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Auf dem Land, Olds, Canada travel blog

Auf dem Land

A travel blog entry by sepp


Ich bin von Calgary mittels Umweg nach Olds gefahren. Als ich mich erkundigte, ob man den Highway auch mit dem Rad befahren könnte, hat man mir gesagt:" Ist erlaubt, aber nicht zu empfehlen!" Also bin ich zuerst Richtung Westen und später nordwärts ...

Nearing Departure to the Land of OZ, Olds, at my computer, Canada travel blog

Nearing Departure to the Land of OZ

A travel blog entry by spicersinoz

As I stay awake all night at the computer, making bookings, and researching our trip, this is the last of many; I have finally made all pre-departure arrangements! Done! The flights booked in Feb, theN the cars, planes, motorhomes done this week. The ...

On our way, Olds, Canada travel blog

On our way

A travel blog entry by jsging


So our Spring trip starts today.  We are looking forward to experiencing and seeing lots of new things as we travel across the middle and south eastern ...

Packing and Scrambling, Olds, Canada travel blog

Packing and Scrambling

A travel blog entry by spicersinchina

This is your first trial at my travelpod to see if it works. When we find internet or computer in China, we shall send notes and maybe pictures if I can figure it out. It will come to all the mailboxes at once that I have entered. If you do not want ...

Home at last, Olds, Canada travel blog

Home at last

A travel blog entry by jsging


We made it home and the UHaul worked great for us.  As some of you have said, we've thought lots about how we can't let the accident put a damper on the rest of the trip.  The last couple of days we spent some time thinking about the highlights ...

Ready to go!, Olds, Canada travel blog

Ready to go!

A travel blog entry by arvay


Well, Just checking to see if we can do this computer technology thing. It's Sunday evening and we're almost ready to go. The suitcases are packed but we'll need our toothbrushes tomorrow morning bright and early. Our flight leaves at 7:00 am and we ...

Jul 03, 2016, Olds, Canada travel blog

Jul 03, 2016

A travel blog entry by kimbers65


Let the Planning Begin, Olds, Canada travel blog

Let the Planning Begin

A travel blog entry by lwinfield

So many places so little time. To start off we have plotted a few locations on a google map to get us thinking about where we would like to see. Only the confirmed locations are going on this map. Once we populate it we will narrow things down, figure ...

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