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Ready Set Go, Oakville, Canada travel blog

Ready Set Go

A travel blog entry by funtravels


... arrived, after months and months of planning we leave for England today. We started out having a nice breakfast at Sunshine Grill in Oakville with Mike and then he drove us to the airport. Will both have to buy suit cases on the way home. We checked in ...

Welcome to Oakville, Oakville, Canada travel blog

Welcome to Oakville

A travel blog entry by lesleyburt


... at Oackville with lots of time to spare before my tour appointment at Sheridan College. I found a McDonal's across the street from Oakville Station and had a good chuckle over all the graffiti that the workers there wrote all over the backs of a muffin ...

Morning Glory, Oakville, Canada travel blog

Morning Glory

A travel blog entry by chattermouth


... . After a few minutes of walking I found a clear meadow amongst the cardboard cut-out houses of my mother's subdivision in Oakville.   As the sun rose, bright and true into the sky I cued up a song and watched Nature's grandest performance. ...

1 month today!!, Oakville, Canada travel blog

1 month today!!

A travel blog entry by lisaandjames


I remember it clearly.  I was a first year nursing student and watching a show about nurses working at a maternity center in Sierra Leone.  It was then I decided that 'someday' I would go to Africa to volunteer. Well that 'someday' is now. ...

Getting started, Oakville, Canada travel blog

Getting started

A travel blog entry by davidbeaulieu


Hi Everyone Just getting started on where to stay in each destination, almost done! I will be set for February 9th..... ...

spontaneous lunch with Savio and Heidi, Oakville, Canada travel blog

spontaneous lunch with Savio and Heidi

A travel blog entry by toroamarillo


... hours sitting at the patio having lunch and some real good cold beer. Another example of the incredible hospitality we expericence in Canada. Als wir auf dem Parkplatz von einem Geschäft standen, haben wir Savio wieder getroffen. Er war auch auf dem ...

Canada, Oakville, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by funtravels

We have arrived ...

The big day!, Oakville, Canada travel blog

The big day!

A travel blog entry by embaker

Saturday has finally come, and I am finishing up the last of the packing.  After a harrowing afternoon on the highway yesterday, I had a wonderful dinner at Dr. Varenbut's house with his family.  I think Jaimie is still trying to ...

The Wheels On The Bus Go Round... All Day Long!, Oakville, Canada travel blog

The Wheels On The Bus Go Round... All Day Long!

A travel blog entry by philippajane86


... all those months ago were.  I should have done some Googling, but for some reason I’d not thought beyond arriving in Oakville, somehow thinking the city was only as large as the one street and the GO Train would arrive in walking distance of ...

Algonquin to Toronto, Oakville, Canada travel blog

Algonquin to Toronto

A travel blog entry by ajbatty

... highlights of which were probably the wonderful lakeside and parks and the expensive residential neighbourhoods of Bloor West Village and Oakville by the lake (and of course the many glimpses of the CN Tower). Tim Horton's doughnuts are also ...

Safe and Sound, Oakville, Canada travel blog

Safe and Sound

A travel blog entry by northwood

Dear family and friends, My time in Ecuador ended with a wonderful vacation with my mom. My wonderful host family drove me to the airport to pick up my mother and thank goodness that she looked relatively the same as I remembered, otherwise I might ...

Let the journey begin!, Oakville, Canada travel blog

Let the journey begin!

A travel blog entry by pauldmclean


As l look out the window, the rain as been replaced by snow! Here is hoping that Mother Nature will let us make our flight out of Toronto en route to San Francisco tomorrow at noon. If not, it will be an interesting start to our trip. It would not be ...

We are in the air!, Oakville, Canada travel blog

We are in the air!

A travel blog entry by pauldmclean


... 't download picture from Susan's camera until we get to SF airport). We actually departed on time ( miracles actually do I happen on Air Canada). We are on route to San Francisco with an arrival time of about 2:30 pm local time. We then are to depart at ...

Time to Say Goodby, Oakville, Canada travel blog

Time to Say Goodby

A travel blog entry by deepcovepeter

I knew I would never see Mary-Gordon again. I am very glad that I was able I to make amends. She kept repeating over and over that she was sorry and crying, but I never asked her sorry for what and she never said. I took it to mean sorry for all the ...

A Good Deed, Oakville, Canada travel blog

A Good Deed

A travel blog entry by buellrider


... on the Brandon Manitoba Wikipedia page. It's the first paragraph on the page. "Brandon is the second largest city in Manitoba, Canada, and is located in the southwestern area of the province. Brandon is the worst city in the Westman region of Manitoba ...

