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St John to Nova Scotia, Digby, Canada travel blog

St John to Nova Scotia

A travel blog entry by marty_sk

... Bay of Fundy to Nova Scotia. It starts raining as I board the 3hr ferry so it's a good time to use the ships wifi. I arrive in Digby where it rains for the rest of the day. Making the most of a rainy day (only my second so far) I get some paperwork and ...

Blog entry #7, Digby, Canada travel blog

Blog entry #7

A travel blog entry by hansonmartens


... ;watching parades visiting wineries and eating a gravy slathered beef sandwich for lunch. We stayed at a another campground close to Digby for one night before waking up at 5 in the morning to board another ferry from which I am currently ...

Digby and Brier Island, Digby, Canada travel blog

Digby and Brier Island

A travel blog entry by kalsi_kaur


... a charm. We are, however, a little paranoid now. It´s difficult to get the van looked at on short notice, but back in Digby the very helpful information centre staff got us in touch with a local mechanic who was able to check the alternator and battery ...

the highs & lows at Digby..., Digby, Canada travel blog

the highs & lows at Digby...

A travel blog entry by lynandgrae


... & at the end they gave us a taste of the date & meringue pie. The fillets of flounder were outstanding! Wednesday 01/07... CANADA DAY!  Sing along now:   O Canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love in all thy sons command. With ...

Digby, Digby, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by jason_joyce


... adventure. The company we went with was called Briars Island Whale and Seabird Cruises. The biggest trick is to leave real early from Digby because if you don't time the ferries right you'll end up missing your tour. Aim to get there about an hour ...

Digby, Bear River, Barton, Granville Ferry, Digby, Canada travel blog

Digby, Bear River, Barton, Granville Ferry

A travel blog entry by nanslyn


... quality! In the cemetery in that area, we found lots and lots of the Croscups. Then in Barton, just outside of Digby, we found Bob's grandfather's parents and also his great grandfather. This was the union of Trefrys and Milburys. The Milburys also ...

Scallop Capital of the World, Digby, Canada travel blog

Scallop Capital of the World

A travel blog entry by awos1244


... completely socked in with fog. It's raining too. I'm glad yesterday was beautiful! We took off for our next destination of Digby, NS. Stopped in Liverpool, NS located on the Mersey River that flows into the Atlantic ocean. Had a great lunch at Lane's ...

Day 11 - Digby and Annapolis Royal, Digby, Canada travel blog

Day 11 - Digby and Annapolis Royal

A travel blog entry by 10sandy


... Washington to uphold his promise.  Several ships carrying Loyalists to Nova Scotia  was allowed to leave with Admiral Digby commanding the ship "Atalanta".  The fleet arrived in Conway in early June of 1783.  Digby served as ...

Digby, Digby, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by harryandnorah


... .  The fort was laid out in a classic star shape that gave cover from many sides and this design was then adoped all over Canada.  We saw this pattern at the big Citadels in Quebec and Halifax,  We plodded on and reached Digby, which is a ...

Evangeline trail, Digby, Canada travel blog

Evangeline trail

A travel blog entry by forgeroadtrip


... really happy that we got to see a bit of Digby before crossing the bay. We had to have scallops, as that is what Digby is famous for...... Awesome, best scallops ever. Words that come to mind....big....clean....mild. The three hour ferry ride went without ...

Raining non eventful day in Digby, Digby, Canada travel blog

Raining non eventful day in Digby

A travel blog entry by lilmont


... relax before going to have the Pontiac serviced at 3.00pm need an oil change at W. Boliver Service Center in the Industrial area of Digby.  Lovely couple run the family business and the service cost us $46.44 couldn't pay that in Perth.  Said we ...

Maps: not just for old people., Digby, Canada travel blog

Maps: not just for old people.

A travel blog entry by dejm3

... , but we didn't. So after the kayaking, we took the 200 km dirt path back to civilization (Saint John) to catch the ferry to Digby. At 11 PM. Who the hell schedules one of the twice a day three-hour crossing ferries for 11-f-ing o'clock at night?! A 2 ...

Brier Island here we come, Digby, Canada travel blog

Brier Island here we come

A travel blog entry by lilmont


... to see the sights on Brier Island. All showered had breakfast and ready for the road it's a glorious day as we drive through Digby down Prince William Street where the Pontiac was serviced on Hwy 217 which is the only road to the islands. The view all ...

Vom Regen in die Sonne, Digby, Canada travel blog

Vom Regen in die Sonne

A travel blog entry by pf_on_the_road


... rain) angesagt! Deshalb haben wir unsere Route etwas abgekürzt und sind direkt über West Berlin und Liverpool nach Digby gefahren. Nach Bezug des Zimmers mit etwas schrägem Boden haben wir noch die Gegend erkundet. Gegen Abend hat ...

