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Hanging Monastery, Hunyuan, China travel blog

Hanging Monastery

A travel blog entry by trent

This is a top pick!

... half-house, half-cave. The complex is located at the foot of Mt. Hengshan, which is one of the five "Sacred Mountains" in old Emperor first visited the mountain circa 2372 BC. Anyway we arrive and its quite a site to see this old monastery ...

Monky Magic, Wutaishan, China travel blog

Monky Magic

A travel blog entry by watkinson-wong


... drops, he seemingly delighted in overtaking on blind corners. As long as you beep your horn profusely, anything goes on the roads in China! It was the longest four hours of our mums' lives. We arrived, resisted the urge to kiss the ground, and went about ...

Holy mountain, Wutaishan, China travel blog

Holy mountain

A travel blog entry by gearoids


... . We had expected to spend around 15 yuan into temples today but the entrance fee was 216. Sneaky sneaky. Typical of Tourist Trap China. We'd no choice but to pay. The bus station was inside the village  and the nearest town the other direction at the ...

hodinovy hotel,budha, smelina, Wutaishan, China travel blog

hodinovy hotel,budha, smelina

A travel blog entry by barevnycirkus


... zavirat. Ale nakonec nas nikdo neobtezoval a dockali jsme se v klidu a miru dalsiho slunneho rana. Story 4: duchovni procitnuti ve Wutaishan Druhy den jsme navstivili mnoho krasnych klasteru ve Wutaishan- napr. Louhou temple, Tayuan temple (kde byli ...

Wutaishan - Buddha na korbe, Wutaishan, China travel blog

Wutaishan - Buddha na korbe

A travel blog entry by barevnycirkus


Den jsme zacali zmenou brlohu, nas domaci byl vydriduch a Adelu budili od 6ti rano auta na "magistrale". Nabidkova cena noveho bydleni byla Y400, po kratsim smlouvani skoncila na prijemnych Y240 za noc. Po ubytovani jsme vyrazili na horskou turu na North ...

Frozen up in the mountains!, Wutaishan, China travel blog

Frozen up in the mountains!

A travel blog entry by lucy_and_adele


Wutaishan was one of our greatest disasters to date.Hee and there's been a few. I booked a hostel which gave directions to Wutaishan bus station but was in fact in Nanning- a whole other provence. Oops. Pretty place, once we'd finally checked into ...

2 Parts Buddhism, Add 3 Parts Capitalism, Stir, Wutaishan, China travel blog

2 Parts Buddhism, Add 3 Parts Capitalism, Stir

A travel blog entry by shawnsmith


... a little strange all of a sudden, but found a great German couple that I travelled with to the next stop... Wutaishan Wutaishan was 1) not on my original itinerary, and 2) AMAZING. Its this little monastic village in the mountains, originally home ...

Visite de Wutai Shan (une autre montagne sacree), Wutaishan, China travel blog

Visite de Wutai Shan (une autre montagne sacree)

A travel blog entry by sylvainboisse


Des nouvelles depuis Wutai Shan! Wow, Banff et Lake Louise peuvent bien aller se cacher, les montagnes ici sont malades (meme si elles sont pleines de charbon et que l'air est irrespirable!). C'est un petit village en creux de vallee entre 5 ...

Clean air and solitude, Wutai Shan, China travel blog

Clean air and solitude

A travel blog entry by mrconfused


... to be anything of the fairground atmosphere that seems to surround anything that might be of possible interest to anyone in China (people selling brightly coloured junk for extortionate prices, tour guides, 'english students' that sort of thing), though ...

Datong - WuTaiShan, Wutaishan, China travel blog

Datong - WuTaiShan

A travel blog entry by itsnot5star


... in the market, some terrible food and the most beautiful, friendly Monk who invited us to listen to him playing his flute we had had a magicaly experience in WuTaiShan and were seriously comtemplating giving Buddhism a whirl we were ready to ...

WuTaiShan - Pingyao - Harmony Guest House, Wutaishan, China travel blog

WuTaiShan - Pingyao - Harmony Guest House

A travel blog entry by itsnot5star


What do they pray for?, Wutaishan, China travel blog

What do they pray for?

