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Old Stomping Grounds...Maybe, Kamloops, Canada travel blog

Old Stomping Grounds...Maybe

A travel blog entry by tdv95

This is a top pick!

... to the point of false memories ("you mean I wasn't a star quarterback in the NFL??"). But as we wandered the streets of Kamloops, I didn't recognize a thing. Did I really live here for a year? Did I work here? Did I drink copious amounts of beer and ...

Fazal and me, Kamloops, Canada travel blog

Fazal and me

A travel blog entry by mgraveli

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I had a quick meeting with Fazal.  He wanted to make sure I was a legitimate writer.  I respected his concern and eagerness to talk one on one.  I got to ask him, a 25-year vet of VIA Rail why he did what he did.  For him he said it was about ...

"All Aboard!" I'm sold on this train trip!

A travel blog entry by jbushie

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... drizzly and foggy, obscuring the best of the views as we travelled through the Fraser River valley and Kicking Horse Pass to Kamloops. We are all on wildlife duty, with some enthusiastically calling more than others. "Eagle at three o'clock!" "Cows on ...

Kamloops, Kamloops, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by ejbandrmg


... the tourists in - we've heard it's good for skiing!!! We stayed in the old Court House, built in 1909 (that's old for Kamloops!!!), we were sleeping in the Justice of the Peace room, and we got to shower in the old jail cells, and eat our dinner in the ...

Rocky Mountaineer, Kamloops, Canada travel blog

Rocky Mountaineer

A travel blog entry by jowhiting


... ;t know about anything we came across on the journey wasn’t worth hearing about. Our route was from Banff stopping off at Kamloops then onto Vancouver. It would take us 2 days to do the trip through some of the most amazing scenery in Canada. Banff ...

Rocky Mountaneer Train day 1, Kamloops, Canada travel blog

Rocky Mountaneer Train day 1

A travel blog entry by cdrjgreen


ROCKY MOUNTAINEER TRAIN DAY 1 Had to be up and down in the hotel lobby by 6:30 am, so we actually seen the sunrise. Not good for holidays! Onto a coach and out to the terminal, a large building where we were served orange juice then a bagpiper piped us ...

Heading the Alaska !, Kamloops, Canada travel blog

Heading the Alaska !

A travel blog entry by pamericas


We will post trip information here as soon as it starts. For 2010, we will continue planning the project and look for Sponsors that are willing to invest and support the Project. All indications in that regard is highly appreciated. Please contact us by ...

Let the fun begin, Kamloops, Canada travel blog

Let the fun begin

A travel blog entry by revelstokian


... happy to see us go. 10:00 came and we headed down to the parkade to meet Kris and Lou, who would be our chauffeurs to the Kamloops International Airport.  It was not a busy day at YKA. I think we were the first people to arrive, so we walked up to ...

Fully Trained, Kamloops, Canada travel blog

Fully Trained

A travel blog entry by kjburton


... way to all trains also on the line (we would have to go into a siding and wait until the other  train(s) passed. We arrived at Kamloops at 5:30pm and straight to the hotel for a shower and a cuppa. Tomorrow we get a bit of a sleep in (6:30) for a ...

Day 129 - 132 Drive to Kamloops, BC, Kamloops, Canada travel blog

Day 129 - 132 Drive to Kamloops, BC

A travel blog entry by 10sandy


... of farms and some great old barns and then a totally different landscape at the Juniper Lake Proviincial park area just outside of Kamloops.  Very pretty and different.   We were exhausted by the time we got to the campsite and they were almost ...

Rocky Mountaineer Day 1, Kamloops, Canada travel blog

Rocky Mountaineer Day 1

A travel blog entry by susieandgray


... in hand to stretch our legs and reduce a little rocking sensation from the train. A light supper on the terrace and bed. Kamloops is a really spreading large town and back of Canadian beyond..somewhat depressing ..hard to know where the activity is! Next ...

Lost Luggage, Kamloops, Canada travel blog

Lost Luggage

A travel blog entry by bunnyluv1969

Hey People I made it home safe minus my luggage which got lost somewhere between Tel-Aviv and Toronto, I have my suspicions that the Hamas made have stolen it and sold my Turkish carpets in order to finance their war effort against the Israelis but who ...

just a drive through, Kamloops, Canada travel blog

just a drive through

A travel blog entry by toroamarillo

bad weather, no stop here schlechtes Wetter, also nur durchgefahren ...

Scenery V Service, Kamloops, Canada travel blog

Scenery V Service

A travel blog entry by kevinfran


... of ducks.   The whole Rocky Mountaineer experience has certainly been the highlight and we still have a day to go. We arrived in Kamloops @ 6.30pm and it was still 38c. After the air conditioned train trip,it took its toll.   We were given a R ...

