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Ready to go!, Georgetown, Canada travel blog

Ready to go!

A travel blog entry by beccadonohoe

This is a top pick!

I'm beginning my journey today....follow ...

T - 4 days... With a blizzard on the horizon, Georgetown, Canada travel blog

T - 4 days... With a blizzard on the horizon

A travel blog entry by paigebink


Welcome to our very first travel blog! Having never blogged before this should be interesting... But travel pod claims I can use this app without Internet to create entries and keep you all up to date when we come into service areas! My friend Cheryl has ...

Planes, trains and automobiles..., Georgetown, Canada travel blog

Planes, trains and automobiles...

A travel blog entry by paigebink

So with the blizzard approaching we googled like mad today and tried to find an alternative to our snow bound itinerary. We finally decided to rent a car drive to Chicago tomorrow and meet our Wednesday connection! Brilliant right? The retards at United ...

Canadian Bethel, Georgetown, Canada travel blog

Canadian Bethel

A travel blog entry by comeasyouare


Last day here..... So sad.... Well I guess in some ways we saved the best for last: Georgetown ( Canada) Bethel! No Bethel trip would be complete without the addition of Alyssa so of course she had to join us today to feel like New York all over again :p ...

Relaxing Sunday, Georgetown, Canada travel blog

Relaxing Sunday

A travel blog entry by payne6roadtrip


Today we went with the Watkins to their church, Redemption Hill Church. It was a wonderful service, nice to hear a South African preach and the kids all enjoyed their time in Sunday school. Came home briefly to get our swimsuits and some snacks and then ...

Day in Toronto, Georgetown, Canada travel blog

Day in Toronto

A travel blog entry by payne6roadtrip


... the 2.5km's to Hanlan's Point Ferry Dock. We walked past the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse, which is the 2nd oldest lighthouse in Canada, pretty impressive. We got an amazing view of Toronto. Here we caught the ferry back to the terminal and then we headed ...

Anne's Land and Beyond, Georgetown, Canada travel blog

Anne's Land and Beyond

A travel blog entry by awos1244


... we stopped at Cape Bear where there is an amazing lighthouse on the cliffs, then continued on toward our destination of Georgetown which is a little shipping port town of approximately 600 residents. It overlooks one of the finest natural harbors ...

Fun day with friends, Georgetown, Canada travel blog

Fun day with friends

A travel blog entry by payne6roadtrip


This morning I thought it was time to hit the road again so went for a half hour run with Craig around the area. Felt great to be out, still have a slight twinge so know that mustn't push it to much. Can't afford to have another stress fracture!! Craig ...

Samurai Swords & Craft Shops, Georgetown, Canada travel blog

Samurai Swords & Craft Shops

A travel blog entry by philippajane86


... -hundred-page hardback in my bag, as they may have slowed me down a little, but a mere seven kilometres later I arrived in Georgetown, unfortunately with no sign apparent I had to ask a black-toothed lady if I had indeed reached my destination.  I ...

Meeting up with Megs, Georgetown, Canada travel blog

Meeting up with Megs

A travel blog entry by cillapitcher


... to skype them. Alas, it was not to be, so we had to cancel. We were heading to see Megan Milne today out in Georgetown. Megs works at a Personal Trainer and has crazy work hours that means she has a three hour break from 12-3. She'd finished early today, ...

Off to visit the Watkins, Georgetown Ontario, Canada travel blog

Off to visit the Watkins

A travel blog entry by payne6roadtrip


Well after a pretty successful night in the tent we packed up and headed around Lake Toronto to Georgetown, Ontario. The road was just a straight long road that seemed to go on forever. The first thing we noticed when we drove from Quebec to Ontario was ...

Chilled day, Georgetown, Canada travel blog

Chilled day

A travel blog entry by payne6roadtrip


We have had a nice relaxing morning. Kids are loving the freedom of being able to play in the swimming pool. Rorke who has always been a bit nervous is now running and jumping in and each time is getting a bit braver. So great seeing him grow in ...

The Highlight Reel, Panmure Island, Canada travel blog

The Highlight Reel

A travel blog entry by powderhorn


   We have been home for over two months now since our trip ended. One way to figure out the highlights of such a long and interesting trip is to take note of the way we answered that question from our friends and family "How did you enjoy your ...

George's town, PEI, Georgetown, Canada travel blog

George's town, PEI

A travel blog entry by ramblinrecks


   We arrived at Georgetown with no expectations and left with the same.  A fishing town with a large park. ...