A travel blog entry by sachago


... buddhist monks. Most of them would also walk around the gigantic Tayuan white Stupa and brush each prayer wheel. In an increasingly materialistic China, do they ask for personal and family fortune or do they pray for something less self-centered, I ...

Wutai Shan, Wutaishan, China travel blog

Wutai Shan

A travel blog entry by jkloppenburg


... vier uur door valleien omgeven door bergen. Ik wist dat ik al een zeldzame verschijning was gezien het feit dat er geen toeristen in Wutaishan waren maar mijn reis naar Pingyao zou me nog meer het gevoel geven dat ik een alien was die uit de ruimte op ...

Wutaishan, Wutaishan, China travel blog


A travel blog entry by christo.pas


Wutaishan and its orange christmas threes all over the mountains...and its many temples as well ...

Temple Mountain, Wutaishan, China travel blog

Temple Mountain

A travel blog entry by christine1205


29 June Ich hab zwar schon gelesen, dass an diesem Ort die Haeufigste Tempelansammlung in ganz China ist, aber ich haette nicht gedacht, dass jeder nur wegen den Tempeln hier hin faehrt. Ich wollte doch eigentlich wandern gehen. Aber da war ich ...

The heavenly mountains that go into the sky, Wutaishan, China travel blog

The heavenly mountains that go into the sky

A travel blog entry by jathomaz

We got off the bus at the north gate ticketing office.  The ticket was pretty pricey, but thankfully, Tina received her student dicount.  No senior discount for me, though.  We also had to buy a bus ticket, which allowed us unlimited ...

Day 1; Send off from the Great Wall, Wutaishan, China travel blog

Day 1; Send off from the Great Wall

A travel blog entry by sueshuttleworth


... house parts of the Great Wall rarely visited by tourists. At the end of the day we arrive in the magnificent village of Taishan. This is the centre of the important Buddhist area of Wutaishan, which boasts many temples and monasteries. Yindu Hotel 520 km ...

Mt. Wutai(China), Wutaishan, China travel blog

Mt. Wutai(China)

A travel blog entry by china-landscape

... meters (over 3,281 feet), its apex, the summit of the northern peak which is famed as being the "Roof of Northern China", reaches 3061.1 meters (10,043 feet). Besides the religious aspect, the beauty of rising and falling ridges of mountains, exotic ...

Berg mit Tempel, Wutaishan, China travel blog

Berg mit Tempel

A travel blog entry by m.kodini


Gluecklicherweise sass auf der kurvigen Gebirgsstrasse ein Moench hinter mir den anfing zu singen. Bettelnde Moenche. Und hier besonders stark: die aggressivitaet der taxifahrer und die ueberzogenen Preise. Da sie wiessen, dass sie die einzige ...

Wutaishan, Wutaishan, China travel blog


A travel blog entry by ninaversteeg


Wutaishan is a holy mountain where Buddhists go to on pilgrimage. It was impressive to see so many monks come ...

In the Mountains, Part I, Wutaishan, China travel blog

In the Mountains, Part I

A travel blog entry by christinakrawec


Blue skies today, which was a lovely change from the mostly overcast or rainy weather. Before, it was either 100+ degrees F and sunny or a wet downpour. Today was very Palo-Alto-esque: 75-ish and clear. It was definitely my favorite day for weather. This ...

tempels, tempels en........ tempels, Wutaishan, China travel blog

tempels, tempels en........ tempels

A travel blog entry by eva_op_stap


... tempels was ook niet echt verrassing. wutai shan bestaat uit vijf toppen die zowat de heiligste boedhististich bergeketen in in china uitmaken. het is een klein behoorlijk toeristisch dorpje omringd door bergen en heuvels. de busrit er naartoe deed al ...

Chinese mountains in Wutai Shan, Wutaishan, China travel blog

Chinese mountains in Wutai Shan

A travel blog entry by markusbgraf


From Datong we drove to the hanging Monastery (60m above ground!). For chinese tourists we are more attractive to take pictures of than the breath taking scenery ;) In Wutai Shan many Buddhists from different origines (chinese, tibetan etc.) have ...

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