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Yoho-Nationalpark: Hi-Wilderness-Hostal, yoho, Canada travel blog

Yoho-Nationalpark: Hi-Wilderness-Hostal

A travel blog entry by dovi


... -info-stell go fröge,wo das wilderness-hostal isch, wo mir buecht händ. i dem park gits nur eis ganz chlises dörfli namens 'field' vo det us isch es na es stuck bergwärts gsi, entlang amne fluss durch en wunderschöne creek. am ende vo dere strass ...

Yoho National Park:  Emerald Lake, Field, Canada travel blog

Yoho National Park: Emerald Lake

A travel blog entry by drfumblefinger


... . The Burgess Shale Formation offers among the largest density and variety of the finest marine fossils anywhere (and as such Parks Canada has placed the region "off limits" to casual tourists to preserve its integrity). You can easily see this location ...

Our favorite: Yoho National Park, Yoho National Park, Canada travel blog

Our favorite: Yoho National Park

A travel blog entry by jkirby


Day 20 From Glacier we drove a couple more hours down the Trans-Canada Highway to Yoho National Park. Upon arrival we rolled up to the fee booth at the first campground and inquired about camping possibilities. The ranger asked, "What kind of people are ...

Horse muck and prairie dogs!, Yoho National Park of Canada, Canada travel blog

Horse muck and prairie dogs!

A travel blog entry by katie_garnham


... camping having had 7 nights in cabins, lodge and a hostel.... and whilst everyone says how lovely this place is... all I see is a field with horse muck, holes in the ground and prairie dogs popping their little heads out.... Well I guess it can only get ...

Twin Falls and Whaleback Circuit, Twin Falls, Yoho National Park, Canada travel blog

Twin Falls and Whaleback Circuit

A travel blog entry by drfumblefinger


... " -- is the tallest of a number of memorable waterfalls you'll find when exploring Yoho Valley.  It is one of Canada's highest waterfalls.  I generally like to hike alone or with a small group of friends as I enjoy stopping for moments at a ...

Swiss / German reunion, Mosquito Creek, Canada travel blog

Swiss / German reunion

A travel blog entry by toroamarillo


Driving down highway 93 from Japser to Banff we ran into Isabelle and Francesco from Switzerland. They are doing the same tour and their VW Camper was on the same vessel when we shipped it to Halifax. They crossed the continent in Kanada while we did it ...

Arrived in Field, Field, Canada travel blog

Arrived in Field

A travel blog entry by sywert


Arrived in Field, 150 inh, very nice village, with friendly folks. Cross country skiing today! Will stay here for another day, might go look for wolves tomorrow and ...

Yoho yoho!, Field, Canada travel blog

Yoho yoho!

A travel blog entry by lonneke_en_kees


Wanneer we aankomen in het plaatsje Lake Louis is ons plan eigenlijk om Emerald Lake en Lake Louis te bezoeken maar doordat het zondag is, is het mega druk. Hierop besluiten we om door te rijden naar Yoho national park dit is een klein stukje rijden en ...

Burgess Shale, Mt. Stephen Trilobite Hike, Field, Canada travel blog

Burgess Shale, Mt. Stephen Trilobite Hike

A travel blog entry by debbiewaldman


... it was a great experience. On the way home we stopped by Lake Louise.  Although it is one of the most beautiful lakes in Canada, it was pouring rain at the time so we did the quintessential tourist move: drive up, run out of the car to take a ...

Takakkaw Falls, Field, Canada travel blog

Takakkaw Falls

A travel blog entry by debbiewaldman


... right then and entered the tunnel. We carried on to Field.  It was nice to have a hot cuppa joe and a real lunch. Field is a cute little town, nestled in the upper headwaters of the Kicking Horse River. It was a railway town during the early years of ...

Running the Canadian Rockies, Field, Canada travel blog

Running the Canadian Rockies

A travel blog entry by sarah_allen04


... rocky peaks and glaciers. Although the campground's 30 sites were full for the weekend, national park campgrounds in both the US and Canada are so well designed that they never feel busy. Each site nests in an individual clearing in the forest and has its ...

The Iceline, Field, Canada travel blog

The Iceline

A travel blog entry by danielpinno

This is a top pick!

... near Field and drove up the narrow and tight switchback up to the base of Takakkaw Falls which is the second highest in Canada. After a short pitstop, we hiked 3.9 kms along the Yoho River to Laughing Falls past the Angels Staircase Falls. It was pretty ...

White Water and Emerald Lake, Field, Canada travel blog

White Water and Emerald Lake

A travel blog entry by danielpinno

This is a top pick!

... at Field in Yoho National Park at the local restaurant. The next stop was supposed to be Takakkaw Falls (one of the highest in Canada), but unfortunately one of the big RVs had got stuck on the tight switchbacks and the road was blocked. I let Kylie drive ...

Oh, Canada, Yoho, Canada travel blog

Oh, Canada

A travel blog entry by rachelandmike


On our first evening in Canada we reached one of my favourite named places of the trip – 'Radium Hot Springs'! A little bit of a geeky physics snigger there, perhaps, but if they’re managing to sell that as a tourist destination then ...

Reisetag, Emerald Lake, Field, Canada travel blog

Reisetag, Emerald Lake

A travel blog entry by basscall


Heute war ein Reisetag wo wir vom Glacier Nationalpark nach Field fahren mussten (ca 180km). Einen ersten Zwischenstopp gab es in Golden wo wir nochmal all unsere Vorräte auffüllten. Zum Mittagessen probierten wir Tim Hortons aus; kann man nicht ...

