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367, Burlington, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by meganfisher


... 7. Hot water 8. Less smokers and cigarette butts everywhere 9. Good internet 10. Cooking/ baking After 367 days away from Canada, I arrived back on Canadian soil. Now is the time for one final reflection on my experiences. One of my friends introduced me ...

Test run, Burlington, Canada travel blog

Test run

A travel blog entry by barryandgayle

Hi Paul and Bonnie, thanks for showing us this. HOpe it works. ...

Nice beach with Toronto view, Hamilton Beach, Canada travel blog

Nice beach with Toronto view

A travel blog entry by toroamarillo


After the lunch with Savio and Heidi we spent some time at Hamilton beach. Very clean, nice brise and you could see the Skyscapers of Toronto in the distance. Nach dem Mittagessen mit Savio und Heide wollten wir erstmal ausruhen und sind zum Hamilton ...

This is it!, Burlington, Canada travel blog

This is it!

A travel blog entry by kingo

Seriously? Tomorrow morning at 5 A.M we will be walking out this door and not come back for 100 days! What an insane weekend, coming back from Vegas, getting the kids ready for a full weekend of recitals--yes for those of you who are not dance parents, ...

Seven Countries, Two Continents, A Million Stories, Burlington, Canada travel blog

Seven Countries, Two Continents, A Million Stories

A travel blog entry by ebowley


... traveled a healthy portion of the earth's surface these past 3 months and I finally find myself in familiar territory.  I arrived home in Burlington July 11th with a (couple of) packs on my back, a smile on my face and a changed heart.  I had ...

We are home, Burlington, Canada travel blog

We are home

A travel blog entry by kingo

I can hardly beleive where time has gone. We are back in Burlington and life is back to almost the way it was before we left. but not really. So much has changed, in my heart and in my mind. Home is not our house, home is my family, my heart, my love. I ...

Hello Canada - Flight 6, Burlington, Canada travel blog

Hello Canada - Flight 6

A travel blog entry by ironhide502


... to catch that up on another flight. Customs was slick and before we knew it we were in a Cab on the way to Leanne's house in Burlington. Daron and the kids were glad to see us Amanda was so excited. It was good to finally get here as this it the half way ...

Seeing the sights, Burlington, Canada travel blog

Seeing the sights

A travel blog entry by ironhide502


... the day it is just too far away to see. We left the kids with Jodie and Daron, Leanne , Jord and I went to the Air Canada center in Toronto to watch the Toronto Raptors play the Philadelphia 76 ers it was a great night and we all had a ball, The Raptors ...

Frosty the Snowman, Burlington, Canada travel blog

Frosty the Snowman

A travel blog entry by ironhide502


We have heard that the weather is on the improve and it looks like the existing snow is gonna melt, so after Leanne dropped the kids at school we decided to build our very first snow creature. Leanne had a call from the school on her way home saying ...

It's a blog world after all..., Burlington, Canada travel blog

It's a blog world after all...

A travel blog entry by leeinkster

Communication has always intrigued me.  Language, the spoken word, the written word, how those words are perceived by others....non-verbal messages, subconscious messages, tactile messages, intentional and unintentional messages....electronic ...

Five Sleeps - the countdown to Guatemala, Burlington, Canada travel blog

Five Sleeps - the countdown to Guatemala

A travel blog entry by leeinkster


Trying to get 2 months of clothes and supplies into one backpack, getting my head around conjugating Spanish verbs, deciding what books to take, coordinating donations to take...ah, the countdown to Guatemala ...

Salgo por el Sabado (I leave on Saturday), Burlington, Canada travel blog

Salgo por el Sabado (I leave on Saturday)

A travel blog entry by losviajes

... I will likely find myself in a host family who's level of material standing surpasses that of my own in Canada. This may testify to a country and continent who's society is characterized by unbelievable stratification and polarization between the rich ...

Getting ready to go., Burlington, Canada travel blog

Getting ready to go.

A travel blog entry by where2now


... job, and I just helped Gerry move into his first house, with his fiancee Melissa. We've been staying in my parents basement in Burlington, which is really weird. I haven't lived at home for this long since I was 19, and it's a bit of an adjustment. ...

Im starting to get a little excited!!!!, Burlington, Canada travel blog

Im starting to get a little excited!!!!

