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Time to move on to Toronto, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog

Time to move on to Toronto

A travel blog entry by robncarol


... nbsp;                     Abbotsford/BC/Canada Hello     We have had a lovely week exploring this area but it is coming to an end. ...

Camping at Cultus Lake, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog

Camping at Cultus Lake

A travel blog entry by martartu


Camping at Cultus ...

9-years Birthday, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog

9-years Birthday

A travel blog entry by martartu


9-years Birthday at Castle Fun ...

Anticipation, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by jyouknit


Everything (well almost everything) is taken care of and it looks as if we are ready to go. If you don't already know, Marshall and I are taking a quick one week-er to New York City. I have my passport, my airline ticket and absolutely nothing else ...

"Socorro! No entiendo!"

A travel blog entry by marybc


One o'clock in the morning is not a good time to start fretting.  Did I remember that?   Did I pack this?  By 3am I realize that everything is done and that I will begin this trip absolutely exhausted.  Good thing we get an extra ...

Gaardbesoeg i Canada, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog

Gaardbesoeg i Canada

A travel blog entry by norgaard007


Gaardbesoeg i Abbotsford, Canada med mine ...

Back in Canada, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog

Back in Canada

A travel blog entry by robncarol


... as usual on a cruise. Our cruise lifestyle is over and we are back on terra firma in a lovely home  on a hill overlooking Abbotsford which is about an hour south of Vancouver. Sharon & Arnold, our hosts, met us at the ship on Friday ...

Dans l'avion, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog

Dans l'avion

A travel blog entry by fr3nch


Aujourd'hui mon voyage a ...

Crosing the border!, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog

Crosing the border!

A travel blog entry by jo_and_peter


... Ian took the bags and through them in the boot of his new car which is really nice and we made the 1 hour journey to Abbotsford. Eveyone was already at the house cooking dinner when we arrived. It was really good to see Claire, Bobby and Howard again and ...

Motorhomes, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by dogmydog


Fui hoje numa exposicao de trailers com Leti e Wayne. O mais caro valia meio milhao de dolares... canadenses. ...

Ma famille d'accuel!, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog

Ma famille d'accuel!

A travel blog entry by ashleyy


Voici la famille que je vais rester avec cet été. Ils s'appellent Robert et Kacey. Ils ont deux filles qui s'appellent Magarite et Madeline. Margarite a sept ans et Madeline a six ans. Les deux filles aiment jouer avec des poupée et avoir les ...

Castle Fun Park-1, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog

Castle Fun Park-1

A travel blog entry by martartu


"Казино" для ...

Arrival, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by redde_stijl

Stayed at the ...

5 Days to Blast-off, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog

5 Days to Blast-off

A travel blog entry by forsterb

All is booked, the house in Ajijic, the United flight to Guadalajara. Let the packing and planning start for our 7:00 pm flight out to Guadalajara, ...

Leaving Abbotsford, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog

Leaving Abbotsford

A travel blog entry by chassingdreams


... last exit off the freeway before the 2nd narrows bridge. Through Gastown as construction prevented approaching the cruise terminal. @ Canada Place Cruise terminal we Boarded the Statendam with Torrun, Dan & Garry. On Sunday September 29 32013. ...

On the ideals of travel, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog

On the ideals of travel

A travel blog entry by lklassen

Lately I've been reflecting on my seemingly innate desire to travel. I could spout some nonsense about the "travel bug," but it's a tired idiom that carries some unnecessarily negative connotations. Besides, such a phrase would likely mean nothing to ...

Waiting, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by letmego

W ...

Nasty, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by sunfumsurf

I was at the Terra Cotta inn and they frown On uncut men which I totally understand. They look horrible and do infact dirty the Pools with thier bacteria breeding uncut Skin. I see that most nude clubs do not Allow the uncut men to join or enter. ...

Airport fun, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog

Airport fun

A travel blog entry by travelingdiva

... with Lincoln and Darla and they got a lot of attention and were complimented on their adorableness several times. Once I got to Abbotsford it got a little more complicated. Our flight arrived 15 minutes early and I had nobody greet me off the plane. ...

The almighty Fraiser Sturgeon!, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog

The almighty Fraiser Sturgeon!

A travel blog entry by jo_and_peter


Waking up this morning wasn't tough at all. I was awake 30 minutes before my 6.45am alarm went off. It must have been the excitement. I've always wanted to fish on the Fraiser river and the sturgeon in the stretch of the river at mission are ...

Back in My Own Bed !, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog

Back in My Own Bed !

A travel blog entry by forsterb

We arrived safely after a very long day.  Up at 1:00 a.m. Pacific time and putting this final segment together at 8:00 p.m. - Love travel but I hate these long flights and delays at the different airports.  It's so great to be back in my own ...

Home, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by jklassen

Home ...

Mon voyage, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog

Mon voyage

A travel blog entry by lilianacalderon


White Rock, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog

White Rock

A travel blog entry by jo_and_peter


... 10.15pm Bobby and Kara were all packed and ready to go. It is a lot cheaper to fly from America than Canada on the majority of flights, so their flight to Cancun was actually from Seattle, meaning another border crossing for them before they ...

East Meets West - Again After 8 years!, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog

East Meets West - Again After 8 years!

A travel blog entry by beasley


... of Laura and Glitza! Hate to resort to clichés, but it really did seem like no time had passed at all. We stayed in Abbotsford and joined the Sunday end-of-the- weekend "cabin" traffic heading  back into Vancouver and it was definitely worth it. ...

Family and Friends, Spring 2009, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog

Family and Friends, Spring 2009

A travel blog entry by pedalpaddle


Friends and Family, Abbotsford, Fraser Valley, B.C. Spring ...

Jo's visiting her mum, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog

Jo's visiting her mum

A travel blog entry by brentandjo


We are currently staying in the RV outside Jo's sister's house in Abbotsford, Canada. Jo, sister is away on a well deserved break and Jo is spending the days with her mom. Mean while  I am revarnishing a lot of the cupboards in the RV. It seems that ...

Photos!!!, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by iriemaan


So jetzt hab ich's endlich geschafft mal wieder einige Bilder hochzuladen! Jetzt koennt ihr auch endlich mal die Natur Kanadas geniessen, oder mir beim Surfen zuschaun! Ausserdem haeng ich hier noch ein paar Bilder von Vancouver an, weil ich gemerkt hab, ...

BC, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by newg



We Bloggin' it!, Abbotsford, Canada travel blog

We Bloggin' it!

A travel blog entry by margolarz


Hello friends and family! We have decided to try using a travel blog occasionally while we are away in SE Asia... Hopefully you find it interesting! I will attempt to make my writing entertaining, however it has been a while since I have written any ...

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