Im Yoho Nationalpark, Field, Canada travel blog

Im Yoho Nationalpark

A travel blog entry by schippis


Der Yoho Nationalpark weniger berühmt als die Banff- und Jasper-Nationalparks; dadurch auch weniger touristisch und eine zu entdeckende Perle für Reisende mit etwas mehr Ferientage. Im Tal des Kicking Horse River hat sich der Fluss durch ...

Durch den Jasper Nationalpark, Peyto Lake, Canada travel blog

Durch den Jasper Nationalpark

A travel blog entry by schippis


Abfahrt am frühen Morgen auf die rund 230 km lange Traumstrasse der Rockies, die von Banff nach Jasper führt. Die Icefields Parkway führt immer am Grad der Berge entlang, Gletscher und Bergseen, Wasserfälle und 3000er Gipfel in ...

Columbia Ice Field, Athabaska glacier, Field, Canada travel blog

Columbia Ice Field, Athabaska glacier

A travel blog entry by pvanasp


We headed out to rain but not bad besides our slightly soggy tent. With luck well head into the sun up higher on the mountains. We are taking the ice fields parkway today and though the sky is dull, the mountains continue to impress. The Athabaska ...

Walkin' the (Ice-)Line, Field, Canada travel blog

Walkin' the (Ice-)Line

A travel blog entry by iriemaan


Moraine lake en Yoho, Field, Canada travel blog

Moraine lake en Yoho

A travel blog entry by tienmadeliefjes


Vandaag regent het als we wakker worden. Het is een vreemde nacht geweest. Het heeft af en toe enorm gewaaid en dan was het weer een tijd lang stil. Het was ook in tegenstelling tot de andere nachten ineens erg warm. De regen helpt niet bij het ...

Bears, lakes, waterfalls, flowers and trains, Field, Canada travel blog

Bears, lakes, waterfalls, flowers and trains

A travel blog entry by cflove


... surrounding woods very carefully after that!   Finally while we were having supper back in Field (town population 140) we saw this giant train pulling into Field and changing the crew; there were no barriers, I could have just popped down for a ...

Hiking with bears, Field, Canada travel blog

Hiking with bears

A travel blog entry by christine1205


Today we went back to Lake Moraine to do a day hike to the Sentinel Pass. As now we were a group of 4 we were "allowed" to pass the sign that warned us on grizly bears. Generally, it was recommended to speak loud and make noise while walking along the ...

12K Hike, Switchbacks & Tunnels, Field, Canada travel blog

12K Hike, Switchbacks & Tunnels

A travel blog entry by joeandmaryann


Today we went on, what turned out to be, a beautiful hike to Johnston Canyon.  Now obviously anything that carries the Johnston name will be amazing so we decided to make it a stop in our journey. We were all packed up from our campsite and had our ...

Science Day - Burgess Shale Fossils!!, Field, Canada travel blog

Science Day - Burgess Shale Fossils!!

A travel blog entry by nicoleean


... - Field in Yoho - back again, about 30 minutes each way Today is a DAY :D My big sister turns 40 - happy birthday from Canada! And it's Burgess Shale Fossil day!  This day hike is the reason we planned our summer vacation to be in the Rockies. I ...

Banff, AB to Kicking Horse Campground, BC, Kicking Horse Campground , Canada travel blog

Banff, AB to Kicking Horse Campground, BC

A travel blog entry by mattmeetsworld


We weren't all that interested in hanging around our hostel more than necessary, so we headed out pretty early. Dropping our bags off at the front desk, we walked through Banff, enjoying the fresh area and incredible sights. Lee and David had recommended ...

Our Rocky Mountain experience, Columbia-Shuswap, Canada travel blog

Our Rocky Mountain experience

A travel blog entry by kaztravel


OMG....what a day. We headed off this morning for a 2 night stay in the Rocky Mountains. Driving through Rogers Pass following the path of the Rocky Mountaineer Train, we can see why people would want to do it. However Cathy and I have also decided that ...

Back into British Columbia, Field, Canada travel blog

Back into British Columbia

A travel blog entry by catndeano


... a campsite for the night. On arrival we found that the site was un-manned, so we had to drive 1.5km to the next village (Field Visitor Centre) to pay our park fee, (we were going to prebook our campsite for tomorrow night in Banff, but changed our mind ...

Walking on a Glacier - Yeaha!, Field, Canada travel blog

Walking on a Glacier - Yeaha!

A travel blog entry by christine1205


... the train had already left the tunnel driving down, the back is still entering the entrance on the other side. Along the way, just before Field: "THERE! STOP!" There he is - a bear! We already gave up the hope to see one and there he is: walking along ...

Lake O'Hara, Lake O'Hara, Canada travel blog

Lake O'Hara

A travel blog entry by jess_stewart


... .  We got about 2kms down the road and it was starting to get cold and the sun was disappearing behind the mountains when a Parks Canada truck pulled up and the driver asked if we'd like a lift.  Naturally we said yes, and as there was no room ...

Day 4, Field, Canada travel blog

Day 4

A travel blog entry by twatt


... on our way by 6, quick stop to get brekkie at Timmies. It's a pleasant 14 degrees with no wind! just glorious. 6.40 - Through Canada's Houseboat capital, Sicamous 7.40 and a quick stop at the pretty little town of Revelstoke. 9.30 and a pit stop for a ...

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