The Nine Lives of L.M. Montgomery, Georgetown, Canada travel blog

The Nine Lives of L.M. Montgomery

A travel blog entry by scrabubbly


... (whoo!) The driving around here would be awesome if one could go like a bat out of hell, like in Germany. Arrive Georgetown 1830ish. Enjoy my sandwich immensely. Wander around the theater getting photos and such. Then the moment we've all been waiting ...

Exploring PEI day 2, Georgetown, Canada travel blog

Exploring PEI day 2

A travel blog entry by bendtla


... rain and overcast, but the sun soon shone with. Temp of 26. Day two of PEI was spent going South East, we travelled to Georgetown and looped back up North to the Prince Edward Island National Park. This part of the island seemed to have more evidence of ...

Start, Georgetown, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by teedub

Cup of joe at jimmers house ...

Printing for the whole USA, Georgetown, Canada travel blog

Printing for the whole USA

A travel blog entry by fromhalltohall


... me, "they replied that we should contact our German brothers for the answers." Yes, they used the term, 'our German brothers'! Canada's appalling history of dealing with Witnesses was a part of the display of the history of the Truth in Canada. Quebec ...

Mosquitos, Cardigans and The Scots, Georgetown, Canada travel blog

Mosquitos, Cardigans and The Scots

A travel blog entry by cemewa


... activity preparing the village for summer (the sound of lawnmowers fills the air here on PEI) but the welcome centre, restaurant and Canada's smallest library not yet open. But we enjoyed a filter coffee from the Esso garage on the wharf for the marina. ...

Lazy day No 1, Georgetown, Canada travel blog

Lazy day No 1

A travel blog entry by churchill2020


Why are we still awake???, Georgetown, Canada travel blog

Why are we still awake???

A travel blog entry by roadtriphoney

Kendra Says:    It's 2am and we finished cleaning and packing up an hour ago, but alas we are still awake and tinkering away on our laptops.  This travelpod blogging opportunity was too cool to turn down! In 4 hours (maybe 5 now) we are ...

Georgetown, Georgetown, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by doll_626


Laidlaw Picnic, Norval, Canada travel blog

Laidlaw Picnic

A travel blog entry by thesunroseclear


Home, Georgetown, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by roadtriphoney

Kendra Says: What a great trip! I love traveling and seeing new things!   Big Thanks To... - Pat and Dale for the lovely Wedding Gift/ Honeymoon Trip and for looking after Chester - Jenna and John, also for the lovely Wedding Gift/ Honeymoon ...

Getting stuck, Launching Place, Canada travel blog

Getting stuck

A travel blog entry by banshee


Seeing from the roads nice photo ops, of course daredevil chose to get off road to snap these moments, I will need a calendar next year!!!  In doing so, I drove the car in the sandy beaches, it never occured to me a car can sink into sand just as ...

Private road...again, Panmure Island, Canada travel blog

Private road...again

A travel blog entry by banshee


I had a road map, but the road signs were hidden in dense vegetation most of the time, and I would miss them. So I drove with both my map and my silly GPS for Panmure was not a sight I wanted to miss. Diverting the road to find a convenience store for a ...

Home, Georgetown, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by teedub

Back home. Grabbed a quick bite and tallied up the day. Almost 500K. Four tanks of gas and some really great times. Thanks guys Ride safe always ...

Georgetown = Good Eats!, Georgetown, Canada travel blog

Georgetown = Good Eats!

A travel blog entry by pjnedry


... Eden's Gate for the seafood chowder--and we have another restaurant to try in town, Clamdiggers, and we haven't tried the Georgetown Inn's restaurant!!  Decisions, decisions!!  We were so full, that we all passed on dessert--a big decision in ...

Canada Branch Office of Jehovah's Witnesses, Georgetown, Canada travel blog

Canada Branch Office of Jehovah's Witnesses

A travel blog entry by dtstephens


... to 40 Irwin Avenue. Then in 1956 it was moved to 150 Bridgeland Avenue. Since June 1981 the Canada branch office has been in Georgetown, Ontario. BETHEL HOME Two large residence buildings and six smaller residences house the Bethel family. A library ...

Departure!, Georgetown, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by esthete

So the car has been all packed. We are just heading up to stock up on a few XXL coffees from timmies as we aren't planning on seeing another one for a while. With a 6 am departure we should be arriving in Thunder Bay somewhere around 8 o'clock ...

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