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Dryden Ontario, Dryden, Canada travel blog

Dryden Ontario

A travel blog entry by myjob

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... drive and see my best friend in Dryden. Now, what I am about to say is some what disturbing, so take a seat. I love Dryden. I know I know, what is wrong with me. But I have spent the last few days walking the dogs, enjoying the outdoors, ...

Ahhh...memories of the east coast!, Dryden, Canada travel blog

Ahhh...memories of the east coast!

A travel blog entry by adamandtara


... we are just dead after the 80km ride and will take a 1/2 day to Vermillion and then do the Kenora trek.  We probalby could do Dryden to Kenora in one day but it is about 130km and it's just not a good idea for us.  There's nothing in between ...

Blog entry #1, Dryden, Canada travel blog

Blog entry #1

A travel blog entry by hansonmartens


Hi Everyone!      It's Hanson blogging from Dryden, Ontario. This is my first of many blogs about my trip across Canada. To let you know what is happening, I've decided to blog each week and summarize it into a few ...

Erste Hälfte nach Winnipeg, Dryden, Canada travel blog

Erste Hälfte nach Winnipeg

A travel blog entry by danimichl


... Weiter ging es dann durch eine wieder sehr abwechslungsreiche, aber grundsätzlich von Wald und Wasser geprägte Landschaft nach Dryden. Heute haben wir uns ein Motel gesucht - hoffentlich keine so schlechte Entscheidung wie letztes Mal... Aber bisher ist ...

Ontario, Dryden, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by graybeard


As I enter a restaurant for breakfast this morning a man comments on my bike and we have a brief conversation before he invites me to join him and his wife at their table.  I've said it before but I love the way riding a bike facilitates ...

Ballz, Dryden, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by peteindira


... through Kenora.  Nice town with a great waterfront, one giant bass statue, and of course Timmies! Buster's BBQ was our last stop shortly before Dryden.  Awesome truck stop BBQ joint.  Needless to say, we left a few bones ...

My rules have already been broken!, Dryden, Canada travel blog

My rules have already been broken!

A travel blog entry by scott_and_kerry


So they started out great...a nice, picturesque drive to Dryden. We arrived at our campsite, excited about our first night. Then the clouds rolled in, right as we were setting up. You never saw 2 people move so fast in your life. We set up camp in less ...

Sorry you missed your appointment Leroy!, Dryden, Canada travel blog

Sorry you missed your appointment Leroy!

A travel blog entry by jojojinks12

... . A couple hours into the ride he decided to show me a few bands. He cranked that baby full blast all the way into Dryden. Rockin tunes and light headbanging was had. Truckers have this funny way of promising you hooks ups when they drop you off with ...

Day 6 - Thunder Bay to Blue Lake Provincial Park, Blue Lake Provincial Park, Canada travel blog

Day 6 - Thunder Bay to Blue Lake Provincial Park

A travel blog entry by philipnaylor


As we left Thunder Bay we also began to move away from Lake Superior and travelled along Highway 17 mainly with loggers and truckers.   The landscape began changing with trees growing on more flat and rolling land.   We remained on ...

Les souvenirs s'installent., Dryden ON, Canada travel blog

Les souvenirs s'installent.

A travel blog entry by eric-ouest


Comme personne n'a répondu à ma question d'hier, je vous donne un deuxième indice : la compagnie a perdu quelques milliard dans sa brève aventure canadienne.  En passant la frontière de l'Ontario, m'est revenu la fébrilité que j'avais en ...

Entlang der grossen Seen, Wabigoon Lake, Canada travel blog

Entlang der grossen Seen

A travel blog entry by seeyou2011


... über Kanada wissen sollte, dass sobald man sich von den Städten entfernt, im Niemandsland befindet. Die Dörfer entlang des Trans Canada Highway 17 erlebten ihre beste Blütezeit während dem 18. und 19. Jahrhundert, als man hier das grosse Geld ...

From West Hawk Lake  Mb to Dryden On, Dryden, Canada travel blog

From West Hawk Lake Mb to Dryden On

A travel blog entry by patxi


... beautiful that I accomplished 200 kms and I didn't even feel it ,nor I was tired when I stop for the night in Dryden On...... I was lucky also to find a very nice campground called Birchland Travel Park just at the entrance of the city with ...

We hit the road again..Go West, Go West, Dryden, Canada travel blog

We hit the road again..Go West, Go West

A travel blog entry by richarddsmith


We had a great visit in Thunder Bay.  Visiting family is always good, and I got the opportunity to reconnect with some old friends that I have not seen in 30 years. The city has lots of wild life right in the city.  Dear, Eagles, Hawks, Fox, ...

Canada Central: Day 10, Dryden, Canada travel blog

Canada Central: Day 10

A travel blog entry by js_cameron


Start:            Winnipeg, Manitoba End:             Dryden, Ontario Total Kms:    413 Weather:      clear blue skies with few clouds          ...

