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N Ice Day Out, Surrey, Canada travel blog

N Ice Day Out

A travel blog entry by lamondg


It's three o’clock on Thursday afternoon. I’m sitting on a seat at the mall waiting for Nanette to finish shopping.  I’m feeling good.  About twenty blocks away, David is sitting in a coffee shop listening Kirsty and a couple ...

Trick or Treat?, Surrey, Canada travel blog

Trick or Treat?

A travel blog entry by lamondg


I don't understand Halloween. It’s really big here in Canada, probably reflecting their symbiotic love/hate relationship with their southern neighbours.  I ask some of the locals what Halloween is about and they say "it’s a time for ...

Countdown, Surrey, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by wendyky


Still in Surrey. Three days before we leave. Still have to clean house and ...

Grace and Lamond's Canadian Adventure - Day 6, Surrey, Canada travel blog

Grace and Lamond's Canadian Adventure - Day 6

A travel blog entry by lamondg


... the doors are closed and the ferry surges into the wild blue (well actually grey) sea. The traffic from the mainland terminal to Surrey is pretty busy and the rain is persistent but at last we’re home and can put our feet up.  Then Kirsty ...

A fine day had by all, Surrey, Canada travel blog

A fine day had by all

A travel blog entry by lamondg


... .  As a result, we are all in a sort of holding pattern, circling the attractions within twenty minutes drive of Surrey Memorial Hospital. It’s Monday and I have just returned from my morning routine of driving David to the skytrain station, ...

Getting ready to leave, Surrey, Canada travel blog

Getting ready to leave

A travel blog entry by travels2006

Getting ready to go. It's 3am and just started to pack. ahhh. Tony is into the Green label jack daniels and its trouble already. No sleep for us. but its really starting to sink it, we are ...

Grace and Lamond's Canadian Adventure - Day 9, Surrey, Canada travel blog

Grace and Lamond's Canadian Adventure - Day 9

A travel blog entry by lamondg


... train. Oh, that’s right, clear days mean cold wind don’t they?  We get off at Waterfront station and head to Canada Place.  I promise mum great views of the harbour.  The air is cold, mum is cold – "OK, let’s just ...

Leaving in 10 days!, Surrey, Canada travel blog

Leaving in 10 days!

A travel blog entry by andreandy


So this is our travelogue. It is easier to view it for non-members. I will try my best to keep it updated. Milan and I are leaving on January 11th. His dad is driving us to Seattle airport on the Thursday night, we fly out early in the morning ...

Back home! (and so happy that it's not humid!), Surrey, Canada travel blog

Back home! (and so happy that it's not humid!)

A travel blog entry by wendyky


Well, we are back...did some last-minute shopping before having a quick lunch and stuffing the morning's purchases into the luggage. My cousin drove the luggage and three of the four kids to Narita airport while I took the JR train with the boy (he ...

Giving, Surrey, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by lamondg


... .  One of those statements is true.  One is not.  More about that later. Fall is a season of giving in Canada.  The trees are giving their last leaves to protect lawns and streets from the coming snow.  People are giving treats ...

Being useful, Surrey, Canada travel blog

Being useful

A travel blog entry by lamondg


... you keep watching it so it doesn’t burn!” It’s now early evening and time to make the trek to Surrey Memorial.  Everyone has their tasks.  Kirsty’s job is pretty obvious.  David and Nanette will provide moral ...

Homeward bound, Surrey, Canada travel blog

Homeward bound

A travel blog entry by travelingdiva

Yesterday we left Lincoln at a dog kennel which was very depressing for me. I didn't have much time to dwell on it this morning though as we were up and out of the house before 6am. Our first flight was from Basel to London Heathrow where we had a 4 ...

Transitions, Surrey, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by lamondg


There are some advantages to visiting the same place often – like having Bob the border guard greet us by name as he glances at our passports and tells me that his cold is now much better - or knowing that it's only thirteen metres from the ...

Day 32 - Last night with the Beast!, Surrey, Canada travel blog

Day 32 - Last night with the Beast!

A travel blog entry by thesullivans


Woke up to a cloudy day. That's ok, we’re leaving this morning, we got the best weather!  Packed up, said our farewells to our RV neighbours and headed off to Swartz Bay BC Ferry terminal a 45 minute drive away   Lucky we had a ...

Home Again...Home Again, Surrey, Canada travel blog

Home Again...Home Again

A travel blog entry by joyceontheroad

It was like an episode of the Amazing Race! Up and on the road at 5:00am. From Quito to Panama City to Houston, Texas. Not liking the idea of waiting for six hours in the Houston airport, we considered jumping an earlier flight to Calgary and ...

Three Challenges, Surrey, Canada travel blog

Three Challenges

A travel blog entry by lamondg


It’s a beautiful spring day here today.  The predicted rain hasn’t materialized, the sun’s shining and there’s a gentle breeze keeping the temperature from soaring above 15 degrees C.  I have three challenges to complete ...

