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Last day in Canada, Mississauga, Canada travel blog

Last day in Canada

A travel blog entry by ajpeel

This is a top pick!

... may not have any time to sort my photos, so there may be quite a few on the site. Well this is my last day in Canada before my adventures begin. I leave today at 2pm. I've had a great time during the past few weeks hanging out with everyone, it's been ...

Hometown, Mississauga, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by sean11

This is where I have lived for the past 26 ...

Almost There!, Mississauga, Canada travel blog

Almost There!

A travel blog entry by italy2014


I write this as we are sitting stuffed like chickens in an unethical processing plant into our seats on the plane - waiting to take off. The afternoon at Niagara Falls was a welcome break from the airport and the students seemed to enjoy the falls and ...

Home Again, Home Again, Mississauga, Canada travel blog

Home Again, Home Again

A travel blog entry by 9lives

This morning there wasn't any snow when we woke up! Hooray!! It was precipitating although it was Scotch Mist-like. The Fairfield Inn had a great breakfast - similar to what we have become accustomed to but also just a little more - like oatmeal already ...

The End, Mississauga, Canada travel blog

The End

A travel blog entry by david.88


... most about Canada. If you are going to teach in Kenya, keep in mind the resources are just so limited compared to Canada. The expectations of the student's and teachers are completely different. Students in Kenya are far more independent, and appear ...

Travel, Mississauga, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by robselclark


A 26-hour door-to-door journey to Toronto. The Virgin 737 to LAX had a new fit-out and the business class accommodation was very comfortable. There are now several pockets and storage areas with pop-up lids and charging points. Although we were ...

Akklimatisation und Niagara Fälle, Mississauga, Canada travel blog

Akklimatisation und Niagara Fälle

A travel blog entry by danimichl


Einen wunderschönen guten Abend, wir sind in Toronto, Ontario!! Es war eine spannende und anstrengende Anreise, 12 Stunden alles in allem. Wir waren sehr zufrieden mit unserer gewählten Airline (KLM), die uns jederzeit freundlich und hilfsbereit die ...

Were home, Mississauga, Canada travel blog

Were home

A travel blog entry by darlingandres


Long story short, we are back in Canada. We arrived the eve of july 31st. We decided to fly from Bangkok back to Toronto. It wasnt a planned decision and it wasnt a sudden one either. There was always the possibility of ending our trip early if we ...

Unit 20, Mississauga, Canada travel blog

Unit 20

A travel blog entry by darlingandres


We handed our house keys over to the new owners on this day. 6433 Charing Dr. will always be in our hearts. Here is a list of some memorable events from the 4 years of living there Oct. 1st 2009 - Brand New home owners...and the bills begin Dec. ...

Paul & Diane's South American Adventure, Mississauga, Canada travel blog

Paul & Diane's South American Adventure

A travel blog entry by bleacher04


So we are heading off to South America on Wednesday night, and as we've told some of you, I'm going to try writing a travel blog to capture and remember the places we visit and the experiences we share. This trip was planned to celebrate Diane's ...

Preparing for the Land Down Under...., Mississauga, Canada travel blog

Preparing for the Land Down Under....

A travel blog entry by caprilady


We are off..... leaving on Saturday, October 29th from Toronto, Ontario, Canada..... to the land down under. It is the beginning of spring in Australia and New Zealand so we are hoping for some really nice weather. We will be visiting areas where we will ...

Last Day Of Work.  First Day Of Freedom, Mississauga, Canada travel blog

Last Day Of Work. First Day Of Freedom

A travel blog entry by darlingandres


Today is my last day at work for Goodlife Fitness.  Over 10 yrs with the industry under 3 different companies and 2 locations.  Kaya and I have met a lot of people over the years and have made many friends.  We hope to keep in touch with ...

And we're off!!!, Mississauga, Canada travel blog

And we're off!!!

A travel blog entry by michncam


After spending the majority of the day packing, we headed out to Michelle's mom's in Mississauga to say our goodbyes. It's almost surreal... after all these months of waiting, we are finally on our way. In just under 4 hours, the first leg of our trip ...

So Far So Good.....or Not So Good - Part 2, Mississauga, Canada travel blog

So Far So Good.....or Not So Good - Part 2

A travel blog entry by javaminit


... , re-book flights, make arrangements for accommodations, wondering what the he*# just happened. I have to say this: if you ever fly Air Canada in the winter, buy the "On My Way" package. $25-$35/ticket and it's handy. They re-booked our flight and found ...

Ok let's do it, Mississauga, Canada travel blog

Ok let's do it

A travel blog entry by darlingandres

I woke up on the morning of Sept 2nd 2013 and I told Kaya that there was something on my mind in the last week or so.  I asked her what she thought of, if we decided to sell everything, pack up and leave the country to travel?  After a bit ...

