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Taking a trip, Lianyungang, China travel blog

Taking a trip

A travel blog entry by leg5a


Hi all, Just wanted to share that tomorrow morning I leave for a multi-day camping trip with CLS-pal Sara to Lianyungang, mentioned in previous posts. Likely won't return until Thursday or Friday. Will update upon return. ...

Lianyungang 2005-2006, Lianyungang, China travel blog

Lianyungang 2005-2006

A travel blog entry by kjohnson


I'm nearly at the end of my stay here, but I'm going to try to give you guys an idea of what I've been up to for the past year. It's really hard to explain what it's like to live here. It's something I'm just beginning to wrap my head around. Most of my ...

Our Trip to the Orphanage, Lianyungang, China travel blog

Our Trip to the Orphanage

A travel blog entry by sjstasiuk


This morning we woke up and thought maybe we wouldn't make to trip to Lianyungang. Lily is so scared of us, especially Steve. He can't even talk and she cries. She clings to me, and doesn't like to be changed, to play or even drink a bottle. We both ...

Lianjungang, Lianyungang, China travel blog


A travel blog entry by tonek


I Nanjing spiste vi litt middag før vi kjørte de 3 timene opp til Lianyungang. Stor fin 6-felts motorvei hele veien. Men mange store lastebiler og mye tuting. Etter 26 timer på farten var det godt å komme fram til hotellet i ...

Top 4 Christmas Party Dress, Lianyungang, China travel blog

Top 4 Christmas Party Dress

A travel blog entry by zolayang

Christmas is coming, in spite of the cold outside, today's Christmas party dresses are turning up the heat inside. They are sexy little numbers that are short and figure flattering. Plunging necklines with halter tops or strapless bodices that hug the ...

Holiday in Lianyungang/连云港, Lianyungang, China travel blog

Holiday in Lianyungang/连云港

A travel blog entry by leg5a


... can fill in some gaps. I promise the next post won't be so long.  Info for travelers: Nanjing-->Lianyungang The long-distance bus goes from Nanjing Coach Terminal (南京长途汽车总站) to ...

May 31, 2007, Lianyungang, China travel blog

May 31, 2007

A travel blog entry by charliesbike


Siste dag i Lianyungang, Lianyungang, China travel blog

Siste dag i Lianyungang

A travel blog entry by tonek


Besøkte den store turistattraksjonen på Yuntai-fjellet. Eller Frukt-og blomsterfjellet der Monkey King ble født. Kjenner ikke historien? Da må du lese Reisen til Vesten som ble skrevet for 1000 år siden av Wu Chen! Flott fjell med magnolia-trær i ...

How are you liking China?, Lianyungang, China travel blog

How are you liking China?

A travel blog entry by landerh


The question most asked by friend and family alike is "How is China?" The question is easily asked, but the answer less forthcoming. It somewhere between awesome, beautiful, awful, difficult, the people are great, and do you know how many flavors Oreos ...

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