Almost Ready, Surrey, Canada travel blog

Almost Ready

A travel blog entry by doreenmullins.7


... the fridge, as opposed to wilting lettuce in the crisper and an interesting blue liter of milk. The morning fogs have begun in South Surrey and so the change from summer to fall has been announced, if one couldn't tell by the SUV's lined up at the local ...

Start USA & Kanada, Surrey, Canada travel blog

Start USA & Kanada

A travel blog entry by mir2


... Übernachtungen in Seattle in Richtung Vancouver aufgemacht. Der Grenzübertritt war relativ einfach, das Finden des Campgrounds in Surrey hingegen umso schwieriger. Der Neubau der Port Mann Bridge, ein 5-Jahres-Bauprojekt hat uns viel Baustellen beschert ...

This is what happens after you are born, Surrey, Canada travel blog

This is what happens after you are born

A travel blog entry by peterey


...and so I am shipping it to another country in just under two months. Auckland via Tapai courtesy of Vancouver, I leave January 21. It is my duty to discover what really happens in life after one is born, and I have bought a non-refundable ticket to ...

SURPRISE!!!!!, Surrey, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by michelle05

SURPRISEEEE!!! For those of you who I couldn't surprise in person and don't already know, I'M HOME!!!! hahaha I came home on Saturday, July 2nd! I'll explain. First of all, the last travelpod i sent was a FAKE to decieve you all! haha I was actually in ...

Goodbye Surrey :D, Surrey, Canada travel blog

Goodbye Surrey :D

A travel blog entry by mcfadyen


Goodbye Surrey,  I don't think i'll miss you much. I will however miss my great friends and family..I've never looked forward to 2 full days of buses, airplanes and sleeping in airports! Anyways, keep your checkin this site out I'll try and update as ...

Reconnecting with friends., Surrey, Canada travel blog

Reconnecting with friends.

A travel blog entry by lizlivinglife


Next stop after Vancouver, Surrey which having consulted the map is really just a suburb of Vancouver but necessitating a journey on the sky train. Sandra and John came to meet me and it was like turning the clock back to forty five odd years ago. So so ...

Start in Canada, Surrey, Canada travel blog

Start in Canada

A travel blog entry by cjhans2


Up early all packed bike and trailer in the SUV . Lyle drove me to Blane wa were I am going to start . With the photo shot at the peace arch on the border I was off. The ride was a nice rolling ride on back roads . The traffic was not bad there were no ...

Five days til departure, Surrey, Canada travel blog

Five days til departure

A travel blog entry by mrsmitts


Hi friends, Welcome to my travel blog! I want to share my trip with all my family and friends. I will try and keep everyone updated by posting pictures, videos and journal entries. Only five more days til I hop on my first flight. Wish me luck and I hope ...

I'm leaving on a jet plane.., Surrey, Canada travel blog

I'm leaving on a jet plane..

A travel blog entry by mrsmitts


Tomorrow I leave!! Well actually today, but I can't sleep! I fly to New Zealand tomorrow morning. I have a layover in China, how cool is that? Talk to you ...

Jim & June's Odyssey - 111027 Trip thru BC, Surrey, Canada travel blog

Jim & June's Odyssey - 111027 Trip thru BC

A travel blog entry by jimcabay

... mining silver, lead, copper & gold. It had 29 hotels, 28 saloons and Mary Brown's brothel - the biggest in western Canada. Kaslo - Home to the world's oldest intact passenger sternwheeler ship "the SS Moyie." For 59 yrs, this superbly restored ship ...

Kamloops to Vancouver, Surrey, Canada travel blog

Kamloops to Vancouver

A travel blog entry by c_m_c_m


... above Hell's Gate, resulting in the need for a fishway, which also slows the flow of water.  Rode the Hell's Gate Airtram and walked the suspension bridge constructed at the narrowing of the canyon before continuing to Surrey, a suburb of Vancouver. ...

a journey to USA, Surrey, Canada travel blog

a journey to USA

A travel blog entry by dream2531


I went on a journey to the USA. I traveled from Thai Suvarnabhumi Airport flying on China Airlines and I connected my flight at Taipei International Airport. I went to Ohio for immigration. The officer was so scary looking! It was so ...

Last Night, Surrey, Canada travel blog

Last Night

A travel blog entry by forsterb


... a fate worse than death – how wrong can someone be?  We have had the opportunity to see the beauty here in Canada, the diversity of the landscape, the rivers and the mountains – there is truly no other country in the world like ...

Snow Day w/ Mom + Dad!!!!, Surrey, Canada travel blog

Snow Day w/ Mom + Dad!!!!

A travel blog entry by nomadicguard


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