Winnipeg. Mint and Manitoba National Museum, Dryden, Canada travel blog

Winnipeg. Mint and Manitoba National Museum

A travel blog entry by ryansarah


... dinner early before the rain came which was just as well.. We crossed in to Ontario just before 7pm and continued until we reached Dryden about 9 o'clock. We found Walmart just off the highway and parked up for the night. We were lucky to get a free wifi ...

Arrived in the snow., Dryden, Canada travel blog

Arrived in the snow.

A travel blog entry by ronnym1

snowed every day !!!! stayed at camp ground so we could plug in heater!!! ...

Tom & Diane's New House, Dryden, Canada travel blog

Tom & Diane's New House

A travel blog entry by rwpek

We took Dad with us up to Dryden to visit Diane and Tom and to see their "new" to them house which they bought last fall.  It is a very nice house.  Unfortunately, it is decorated with a lot of Toronto Maple Leaf stuff which doesn't mesh with my ...

Ending Of Day Two, Dryden,Ontario, Canada travel blog

Ending Of Day Two

A travel blog entry by going-out-west

drove all day, through huge rocks and beautiful backrounds. Lake Superior was gorgeous. Stayed in a odd little motel, clean, smelled kinda old. The furniture was 50's ish. but the two beds were separted which gave me a little privacy. (staying in a motel ...

Moose and bears oh my, Dryden, Canada travel blog

Moose and bears oh my

A travel blog entry by shiverglass


8th We saw a mooooseeE!!!! A mummy moose and a baby moose today! And a black bear. A little one. Not at the same time mind, but saw them!!! By the side of the road as we went past. Everyone shouting that they had seen it and mike putting on the ...

Beginnings, Dryden, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by agoard


... "!!!  This will be our 11th day on the road. We are currently sitting for the night in a small campground just outside Dryden, Ontario having passed the half way mark to the Atlantic yesterday. Eight of the previous ten days have been very busy with ...

WHAT? The National Canoeing Championships?!?, Dryden, Canada travel blog

WHAT? The National Canoeing Championships?!?

A travel blog entry by skyisblu

Woke up to a surprise this morning, the sounds of crowds cheering VERY LOUDLY, almost next to our tent. It turns out there was a very good reason why the campground was full this weekend, and not just because we checked in on a Friday night. This weekend ...

Beauty on the Cheap, Dryden, Canada travel blog

Beauty on the Cheap

A travel blog entry by soohma


Did you know that technicians do not work on Saturday in Ontario? Don't know about the rest of Canada. I called every RV repair place I could find and got the same answer. No worries. I’ll just use my drinking water containers for everything until ...

Canada, Dryden, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by tsengedal


Up, Down & Around, Dryden, Canada travel blog

Up, Down & Around

A travel blog entry by marknorthcott

... another 40km away and was to be our destination for the day. It was interesting that the terrain between Vermillion Bay and Dryden sort of resembled the prairies, but with hills. The road became very straight and fields could be found where there were ...

Just what we Needed, Dryden, Canada travel blog

Just what we Needed

A travel blog entry by wanderlustige_3


We arrived in Dryden at around 8pm where we planned to stop for the night. After taking in some of the local sites, exploring the downtown area, and satisfying the need for sustenance at the local Subway we retired to our motel room. Thus ending day one ...

The Road Less Travelled, Dryden, Canada travel blog

The Road Less Travelled

A travel blog entry by dprovan


... through rain followed by bright sunshine over and over. A rainbow appeared as we pulled into the Holiday Inn Express in Dryden. Our new friend, Faith the receptionist recommended we go to Kokum Bannock for dinner. This restaurant has been featured on ...

Day 31: Dryden, Ontario, Dryden, Canada travel blog

Day 31: Dryden, Ontario

A travel blog entry by brydebsimon


We continued through Manitoba today and into Ontario. The country changed character from pure fields of wheat to wheat/sunflower and finally to a mixture of many types of crops before driving into Winnipeg. The farms ceased at this point and we drove ...

Boondoging, Dryden, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by bdtravels


We have entered Ontario meaning beautiful lakes and rivers. The northwest reminds us of northern Alberta and Sask.with dense forests of poplar.birch and jack pine. It's ...

Dryden, Ontario, Dryden, Canada travel blog

Dryden, Ontario

A travel blog entry by alexd3


Here are a few photos of Dryden, ...

Day 8, Dryden, Canada travel blog

Day 8

A travel blog entry by lindabaker

... . As we got further west the snow eased, but you could see where they had had quite a bit at some point. Drove through Dryden and headed for Kenora. Stopped at Little Joe Lake for Ian to fish, but caught nothing. Headed to Walmart in Kenora, Boston ...

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