Home Sweet (?) Home, Mississauga, Canada travel blog

Home Sweet (?) Home

A travel blog entry by marciadanielle

Well, I'm home. The trip has come full circle. I'm home, I even went into work today to see my schedule. So I'm back. I start work again on Tuesday (with the crappiest shift ever, but meh). In retrospect, my trip was amazing. Seriously, a chance in a ...

And Here We Are in Paradise!, Mississauga, Canada travel blog

And Here We Are in Paradise!

A travel blog entry by gscaldwell


Paradise is Dominical, Costa Rica. I am writing this a year and a half later but the memories of our time there are still vivid. I hope we will go back someday and walk along the never-ending beach and gather with everyone else in the town to watch the ...

This is how we roll!, Mississauga, Canada travel blog

This is how we roll!

A travel blog entry by johngalbraith13


I'm sitting at my computer after frantically looking around a Walmart today trying to buy all the last minute stuff that I need for a 15 hour flight across the world.  I may or may not have seemed a little bit paranoid running around grabbing ...

Just arrived to canada, Mississauga, Kanada travel blog

Just arrived to canada

A travel blog entry by vanessalekic


Oh man das war ein länger Flug über den großen Teich.. Hab's bis Toronto geschafft.. Und jetzt sitz ich am Gate ready um den letzten Flug für heute Richtung Edmonton zu nehmen :) bin voller ...

Thunder Road (2 days), Mississauga, Canada travel blog

Thunder Road (2 days)

A travel blog entry by johngalbraith13


Two days. Two days until I travel halfway around the world for a month. It's kinda hard to believe that it's actually happening this week.  I remember talking to Kristie about this in January and thinking that this would be such a fun thing to ...

Made it to TO. 10% of the trip lol, Mississauga, Canada travel blog

Made it to TO. 10% of the trip lol

A travel blog entry by deniseturnbull


Lots of turbulence landing. Sooo windy. Boarding at 2:20pm for ...

We Remember, Mississauga, Canada travel blog

We Remember

A travel blog entry by gscaldwell


... guide (if you come to Toronto, do the Steam Whistle brewery tour, it's fantastic)! Now we find ourselves in Mississauga, enjoying our visit with our lovely cousins Barbara and Meredith in their wonderfully Christmassy apartment. They have kept us busy ...

Starboard Is Left, Right?, Mississauga, Canada travel blog

Starboard Is Left, Right?

A travel blog entry by philippajane86


When at home I like to pretend I know how to row, and a local club is kind enough to let me sit amongst a group of much more knowledgeable than me contemporaries so I can keep up the charade a few times a week, even showing my face at a few events to try ...

Flying out, Mississauga, Canada travel blog

Flying out

A travel blog entry by bruce.poon


We are flying with EVA airline, a Taiwanese airline. We are flying out at almost 2am from Pearson. After a short layover in Taipei, we should be arriving Hong Kong airport Saturday morning. We have plenty of things to do in Hong Kong. Having been born ...

PR Meeting, Denise's party, Mississauga, Canada travel blog

PR Meeting, Denise's party

A travel blog entry by starlagurl


So, now I'm in the hotel lobby after a completely exhausting day of Girl Guide public relations mumbo jumbo. I don't want to say that these types of bureaucratic meetings are pointless, but I have been to quite a few and don't seem to accomplish ...

Phase II of Plan C, Mississauga, Canada travel blog

Phase II of Plan C

A travel blog entry by javaminit


Saturday, February 9 You will recall that the original plan Plan A, if you will, was to leave YHZ today to YUL (Montreal) then direct to LAX.  BUT the storm of the decade messed that up so we headed out on Friday Plan B, to Toronto then on to ...

All Booked!, Mississauga, Canada travel blog

All Booked!

A travel blog entry by darlingandres


We officially booked our flights through Arden at Flight Centre Square One last night.  One Way tickets departing from Pearson Airport on January 14th 2014.  24hrs later we will land in Manila Philippines as our first destination.  We ...

Fun and Frolic's at Lisa's House, Mississauga, Canada travel blog

Fun and Frolic's at Lisa's House

A travel blog entry by marcelo.heather


My first cousin once removed, Lisa Armstrong, invited us to her house for a pool party. The last time I saw Lisa, I was only 18 months old and it was at my uncle's wedding. All the nearby relatives were invited and we had a really fantastic time getting ...

Udany wylot - 3rd attempt, Mississauga, Canada travel blog

Udany wylot - 3rd attempt

A travel blog entry by jasionowska

Wpis by Bartek: po trzech probach udany wylot. Proba 1: za brak udokumentowanego wylotu na czas z Zimbabwe nie wposcili na samolot Proba 2: sniezyca i zmiana lotu przez londyn zamiast nowy york Proba 3: w niedziele w nocy - udana ...

Heading home, Mississauga, Canada travel blog

Heading home

A travel blog entry by pharm._girl


My last morning in Europe! It's hard to believe that almost 4 weeks is up! I've had some incredible adventures, seen a lot, learned a lot, and checked things off my bucket list I never thought possible. But before I get home to the things I miss most ...

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