On the road to Digby, Digby, Canada travel blog

On the road to Digby

A travel blog entry by lilmont


... near by. Passing Berwick the apple growing area then a little later in the distance is Greenwood the largest air force base in Canada. Lots of little towns or villages on either which we will go on at Exit 20 to Bridgetown. The view of Acadian forest ...

Trip to Brier Island, Digby, Canada travel blog

Trip to Brier Island

A travel blog entry by danny_christine


... idea. We also got talking to a couple from New Zealand who had bought an RV in Oregon and were travelling around the States and Canada as they had rented there house out for the year - what a coincidence. I was able to pickup some good hints on cost ...

Digby, NS, Digby, NS, Canada travel blog

Digby, NS

A travel blog entry by lroff

... went down to Weymouth, Plymouth, etc to look for some of my friend's ancestors in a graveyard (found them). We stayed in Digby at a wonderful hotel complex run by the government of Nova Scotia. We actually stayed in a little cottage on the grounds and ...

Digby, Digby, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by larry_shirley


... Digby, a few miles from the campground. Digby is a quiet harbor town that is basically the scallop capital of Canada.   Just north of Digby is the Point Prim lighthouse.  Most Canadian light houses are pretty much the same in construction, but ...

Kejimmkujik National Park, Digby, Canada travel blog

Kejimmkujik National Park

A travel blog entry by ryansarah


... imagine how happy we were after just having let it all be aired out for the afternoon!! Eventually we continued on down Digby Neck.. We stopped at a picnic spot in Sandy cove to cook dinner and re collect ourselves after the previous hours excitement, ...

On our way to Digby, Digby, Canada travel blog

On our way to Digby

A travel blog entry by cmbottrell

What a relief - I found a computer at an information station on the way to the boat to go to Digby! We are heading over a day early - we figured out that we could make the first boat from Grand manan and then catch the boat over to Nova Scotia! So much ...

Whale Watching, Digby, Canada travel blog

Whale Watching

A travel blog entry by arvay


Wow! What a day. We got up to a wonderful warm blue sky day so our whale watching dream became a reality. The reservations we had made yesterday didn't work because it was too windy to leave from that prearranged spot but we were advised to drive ...

Bay of Fundy Exploration, Digby, Canada travel blog

Bay of Fundy Exploration

A travel blog entry by arvay


Greetings from the best B & B we've experienced yet. Since our last entry we checked out Moncton ( very quickly ) and then on to The Hopewell Rocks. What a cool place! It was raining pretty hard for some of the time there but we went at about 3:00 ...

Hummingbirds and porpoises, Digby, Canada travel blog

Hummingbirds and porpoises

A travel blog entry by suzybee_11


... . Possibly it was because he was wearing a shirt with red sleeves and they are attracted to that colour. We took a run out to Digby to visit Tim Horton's to get some doughnuts and a  couple of traveling mugs so that we can keep our coffee hot while ...

Digby, Digby, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by cathyjanu


We left Yarmouth around 10 am and headed up the coast towards Digby.  The road hugged the coast most of the way.  However, we couldn’t see a lot of stuff due to, guess what, the FOG!   After a while, the fog lifted for the most part, ...

It's motorcycle riding time!, Digby, Canada travel blog

It's motorcycle riding time!

A travel blog entry by a3dennert


... hosed down our bikes at the Four Corners Motorcycle Park ( and then crossed the border into New Brunswick, Canada and rode till Grand Falls where we spend the night at a Best Western. While watching TV at the hotel we ...

May 31, 2012, Digby, Canada travel blog

May 31, 2012

A travel blog entry by vriecke


Peggy's Cove to Digby, Digby, Canada travel blog

Peggy's Cove to Digby

A travel blog entry by nboersma


As we leave Peggy's Cove and our Hackett Cove B&B the "Flying Dutchman", we awake to a clear morning as the fog burns off. Henk and Doreen feed us well and sent us on our way with directions to Mahone Bay for some neat shops and a great picture stop ...

Travelling to the far north, Digby, Canada travel blog

Travelling to the far north

A travel blog entry by ccaraian


... . The churches here are white and have tall pointed steeples. The topography and vegetation changed quite rapidly as soon as we entered Canada, the type of evergreens becoming much more limited, and the roads very wide. They have a lot of space in this ...

A trip to Digby for Digby & The Haunted Maze, Digby, Canada travel blog

A trip to Digby for Digby & The Haunted Maze

A travel blog entry by dunbar2013


... farming lands. Digby sits on the Bay of Fundy and it has incredibly fast tides and huge Scallops and lobsters. The village of Digby is very beautiful it's a really good example of a fishing village. What to do in Digby..... Eat seafood! So we went for ...

Hurricane, Cyclone, Tropical Storm???, Digby, Canada travel blog

Hurricane, Cyclone, Tropical Storm???

A travel blog entry by rdkflaherty


We took the 'scenic' route from Halifax to Digby.  There were pretty little towns and Acadia University which looks like a really nice but we were hoping for some more water views. We made it just in time for the Brazil - Columbia Match at World Cup ...

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