye, Wuxi, China travel blog

changes in a blink of an eye

A travel blog entry by maymay1980

... how quickly things in china change. i've been gone for 10 days. nothing to most of us from the states. but a lifetime in china. the shops across the street from work. two of the stores have completely changed their front. one of the shops closed down. ...

update, Wuxi, China travel blog


A travel blog entry by maymay1980

... the crowd. unlike me, though, he actually enjoys that sensation. he was here for 10 days and we traveled to both of china's ancient capitals, beijing and nanjing. and unlike most of my other travels, the great wall actually lived up to expectations. it's ...

chinese healthcare, Wuxi, China travel blog

chinese healthcare

A travel blog entry by maymay1980


today i needed to go to the doctor's because i needed a form stating i was in perfect health. so one of the local chinese ppl at work went with me to the doctor's. because of that, i got to learn firsthand about the communist health care system. ...

more training, Wuxi, China travel blog

more training

A travel blog entry by maymay1980

... tomorrow's gonna be a very busy day for me. will be in training tomorrow from 9-5 then hop on the 5:30 train to get back to wuxi. be here by 6:30 to teach my classes at 7. but to make matters worse, i think i have the flu today. slept all day ...

struggling, Wuxi, China travel blog


A travel blog entry by maymay1980

... it might be ringworms but he's too small to be certain. so they gave me some stuff to treat it- just to be safe. damn china. you don't really know anything and they don't bother to tell you unless you're begging them for the information. how can ...

class lessons, Wuxi, China travel blog

class lessons

A travel blog entry by maymay1980

Me: What does "sue" mean? Student: A girl's name. Me: Yes! Good. But what does "to sue" mean? What happens when you sue someone? Student: *thinks for a minute* When two girls are making love? And they're both named ...

food and accomodations -Chinese style, Wuxi, China travel blog

food and accomodations -Chinese style

A travel blog entry by maymay1980


... a/c (a big deal in china.) the only thing wrong is this scary wallpaper in some of the rooms. my first meal in china was, lol, a german meal. apparently there's a lot of germans and phillipinos in wuxi so my first meal was serenaded by a phillipino ...

Universal Truths from China, Wuxi, China, China travel blog

Universal Truths from China

A travel blog entry by maymay1980


... ? Open-ass baby pants. Apparently it's the fashion here to have the kids take a crap or pee in public so all the kids wear that here. This makes China a pedophile dreams. I have already lost count of the naked baby asses I've seen in my two days ...

dinner with some locals, Wuxi, China travel blog

dinner with some locals

A travel blog entry by maymay1980


... 're from wuxi. you look like wuxi ren." (ren is chinese for people.) "what exactly does that mean? how do wuxi people look different than the rest of china." he shrugged. "i don't know. but you look like you belong here." thinks for a moment. "and you ...

grocery shopping, Wuxi, China travel blog

grocery shopping

A travel blog entry by maymay1980


shopping in china is hell. doesn't matter what time or day of the week it is. you're gonna be bumping into everyone and grabbing stuff out of people's hands. it's like a free-for-all. except you still have to pay at the end of it. i've gone shopping ...

back to reality, Wuxi, China travel blog

back to reality

A travel blog entry by maymay1980

... be eating tomatoes, cucumbers, greens." by this time, we were at the elevators so he pressed the button to open the doors. dropped off the bags, said bye then left. all without asking for a tip or anything in return. man, it's great to be back in ...

close calls, Wuxi, China travel blog

close calls

A travel blog entry by maymay1980

today i got an email from ctrip saying to call them immediately about my trip to taiwan. my flight is canceled. they asked if i can fly on sunday, the 22nd instead. i said i'll have to check with my boss since i have to work on sundays. justin said no ...

bad perms, Wuxi, China travel blog

bad perms

A travel blog entry by maymay1980


not sure what i was thinking last night. but i got a haircut. that's not the worst part. i also got a perm. at a place that plays really loud techno music when you pass by. and everyone there has bad chinese hair. think everything that's wrong with the ...

little pitter patter, Wuxi, China travel blog

little pitter patter

A travel blog entry by maymay1980


... of chopper to remember my priorities. plus i've got another hurricane in the gulf to look out for. so once again, my time in china might be cut short again. i'm definitely counting down the days till end of hurricane season. 11/30, you're just too damn ...

oh god, i have been in china too long!, Wuxi, China travel blog

oh god, i have been in china too long!

A travel blog entry by maymay1980

... you are dining in a restaurant with your girlfriend/boyfriend Just everything produced in your home town is “very famous in China” You don’t do any favors without wondering what your personal benefit could be You never ask ...

and then there was one, Wuxi, China travel blog

and then there was one

A travel blog entry by maymay1980

... three musketeers have become two. but i told christina to not worry; just enough home and all this will be back here once you cross the pacific. in the meantime, i gotta live life in china alone. at least until christina gets back. if she gets ...

pleasant dreams, Wuxi, China travel blog

pleasant dreams

A travel blog entry by maymay1980

earthquake relief is in full swing in china. yesterday, i went to web to sit in on a couple of classes. the front desk had a huge donation box stuffed with 100 quai bills with a few smaller bills on top. last night, i heard from tom that all those 100s ...

lost in translation, Wuxi, China travel blog

lost in translation

A travel blog entry by maymay1980


today was the first time i've ever been scared in china. i came out of the bank (to exchange my american dollars for some rmb) and got all turned around. i had no idea where work or home was. and all the buildings started to look the same. so i wandered ...

halloween preparations, Wuxi, China travel blog

halloween preparations

A travel blog entry by maymay1980


... were supposed to be a black cat and witch. but she decided to be a white cat, so now we're going to be a white cat and black witch. i should care more but i haven't been getting a lot of sleep and monday, and a new place in china, is just another day ...

repercussions to an obama win, Wuxi, China travel blog

repercussions to an obama win

A travel blog entry by maymay1980

was on the phone with jimmy today and we were talking about the election results. jimmy: you know, i can't wait to see you in china in jan. me: why? because you miss me? jimmy: hell no. i can't wait for people to ask me where i'm from. and when ...

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