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Great day to ride!, Quesnel, Canada travel blog

Great day to ride!

A travel blog entry by martylambert


After a mere morsel of food for Brekkie our lovable duo set off to conquer the world, first stop the pristine wilderness that is mount Robson! Now, one or two of you may think that it's been conquered before! Admittedly there are a few tell tale ...

The ride continues!, Quesnel, Canada travel blog

The ride continues!

A travel blog entry by martylambert


... lucky enough to see a huge Grizzly bear. I can assure you that the sight of a bear never gets tired, they are beautiful creatures �� We then drove on to Quesnel ! Great roads, sunny day, yay! Very sore! ...

Another Fine Day of Driving, Quesnel, Canada travel blog

Another Fine Day of Driving

A travel blog entry by ggmoffatt


... the call of duty. Much appreciated. We left at 10:30 am and ran in to copious construction delays but made it to Quesnel, BC and staying at a lovely place called Airport Motor Inn Motel and RV Park. Right downtown in a large grass campground open all ...

Quesnel, Quesnel, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by robnraystravels

Left Smithers, beautiful green countryside, staying at an RV park tonight. Today has been quite warm, think it was about 20 ...

Quesnel-Confluence of Quesnel & Fraser Rivers, Quesnel, Canada travel blog

Quesnel-Confluence of Quesnel & Fraser Rivers

A travel blog entry by brosiousbustour


... ), and made a shocking discovery at the Canadian liquor store...a bottle of Potters vodka that costs $12 in the US costs $55 in Canada!!  Every type of liquor, not just vodka, was around $55, so that'll slow down your cocktailing!  We couldn't ...

Hardcore bikers!, Quesnel, Canada travel blog

Hardcore bikers!

A travel blog entry by martylambert

The hardcore bikers are back on the road to oblivion! Mind you Wolverine has a sore back & mad dog has a sore botty....................Lock up yer Tylenol ...

Quesnel, BC, Quesnel, Canada travel blog

Quesnel, BC

A travel blog entry by candyjake13


Today we followed the Thompson River for many miles then left it to go overland. At Quesnel we have again rejoined the Fraser River. This day took us out of the arid area into lush green, many, many lakes. Too many to even count let alone take photos of. ...

One last stop as a group!, Quesnel, Canada travel blog

One last stop as a group!

A travel blog entry by thesairs


... about an hours drive each way - made the stop in Quesnel worthwhile.  In fact, our traveling companions enjoyed the campground in Quesnel so much that they extended their stay by a day.  We, unfortunately, have to head south of the border to ...

Rocky Mountaineer Train, Quesnel, Canada travel blog

Rocky Mountaineer Train

A travel blog entry by chrisl34


This turned out to be two long days.  We had a few hours of lovely scenery at the beginning of our trip and several hours at the end, but otherwise it was two long 12 hour days on a train.  The good thing was that the food and service were ...

Home of the Hoodoos, Quesnel, Canada travel blog

Home of the Hoodoos

A travel blog entry by catndeano


... nature reserve and have lunch watching the Pelicans bob up and down on the windy lake. After lunch we carried on up Highway 97 to Quesnel where we found a nice spot to camp in the Sugar Loaf Ball Park car park. There was a nice walk from there down the ...

Quesnel, Quesnel, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by rider1

Stopped here for fuel and food. Great weather today. Sunny and warm. Coffee and Chili were the choices of the ...

Smoking Trip North, Quesnel, Canada travel blog

Smoking Trip North

A travel blog entry by marybc


... like a bank robber reluctant to change careers. So with eyes watering and lungs struggling we found our way to the Super 8 in Quesnel … our first stop. Met with a ‘Clearwater Revival’ friend, another Colleen and laughed our way through a ...

another great week at mine, Quesnel, Canada travel blog

another great week at mine

A travel blog entry by 49ray


we returned to our bc home on saturday the21st and stayed till the 29th of june. back to the claim for more adventures. doug and i did some more work on the final leg of the road to the mining site, its finally getting drier. we again hired a fellow with ...

Yellowhead Highway, Quesnel, Canada travel blog

Yellowhead Highway

A travel blog entry by tom1100


Travelled Yellowhead Highway east to Rt 97 south. Stopped at Ksan Native Village and took tour in German (only one avalable). Got to look around anyway. Went for short hike up to "twin falls" at Mt Hudson Bay. Nice ...

reflection of our first year, Quesnel, Canada travel blog

reflection of our first year

A travel blog entry by 49ray


... changed filter---no changed fuel pump relay---no  finaly changed fuel pump-----still no run...after 2 days we hauled it into Quesnel  to a small private shop and he found a broken wire behind the fuse panel that controls the security system.. so ...

july 4th to july18th, Quesnel, Canada travel blog

july 4th to july18th

A travel blog entry by 49ray


... the claim and noticed all the commotion.  He put his new first aid to work. We stabilized sheila and called for an ambulance from Quesnel. She is sore but is healing. We help her where we can. We now are back home to do things we need to do, until ...