A travel blog entry by cindylou


Im just sitting here this beautiful Sunday morning , sipping my coffee . Im trying to book three nites on the beach in Italy with no luck at all. Way too expensive.. But I will not give up. The Problem is the pools aren't open until June and I will ...

Photo time!!, Burlington, Canada travel blog

Photo time!!

A travel blog entry by tpoyner


Hi, This entry is really just for adding some photos... i'm currently sitting in the den at Christina's family home in Burlington, Canada... just outside Toronto and Hamilton... the photos, i'm adding are from all over our travels... might even be a ...

Burlington, Burlington, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by pixelrev


... view and food were all good - thanks go to Dan for the recommendation.  After lunch I successfully got on the right bus to Burlington Mall for a look around the shops there before heading home. There is a flat fee of $3 and if you want to change bus ...

Made it to Canada - eventually!, Burlington, Canada travel blog

Made it to Canada - eventually!

A travel blog entry by pixelrev

... hall 4 hours later than I should have - poor Dan. Just over 30 minutes later I arrived at the welcoming and comfortable home of Dan & Laurie in Burlington. It was good to renew old acquaintances with a glass of Canada's finest wine! I slept well. ...

The calm before the storm, Burlington, Canada travel blog

The calm before the storm

A travel blog entry by no.limits

    Now the title of this might be a little dramatic, but so far it really has been fairly easy sailing. I've been so prepared to this point there isn't much for me to worry about. Its crazy how much of a difference it makes when you have ...

July!, Burlington, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by brookii

I got together with ray today and we had a blast! We passed by the Luckies and said hi! Our two dogs Winnie and Hudson met for the 1st time today! They seemd to love eachother! We went to the park and the variety store and each bought them a treat! ...

Starts at home, Burlington, Canada travel blog

Starts at home

A travel blog entry by bambolaingita


Testing this thing out. I'm at ...

Off to the Airport!, Burlington, Canada travel blog

Off to the Airport!

A travel blog entry by jmin


Well this is it, I am leaving for the airport and will be flying out tonight at 8:30pm EST.  I am all packed and ready to go...might even be a little nervous as this is the last time I will see home for 40 days. Pretty sure I packed the right ...

CSEC Visit #2, Burlington, Canada travel blog

CSEC Visit #2

A travel blog entry by bsihra

Once again it was a ton of work! We were in the Waterloo room and the best part was the amazing lunch room �� We also went to see the CGI DC. We rented the huge Yukon XL �� ...

Toronto->Reykjavik->Glasgow, Burlington, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by adionaplane

Toronto->Reykjavik->Glasgow ...

Countdown, Burlington, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by adionaplane


Still some things to do before departure, but I am getting super ...

Wherever you go, go with all your heart., Burlington, Canada travel blog

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

A travel blog entry by dreamingawake


Well where to start this time... It has been a few months since I started this blog... and as much as I had intended on updating it during my preparation for this trip, I never found a chance. The past few months of my life have probably been some of my ...

claybones adventure, Burlington, Canada travel blog

claybones adventure

A travel blog entry by claybone99


multi billionare and playboy phillanthripist is awesome and ...

The Packing List, Burlington, Canada travel blog

The Packing List

A travel blog entry by wolfieg

Wolfe's Pack (Deuter Futura 28 Litre Daypack)    Clothing ScotteVest Travel Jacket ScotteVest Ultimate Cargo Pants (x2) Mountain Equipment Co-op Zip Leg Nylon Pants T-shirts (x2) Long Sleeve Sweater Long Sleeve Guayabera Shirt Travel ...

Hot!!, Burlington, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by bearethere


Hottest day I've experienced in a long time!  Probably the worst day to walk around the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington.  Which was unfortunate because it's all so beautiful.  Lots of lovely plants and flowers.  Also, the art ...

My Journey Begins, Burlington, Canada travel blog

My Journey Begins

A travel blog entry by alexmoore

Today marks the first day of my epic journey to Herstmonceux and beyond. My bags are packed, my wallet is full (for now) and I am ready for the ...

one long weekend, Burlington, Canada travel blog

one long weekend

A travel blog entry by synde

Burlington nice med. size city, nice people, very small dance stage omg, and very long day sunday. Lovely gardens, an amasing beach with harbor what an amasing ...

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