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San Pedro de Atacama and Valparaiso, San Pedro de Atacama and Valparaiso, Chile travel blog

San Pedro de Atacama and Valparaiso

A travel blog entry by marc-patty

This is a top pick!

... brave enough to get on another bus to Valparaiso, a resort on the Chilean coast close to the capital Santiago. Valparaiso, Chile's very own Brighton We've heard some great opinions from other travelers about Valparaiso, and although it was a ...

Oh, to be a vineyard owner..., Zapallar, Chile travel blog

Oh, to be a vineyard owner...

A travel blog entry by richardandfiona


... for a few hours after lunch so we killed time in the internet cafe as usual. By 8pm we were on the road to Zapallar and a couple of hours later we had arrived at Alejandro's amazing beach house, perched on the cliffs overlooking the crashing Pacific ...

Los Vilos, Los Vilos, Chile travel blog

Los Vilos

A travel blog entry by heykaliann


This weekend I took a bus to a small place called Los Vilos that declared the 6 other gringos and I to be the only tourists they would see all winter. It was a humble little town without a lot happening there, a few little fruit and veggie markets, a few ...

Day 53 - Copiapa to Los Vilos, Chile, Los Vilos, Chile travel blog

Day 53 - Copiapa to Los Vilos, Chile

A travel blog entry by guruzers


Woke up to a great breakfast with chocolate cake included.  Wheeled out of the hotel parking lot, into a service station and met up with a Brazillion bikers (3 couples from Brazil).  Had coffee, took pictures, exchanged conversation, ...

Putzige Pinguine und seufzende Seelöwen, Zapallar, Chile travel blog

Putzige Pinguine und seufzende Seelöwen

A travel blog entry by hoshitrip


Endlich wieder online in Valparaiso. Die letzten Tage haben wir in Cachagua in einer Cabin an der Küste verbracht, etwa 150 Kilometer nördlich von Santiago. Ein an sich erwartbarer Eindruck stellt sich beim Bereisen der Südhalbkugel ein: ...

A Lucky Escape, Valparaiso/Viña del Mar, Chile travel blog

A Lucky Escape

A travel blog entry by elmoshark


We arrived in Valparaiso very weary on the morning of my birthday after 24 hours on the bus south from the Atacama desert. The journey actually went quite quickly thanks to about 4 films and some Michael Jackson videos - they´re bad(!). The scenery ...

Cachagua, sos un zorro!, Rocamar, Chile travel blog

Cachagua, sos un zorro!

A travel blog entry by gulimero


Being too keen on having arrived at Cachagua beach i just had to go to the part where the waves were the highest. After some time i got tired and a lifeguard blew in his whistle like crazy to give me a signal that this part of the ocean wasn't allowed ...

Pucon to Zapallar, Zapallar, Chile travel blog

Pucon to Zapallar

A travel blog entry by johnmyers2


Yesterday we drove from Pucon in the south of Chile to Zapallar on the Pacific coast, west of Santiago. If our first impression of Pucon was of the English Lake District then Zapallar is Carmel in California. We arrived as the fog rolled in from the ...

What are Zapallar and Kermess?, Zapallar, Chile travel blog

What are Zapallar and Kermess?

A travel blog entry by meganmcmanus703


... at her parents' beach house in Zapallar! So, you're probably wondering...what is Zapallar and what is Kermess?  Zapallar is a really beautiful, scenic, quaint beach town about 2 hours northwest of us.  Peggy, myself and four other ...

Zapallar, Map Pin Only, Zapallar, Chile travel blog

Zapallar, Map Pin Only

A travel blog entry by eadamson


NOW WITH PHOTOS!!! Check the Pucón entry for ...

The long village, Barreal, Argentina travel blog

The long village

A travel blog entry by charaluta


... between the high Andes and bright red and green hills. They call the wind ´El Zonda´ here. It sweeps across from Chile, dumping all the moisture on the mountains before heading down into Argentina, making temperatures jump up then drop steeply when ...

Beaches, Pizza, and Family Time!, Zapallar, Chile travel blog

Beaches, Pizza, and Family Time!

A travel blog entry by etroesch


... I enjoyed viewing the mountains surrounding us.  We drove about an hour north of Vina del Mar, to visit the beaches of Zapallar.  A lot of upper class people have summer homes there.  It was a gorgeous day to walk along the beach and take ...

Christmas in Pacific Port City, Valparasio, Chile travel blog

Christmas in Pacific Port City

A travel blog entry by david_acraman


I spent christmas at a rather excentric family run hostel in the suburb hills of Valparasio. The hostel, is a large mansion that has seen better day and was owned by a very friendly German woman (Martina) and her equally madcap Chilean husband (Enzo), ...

