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The immaculate Conception, Concepcion, Chile travel blog

The immaculate Conception

A travel blog entry by jon-daniella


... it, it was a good atmosphere, the Chileans are obviously very passionate about football, it was a good game, but amazingly Chile beat Argentina 1 - 0 . It was the first time that they had ever beaten them in a competitve match, so understandbly the crowd ...

Leaving back through Concepcion, Concepcion, Chile travel blog

Leaving back through Concepcion

A travel blog entry by big_red_truck

11 ...

Last days in Conce, Concepcion, Chile travel blog

Last days in Conce

A travel blog entry by stellitita


hey, die letzte woche concepcion und damit as ende meiner zweiten reiseetappe hat begonnen. es ist noch viel zu organisieren bevor es losgeht. bei meinem praktikum muss ich eine endpraesentation halten und noch die ein oder andere arbeit einreichen. ...

Meeting a Chilean family, Concepcion, Chile travel blog

Meeting a Chilean family

A travel blog entry by karien


... ever made. They were so great, for a few days we travelled with Fifi and Patty and then they took us to their home in Concepcion, where they really made us feel part of the family. We went bowling with Patty´s son and uncle and we even made them some ...

Auf dem Weg in den Sueden, Concepcion, Chile travel blog

Auf dem Weg in den Sueden

A travel blog entry by doscompletos

Auf dem Weg nach Pucon machen wir einen Zwischenstop bei Aida in ...

Concepcion et Tomè, Concepcion, Chile travel blog

Concepcion et Tomè

A travel blog entry by samcel


... appeler ici....La plage de Tome est situee dans un petit village de pecheurs, a une vigtaine de kms au sud de Concepcion,particulierement pauvre. Nous y avons mangè un des poissons les plus frais de notre existence mais toujours panè et servi avec une ...

Chile - My Spiritual Home, Concepcion, Chile travel blog

Chile - My Spiritual Home

A travel blog entry by heathernewson


... a day there, wandering around streets that looked and felt like a tiny London in Latin America. I got the bus down to Concepcion where I met Hannah. Hannah is an old friend who I originally got to know because we were both involved with Sheffield-Esteli ...

Erster Eintrag, Concepcion, Chile travel blog

Erster Eintrag

A travel blog entry by stellitita


... aber zum Glueck nicht gerade am Ausbrechen. Ich weiss nicht, ob ihr von dem Vulkanausbruch in der Region Las Lagos hier in Chile gehoert habt. Gar nciht so weit weg von hier (fuer chilenische Verhaeltnisse). Fotos kommen noch! Hier ist schon der Herbst ...

Day Trip to the River Mouth, Concepción, Chile travel blog

Day Trip to the River Mouth

A travel blog entry by peterhealy


Just a quick 25 minute drive to this native forest reserve where the Rio Bio Bio meets the ocean and we can escape from the city life in Concepción. On this first trip to the so called Desembocadura, we witnessed a breathtaking sunset. Check it ...

Snow -> Beach -> Snow, Concepcion, Chile travel blog

Snow -> Beach -> Snow

A travel blog entry by rb-travelblog


Sunday cruise from Termas to Constitution (sick left point! with only 2 guys surfing) - black sand and summer weather - surreal. And then on the same day, back to North Andes near Santiago - 3 Valleys, 3 resorts, the best in S.America apparently. ...

crappy knee, Concepcion, Chile travel blog

crappy knee

A travel blog entry by southwickchris

asdf ...

This is where the Chilean escapade starts, Concepcion, Chile travel blog

This is where the Chilean escapade starts

A travel blog entry by big_red_truck


This was where we started driving from to get to the ...

My Chilean Family, Concepcion, Chile travel blog

My Chilean Family

A travel blog entry by hadsrobinson

Well, here I am in Concepcion once again. How crazy it is to be here. So much is familiar and so much is unchanged. I felt comfortable here the moment I arrived. I am sleeping in the same bedroom as I did when I lived here. They have had 3 other ...

Nothing to wine about in Mendoza for Iguazu fools, Concepcion, Chile travel blog

Nothing to wine about in Mendoza for Iguazu fools

A travel blog entry by iowan.thomas


... us up for the night in his central Santiago apartment, it had a panoramic view from a rooftop terrace. We took a short bus down to Concepcion the next morning, where the rest of Piggy's family live. We've been here just under a week now and we've been ...