Back Home, Oakville, Canada travel blog

Back Home

A travel blog entry by brytorlyn

Full day of outlet shopping and then back ...

Apr 29, 2010, Day 2, Canada travel blog

Apr 29, 2010

A travel blog entry by theiacobellis


The Suite Life, Oakville, Canada travel blog

The Suite Life

A travel blog entry by turnerstravels


We are feeling like the Suite Life of Jenn, Paul, EC, and Jack.  We are back at the hotel after spending a wonderful week with our friends Tracy and Jeff and their girls.  I almost felt like Norm when I walked in to the lobby - "Mrs. Turner, ...

I'm on the Way (almost ...), Oakville, Canada travel blog

I'm on the Way (almost ...)

A travel blog entry by vivmedeiros0825

... Greek immigrants, we travelled often to Greece growing up. So much so, that I consider it my home, even though I was born in Canada. When I tell people I’m travelling to Greece, I get a mix of reactions: from "WOW! That’s awesome! It’s ...

Hey friends, we are in Toronto, Oakville, Canada travel blog

Hey friends, we are in Toronto

A travel blog entry by bohemianeug


We stayed two days and were able to see my brother, our fiends and Ian's daughter (Elsa)... Funnily, Olivia was in Texas. Our fiends made us a gorgeous diner and invited all the group. IT WAS SO NEAT!!! Fell too comfortable to be able to sleep in a real ...

Current Feelings, Oakville, Canada travel blog

Current Feelings

A travel blog entry by alex_benjamin

People have told me that keeping a blog is one of the best things you can do while travelling and I plan to keep this updated as much as possible. However, I find it quite weird to do. I am a pretty private person and tend to keep my feelings to myself ...

Toronto (a taster visit) and Niagara, Oakville, Canada travel blog

Toronto (a taster visit) and Niagara

A travel blog entry by sianashworth


On my first full day, Patti and Dennis gave me a brief tour of Toronto (I will back to explore properly in September). We hit Black Creek Pioneer Village for a bit of history. They were teaching kids how to play was quite an effort to stop ...

Tiende dag, Oakville, Canada travel blog

Tiende dag

A travel blog entry by bernicebaans


Vandaag lekker gedouchd ontbeten en toen heeft tante Liesbeth ons naar Corina toe gebracht. Daar hebben we geluncht, Emily op gaan halen en daarna naar Premium outlets. Hier zijn allemaal dure winkels en ze zeggen dat het outlet is maar dat is het niet ...

the send off!, Oakville, Canada travel blog

the send off!

A travel blog entry by kaedy


This blog is for my friends who suggested I write one, so here goes! As of now, I leave in 6 hrs for the airport and have yet to pack. Just making up a couple mix mp3s for the long van rides ahead (for which I learned to drive standard this past week) ...

August 15th, 2010, Oakville, Canada travel blog

August 15th, 2010

A travel blog entry by hutch1965


Okay, so it's the night before we leave to go to australia..... Emily- 15 hours :D so excited Tristan- i still can't believe it, i want a pet kangaroo Matthew- AWESOME!!! Pamela- we're packing and we're looking forward to leaving tomorrow. it's going to ...

Driving thru Torontopolis, Bronte Creek Provincial Park, Canada travel blog

Driving thru Torontopolis

A travel blog entry by kann2010


... coming out of Kingston—Brian and Ki and I enjoyed sushi for lunch! We are camping at Bronte Creek Provincial Park in Oakville, about a ½ hour south of Toronto.  It is a lovely oasis in the metropolis that surrounds it.  Our site is quite ...

Arrêt à Oakville chez nos amis, Oakville, Canada travel blog

Arrêt à Oakville chez nos amis

A travel blog entry by monique_roch


Quelle belle veillée et de la bonne bouffe. Comme toujours, Claudette la chef cuisinière s'est ...

Reunions + Travel Headaches, Oakville, Canada travel blog

Reunions + Travel Headaches

A travel blog entry by rwk



Road Trip!, Oakville, Canada travel blog

Road Trip!

A travel blog entry by soccerjf


... . I'll take some pictures tomorrow of the bike. Started with half a tank of gas. Filled up twice for around $42. Had breakfast in Oakville, lunch in Erie (Quaker State) and supper at the Days Motel. PS to self do not cross the border on the Friday of a ...

Twaalfde dag, Oakville, Canada travel blog

Twaalfde dag

A travel blog entry by bernicebaans

Vandaag rustig aan gedaan. Lang uitgeslapen omdat we erg moe waren van gisteren een dag Toronto. Vandaag zouden we bij Crawford lake gaan lopen. Uiteindelijk zijn we even naar wat winkels en Costco geweest en koffie gedronken in boekenwinkel bij ...

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