Home Sweet Home, Quesnel, Canada travel blog

Home Sweet Home

A travel blog entry by wjackson


In the beginning! Well this is where the journey begins!  I have to give you a bit of history on the development of this trip.  About two years ago my brother Shane (aka:  Snoop)  and two of his friends Kevin (aka: Yogi) and ...

On the road, Quesnel, Canada travel blog

On the road

A travel blog entry by weilnau


... in the truck in order to ensure a "pain-free" lunch.      After checking into our hotel in Quesnel we decided to grab a quick bite at the adjoining pub. After dinner we went for a little walk to check on the truck ...

The Caribou Trail, Quesnel, Canada travel blog

The Caribou Trail

A travel blog entry by crossroadcanada


... drive normal again for a while. We soon put the miles behind us and finally arrived at an excellent RV park in Quesnel called Robert’s Roost.   Located in a beautiful setting on peaceful Dragon Lake, ...

Totems and Poutine, Quesnel, Canada travel blog

Totems and Poutine

A travel blog entry by budbarbonthego


... merchandise in aisles, no fresh foods, or very few, and not very clean in appearance.  I'm sure that the Walmart in Quesnel, British Columbia probably has a difficult time getting merchandise delivered but it was still sloppy looking...just saying. ...

Hazelton to Hixon, Hixon, Canada travel blog

Hazelton to Hixon

A travel blog entry by momadunc


Last night we shared the campground with a school group that we think was in town for the gospel fest this weekend.  They arrived in vans and proceeded to unload their tents and luggage from a rental van and we though - oh no - but what a quiet ...

Seattle - Vancouver - Whitehorse, British Columbia, Canada travel blog

Seattle - Vancouver - Whitehorse

A travel blog entry by susanh

My first of 7 trips on the Alaska ...

first two weeks, Quesnel, Canada travel blog

first two weeks

A travel blog entry by 49ray


... to the mine site with our trucks instead ok atvs and big eguipment. saw at least 5 bears a day every day. elaine drives into quesnel  and goes swimming twice a week . its a 26 km drive from camp. we are all setup at rouster ridge campsite with water ...

Leaving Alaska and heading south, Hixon, Canada travel blog

Leaving Alaska and heading south

A travel blog entry by carlosherbane


I am so glad to be alive! I woke up around 3.30am. I was frozen with fear. I could hear movement around the tent. Almost certainly a bear had paid us a visit during the night. We were lucky! Tony greeted us in the morning and promised to keep in touch ...

Drive to Alaska, Stop #1, Quesnel, Canada travel blog

Drive to Alaska, Stop #1

A travel blog entry by alison.droesch


... just in time to miss the 6+ inches of rain that they got, so we figured it was time to book it out of southern Canada as well... Anyway, stopped at Seton Lake (created by man for BC hydroelectric power at Selton Dam) because the water was a very strange, ...

Day 1 Jan 15th, Quesnel, Canada travel blog

Day 1 Jan 15th

A travel blog entry by guvand


Williams Lake über Xatsull nach Quesnel, Quesnel, Canada travel blog

Williams Lake über Xatsull nach Quesnel

A travel blog entry by palomino_73


... zu machen. Quesnel ist ein kleines Städtchen mit sehr viel Geschichte. Alle Goldsucher, welche nach Barkerville wollten, kamen in Quesnel vorbei! Es gibt auch eine alte, hölzerne Fussgängerbrücke, welche in der Nacht blau/grün beleuchtet ist. Und ...

Beauty day for a ride, Quesnel, Canada travel blog

Beauty day for a ride

A travel blog entry by lory.laroche


Launched at 0800, surprisingly enough. Nice ride over the Coquihalla, just slightly cool. Clover was smelling good in the sunshine.  The Glide breathes nicely at 140kph (they raised the speed limit don't ya know?)  Always a good ride from ...

september  2nd 2014, Quesnel, Canada travel blog

september 2nd 2014

A travel blog entry by 49ray


Winter must be near---on August 21st I had to scrape the window of my truck to get the ice of off it at 6:30 am..Everything is working really nicely on the gold claim. No more break downs . We found an old river channel that runs parallel  with the ...

A sailing we will go, Quesnel, Canada travel blog

A sailing we will go

A travel blog entry by waynemadewell


We have completed our trip down the inside passage.  Great scenery, boring ride.  I have some left over pictures from Wrangell NP to start off the pictures.  Notice how small the towns are.  Haines has a summer population of about ...

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