Halloween is Young in Chile but We Represented, Concepcion, Chile travel blog

Halloween is Young in Chile but We Represented

A travel blog entry by peterhealy


What a night. It definitely did not compare to crazy halloween night in SB but we represented California quite well. I dressed up as "El Rey de los Huevones" also know as the king of the fools. It´s a character from a Chilean movie that I saw with my ...

Concepciøn, Concepcion, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by srarrasmith


I spoke with a friend, Alissa from Rice, before coming to Chile, who said her uncles lived in Concepción. Through her mom I was able to contact one of these uncles. He told me that, lamentably, his home city wasn't worth traveling to. So, Dietrich and I ...

First week in Concepcion..., Concepcion, Chile travel blog

First week in Concepcion...

A travel blog entry by aallen02


... , we would spend half the time talking in english and half talking in spanish. So I've saved the most challenging aspect of Concepcion for last:  my family.  Silvia, the mom, is an accountant that works at the University and Roberto, the dad, ...

Mi Casa es Mi Casa, Concepción, Chile travel blog

Mi Casa es Mi Casa

A travel blog entry by peterhealy


Hola Amigos y Familia, I have arrive unscathed to my modest home in Concepción. I am pleased with my family and the location of my dwelling. I am within walking distance of the campus and the city center while other students have to take buses to ...

Xmas in Chile, Concepcion, Chile travel blog

Xmas in Chile

A travel blog entry by fiseb

Sebastian spends Xmas in Chile and travels around a bit with family. His second visit to see his faraway ...

Down to the last month..., Concepcion, Chile travel blog

Down to the last month...

A travel blog entry by aallen02


I can't believe that several people have actually emailed me saying that I need to do an update to the blog- I didn't know that people were actually reading this! With that being said, sorry for the lack of updates, but unfortunately, there haven't ...

¡Nos hemos bañado en el mar!, Concepcion, Chile travel blog

¡Nos hemos bañado en el mar!

A travel blog entry by snowflake


My housemate woke me up at 7am asking if I wanted to go to the beach. A few hours later we arrived at the livey city of Concepción. I finally found a sports bra in a huge department store - most Chilean ladies do not seem to wear them to the gym so ...

El desastre, Concepcion, Chile travel blog

El desastre

A travel blog entry by losgattis


Our volunteering work falls through... (for this time) Our contacts to do volunteer work in the area hit by the February earthquake fall through because this is a long weekend (día de los muertos), but we still go to have a look. Dichato we are told ...

Coming Home (in Chile), Concepcion, Chile travel blog

Coming Home (in Chile)

A travel blog entry by akbar


Lota, Chile:   After a 10 year absence, I finally returned to Lota - where I lived as a Peace Corps Volunteer from 1995 - 1997. Chile´s poorest city, it continues to struggle but its people remain open and big-hearted. ...

Continuing to Concepcion, Chile, Concepcion, Chile travel blog

Continuing to Concepcion, Chile

A travel blog entry by eskimo


... volcanic peak showing above the hazy horizon. At the town of Chillan, we turned west and hopped over the Coastal Range to Concepcion, our descent taking us over the bay to the north of town. After landing, and having been directed to the refuelling area, ...

Un Noël bien chilien, Concepción, Chile travel blog

Un Noël bien chilien

A travel blog entry by lulu_dadou


Nous devions arriver à concepcion le 24 au plus tard pour fêter Noël avec Amandine (la cousine de Damien) et son copain chilien Roberto. Depuis le début tout était cadencé pour que nous puissions passer noël en famille. ...

Tirúa - Concepción, Concepción, Chile travel blog

Tirúa - Concepción

A travel blog entry by swinde_radreise


... sah mein bevorstehender Abend noch ganz anders aus...  Die sieben Lick's sind aus Australien für drei Monate nach Chile gekommen und helfen beim Aufbau einer völlig im Jahr zuvor durch das starke Erdbeben zerstörte Kirche wieder aufzubauen. ...

La Gente, Concepcion, Chile travel blog

La Gente

A travel blog entry by planettammy


... (In fact, when I told Pedro that I was having wine sent, he asked ¨Why?  We have excellent wine here in Chile.  :)   And the Chileans never rush. Chilean men never miss a chance to slow down to look at a pretty woman (or ...

Saliendo de Conce, Concepcion, Chile travel blog

Saliendo de Conce

A travel blog entry by segun_coco


Felisa!, Concepcion, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by segun_coco


Closure, Concepcion, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by planettammy


... means "babies" in Chilean spanish)but she may just be the best babysitter I ever had. There are just a few reasons why I love Concepcion and my life for the last 3 months: 1. My Chilean dad Pedro. He has made it his goal to get me drunk at ...

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