Aug 09, 2010, Kamloops, Canada travel blog

Aug 09, 2010

A travel blog entry by jennandpaul


Hoodapus Trip Begins, Kamloops, Canada travel blog

Hoodapus Trip Begins

A travel blog entry by whernside

... by the river beneath the lush peaks, taking photos and generally relaxing, was lovely! We then took the Trans - Canada Highway to Kamloops, traveling through the Fraser Canyon, which displayed impressive geology and lush vegetation! As we got nearer to ...

Day 4 Rocky Mountaineer, Kamloops, Canada travel blog

Day 4 Rocky Mountaineer

A travel blog entry by jas20j


The start of our 2 day rail experience on the Most Spectacular Train Trip in the World on board the Rocky ...

What a trip home!, Kamloops, Canada travel blog

What a trip home!

A travel blog entry by maleorderbride


... the bag and get it sent to Kamloops separately because i was going to miss the plane. I got it organized to be sent to Kamloops and i left the arrivals enroute to domestic departures. I get to Domestic and find out they just cut off check in, i missed ...

Journey to the Center of the Universe, Kamloops, Canada travel blog

Journey to the Center of the Universe

A travel blog entry by teresatraveler


... Cup          This family-friendly year-round resort, located 45-minutes from Kamloops, is a great place for downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, hiking, golfing and mountain biking. Sun Peaks ...

Kamloops, Kamloops, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by robdidcoe

Well, what can one say about Kamloops. Its a nice enough place I guess but not one where I would care to live. We didn't spend a long time in town after arriving around 6pm on the Rocky Mountaineer, travelling up from Vancouver. Fortunately for us the ...

Keresztül a kanadai sivatagon, Kamloops, Canada travel blog

Keresztül a kanadai sivatagon

A travel blog entry by uton


... , parkolni meg pláne nem.  De ez itt OFF. Végül majd 70 perc tekergés után sikerült útnak indulni a Trans Canada Highway-en, ami megdöbbentően zsúfolt volt. Ugyan haladt a megengedett 110-zel a forgalom, de 3-4 sáv szélességben ...

Rocky Mountaineer train, Kamloops, Canada travel blog

Rocky Mountaineer train

A travel blog entry by christine.stone


... ; We went Gold Leaf and it was worth the magnificent view from the carriage, the food was magnificent.  That evening in Kamloops we went to the optional dinner show Two River Junction Musical Revue, it was pretty corny Michelle wasn't fussed with it ...

Starting the Rockies Tour, Kamloops, Canada travel blog

Starting the Rockies Tour

A travel blog entry by johnsjourneys


... ; it seems to be the only thing they have. After Hope the landscape became more arid it was definitely getting warmer.  At Kamloops the weather was sunny and hot, such a change from the cold and wet of the coast.  According to the receptionist ...

The Long Drive, Kamloops, Canada travel blog

The Long Drive

A travel blog entry by turnerwode


Today we drove from Jasper to Kamloops. The drive was interesting, the most important thing we saw today was a BEAR!!!! (photo to come later) anyway after our long drive we made it to Kamloops, we didn't really enter the town we stayed ...

Preparation, Kamloops, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by maleorderbride


... to about this trip, its a volunteer project put on by the Third World Eye Care Society who is an organization based in Canada who travel to third world countries where the people cannot afford or have access to regular eye care and provide them with a ...

Kamloops Bound, Kamloops, Canada travel blog

Kamloops Bound

A travel blog entry by amyfisher


... , it did, and Dad was really happy to find a huge pack of wagon wheels; pretty much his favourite thing in the whole world. Kamloops was much larger than we remembered from the last time we were here; in 2011 when we flew in to Kamloops airport.  If ...

Day 25 – Kamloops, Kamloops, Canada travel blog

Day 25 – Kamloops

A travel blog entry by thesullivans


... out from behind some trees and scared the living daylight out off her.  Thanks boys. We drove straight through to Kamloops (1˝ hours from Clearwater).  Stopped for lunch at the Kamloops Riverside Park where the kids discovered yet another ...

Trees and more trees..., Kamloops, Canada travel blog

Trees and more trees...

A travel blog entry by pandcjs_travels


... is an open balcony at the back of each car where you can have an even more imersive experience Finally we arrived at Kamloops for our overnight stay in yet another Coast hotel. The transfer by coach from train to hotel was excellently orchestrated. ...

Route vers Vancouver, Kamloops, Canada travel blog

Route vers Vancouver

A travel blog entry by shaher


... est regulier. Avec cette chaleur, je ne veux pas m'arręter, la route est tellement agréable, alors je continue jusqu'ŕ Kamloops. Arręt rapide au Petro Canada, et je revois la Harley blanche, un homme a la barbe blanche en descend (non il ne porte pas ...

kamloops, Kamloops, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by koncur

kamloops ...

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