Los Vilos -

Los Vilos - "Pile of Seafood"

A travel blog entry by veromarcos


New Year, New Driving! We started off early on the 1st of January, not feeling as fit as we should - we must confess - after finishing all the beer, wine and champagne the previous night... We selected a special route which looked like a ...

Trip to Zapallar- Exclusive Beach Town, Zapallar, Chile travel blog

Trip to Zapallar- Exclusive Beach Town

A travel blog entry by laurenynatalie

... all the mansions surrounding the beach and sampled locos! They are illegal in the states but only seasonaly illegal in Chile! The tasted like chicken. Zapallar is a must if you ever go to Chile. One of the few nice cities this country has to ...

Off to see the sea, Valpariso, Chile travel blog

Off to see the sea

A travel blog entry by nlbrtw


I decided to join some of the guys form my hostel in a day trip to the beach - we had been promised sunshine & beaches. We got rain & industrial port - but never mind a day trip is still a day trip! We did manage lunch & on the way back form the ...

Mountain Joe and Mountain Jane, Aconcagua, Argentina travel blog

Mountain Joe and Mountain Jane

A travel blog entry by charliew

6962m above sea ...

We enjoyed some beach time today, Zapallar, Chile travel blog

We enjoyed some beach time today

A travel blog entry by jimpat


We started our day with a nice walk along the ocean. We then went to view a little island off the coast that has penguins, pelicans and a few other types of birds. The rest of the day was spent relaxing on the beach and by our pool. Life is hard!!! We ...

Off to Zapallar, Zapallar, Chile travel blog

Off to Zapallar

A travel blog entry by jimpat


Today we headed up the coast of Chile to a small oceanside town called Zapallar. We enjoyed the lovely ocean scenery along the way. We are staying in a wonderful old hotel with a fabulous view of the ocean. We can hear the waves crashing in all ...

O bravio Oceano Pacífico!, Zapallar, Chile travel blog

O bravio Oceano Pacífico!

A travel blog entry by cacilda


... tipos de aves marinhas a nos dar as boas-vindas. O Pacífico é bravio e lindo, mas não molhei nem o pé. Fomos dormir em Zapallar, no hotel que Marcela indicou, e ficamos por ali, 2 noites, sentindo a alma se aquietar. Ao final, "la puesta del sol", ...

Another pleasant day in Zapallar, Zapallar, Chile travel blog

Another pleasant day in Zapallar

A travel blog entry by btran


... there will be brilliant sunshine and perfect temperatures. As a result, you just don't appreciate the perfection anymore. Zapallar is idyllic sleepy coastal town with Mediterranean style villas overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Days are spent beach ...

Last leg lap of luxury, Zapallar, Chile travel blog

Last leg lap of luxury

A travel blog entry by r10vill9


... you think I'm trying out for Peter Egan's spot at Road & Track, I'll get back to the blog now.  Our rental house in Zapallar turned out to be as nice as it looked on the Internet which nowadays is unusual. At first I thought the house had a hex ...

Valparaso, Chile, Valparaso, Chile travel blog

Valparaso, Chile

A travel blog entry by annaandaidan


Chile ...

Exploring the Coast, Zapallar, Chile travel blog

Exploring the Coast

A travel blog entry by lhordern


ZAPALLAR Based in a friend´s home in this fishing village turned luxury playground, we spent a week exploring the elegant ¨rambla¨ (esplanade), spying on the wealthy mansions through binoculars and poking around seaweedy rockpools. We loved ...

TOURS - Vineyards, the beach and major sites, Santiago and Valparaiso, Chile travel blog

TOURS - Vineyards, the beach and major sites

A travel blog entry by debstew

Christian - our Chilean Guide, great sense of humour and good English. He looked after us for two days.  The first day we went to a wine school outing place.  First place to be set up as a teaching facility.   Quite interesting ...

Great seafood on a rainy day, Zapallar, Chile travel blog

Great seafood on a rainy day

A travel blog entry by sirokacol

... cheap clothing and parking was impossible so we plug and abandoned. We decided to drive back to the lovely relaxing Zapallar ( taking a diffrent route than the one with road works) so far our driving Experiance have been interesting maybe driving around ...

Exclusive resort, pretty standard camping, Zapallar, Chile travel blog

Exclusive resort, pretty standard camping

A travel blog entry by pyrosurfer


... of firewood) had to be thrown away. Descending from the Andes, we headed for a campsite near the exclusive resort of Zapallar, renowned for its plethora of multi-millionaire houses - some with their own helipads - used as weekend retreats by Santiago´s ...

Desert sands to sandy beaches, Zapallar, Chile travel blog

Desert sands to sandy beaches

A travel blog entry by garynbrown


... town we eyed the multi-million dollar mansions along the hillside. There are some incredibly gorgeous, and presumably expensive, homes in Zapallar. We wound all the way through town to the south side shore and found the restaurant for which we were ...

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