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Hunt for the Mozambique Consulate, Limbe, Malawi travel blog

Hunt for the Mozambique Consulate

A travel blog entry by izzie

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- ...

Hiking in the clouds., Cameroon Highlands, Malaysia travel blog

Hiking in the clouds.

A travel blog entry by hildreth75

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Cameroon Highlands are famous for their high altitude tea plantations. Although this sounds about exciting as Matlock, the place was actaully very scenic, green and cool. It's a great place to escape the insane heat. Basically I took a bus there, stayed ...

Cameroon's Story, Yaoundé, Cameroon travel blog

Cameroon's Story

A travel blog entry by hmax


... in return. Houses and dress also changed. From mainly concrete and tin houses in Nigeria back to traditional mud huts in Cameroon. The round huts, with pointy grass roofs, seemed to be organised in clusters and sometimes compounds, which were different in ...

six weeks to go, Dschang, Cameroon travel blog

six weeks to go

A travel blog entry by vruiz84

So I just took the most amazing motorcycle ride from fontem to dschang, two hours of mountain, forest and breathtaking views. i have six weeks left, and its so hard for me to really be here, i miss everything so much. on the upside, i LOVE my patients. i ...

Yaoundé (le retour), Yaoundé, Cameroon travel blog

Yaoundé (le retour)

A travel blog entry by cmuller


 voila J'écrivais dans mon dernier message concernant les joie de la revente de la moto.... eh bien l'aventure a encore continué un peu... finalement c'est alors que je parlais avec des randoms au bord de la route qu'un type s'intéresse depuis sa ...

I love water, Dschang, Cameroon travel blog

I love water

A travel blog entry by vruiz84


Let's see.. We haven't had internet for two weeks, which is devastating for me, because really, the whole world ends in Menji, which is only 2 kms away. We also didn't have water because it's the end of the dry season - and the rain that is coming is ...

Rest In Peace, Dschang, Cameroon travel blog

Rest In Peace

A travel blog entry by vruiz84


My friend's sister finally passed away - the one I had written about before. It was a bit difficult for me - as I went to her cry-die (the African version of a wake), I felt numb and in shock. I thought about the past month and a half that she was under ...

The End of the Beginning, Ébolowa, Cameroon travel blog

The End of the Beginning

A travel blog entry by alexmeckley

... time had. I passed my French test officially allowing me to swear in! Then finished my final French presentation on Cameroon's history through playing a game of Jeopardy, which all the Cameroonian language trainers loved. After that we only had one final ...

A Surly Start to Cameroon, Limbe, Cameroon travel blog

A Surly Start to Cameroon

A travel blog entry by timshazz


... finding peace to perform your morning ablutions was a little challenging. Eventually we set off South towards Limbe. The roads in Cameroon were certainly frustrating. The chinese were fully engaged in building a lovely new one but every time it looked as ...

CAMEROON INDEPENDENCE DAY, Dschang, Cameroon travel blog


A travel blog entry by vruiz84


... me that that was the best thing I could've done. More than one way to skin a cat, I suppose... I included pictures from the Cameroon Day of Independence that we put together for the youth. Hope everyone is well. Sorry to hear about the snow storms. ...

HALFWAY THROUGH!, Dschang, Cameroon travel blog


A travel blog entry by vruiz84

I'M HALWAY THROUGH MY ADVENTURE  -12 weeks and I'm homebound! Last week was a HORRIBLE WEEK!!  If it had happened earlier on in my adventure, I would've packed my bags and said "Peace out!". These past 2 months and a half, I've built some kind ...

Mon famille francais, Yaoundé, Cameroon travel blog

Mon famille francais

A travel blog entry by chalifour24


Voici mes deux parent. Ils sont tres gentil et ils ont me fait sentir tres ...

Go with the flow, Dschang, Cameroon travel blog

Go with the flow

A travel blog entry by vruiz84


Greetings! This will probably be one of the last travelblogs I'll write - as I'm headed for vacation in two days, and I'll only work in the hospital for one more week. So lately I've made a major break-through in my life. One thing that was always in my ...

Yaoundé (suite), Yaounde, Cameroon travel blog

Yaoundé (suite)

A travel blog entry by cmuller

Petit changement d'adresse de blog, dans l'idée organiser un peu mieux les traces de cette expéditions et les futurs (...) ?! L'aventure commence donc avec Jean-Daniel de Bunia jusqu'à Yaoundé, quelques posts sur : ...

Assaulted by French bread, Dschang, Cameroon travel blog

Assaulted by French bread

A travel blog entry by vruiz84

 It's only been a few days since i wrote a blog, but I couldn't help but publicize my near death experiences. Yes, experienceS, with a pluralized s. So living in the forest, you must understand one important rule about nature and your co-existence ...

Mamfe to ... Ikom, Bachuo Akagbe, Cameroon travel blog

Mamfe to ... Ikom

A travel blog entry by cmuller

Voila départ de Mamfé (en fait c'est plutot : Bachuo Akagbe)!! La route est meilleure, mais pas asphaltée... et BAM je me vaautre sur un excès de confiance sur ces routes de terres lisse et judicieusement recouvertes de pluie prête à trahir à la ...

The world is my bathroom..., Dschang, Cameroon travel blog

The world is my bathroom...

A travel blog entry by vruiz84


Travel blog 1-4-2010     I asked to be in the forest (here they call it "the bush"), and I DEFINITELY got my experience. We haven't had water now for a week, the "source" has apparently run dry. We are EAGERLY anticipating the first rains ...

Mon repas favoris, Yaoundé, Cameroon travel blog

Mon repas favoris

A travel blog entry by chalifour24


Voici un de mes repas favoris. C'est pas tres cher et facile a ...

The Malaria Diet, Yaounde, Cameroon travel blog

The Malaria Diet

A travel blog entry by bradmccartney


... . I think I will write a book called, " The Malaria Diet". Could be a big hit.... As a result my experience of Cameroon has been a blur and I'm not too sure whats its like here. Due to the Malaria and my pending flights home to Australia I will ...

My 3 hour stay with the police, Douala, Cameroon travel blog

My 3 hour stay with the police

A travel blog entry by vruiz84

... , I had not slept in 2 days, and I was greatly outnumbered. There wasnt much to do, except like with everything else in Cameroon, go with the flow. In the beginning, there was a bit of animosity - although I am filipino by nationality and by color, since ...

un vieux homme me donne sa..., Yaoundé, Cameroon travel blog

un vieux homme me donne sa...

A travel blog entry by chalifour24


Voici mon souvenir. C'est un tete ratatiné. C'est tres dégoutant. Je ne sais pas comment je vais la faire passé la ...

mon helecoptere, Yaoundé, Cameroon travel blog

mon helecoptere

A travel blog entry by chalifour24


Ceci est mon helecoptere que mon frere francais  me prenait pour un voyage sur. Le point de view etais magnifique et le tour etais une occasion ...

Battery Issues, Bayanga, Central African Republic travel blog

Battery Issues

A travel blog entry by lesleyd


I haven't been able to make blog posts or work images like I would like because our battery set up has not been reliable at all. In Bangui it worked perfectly but in Bayanga it has been a total failure. It is the battery for sure. We borrowed a voltmeter ...

Darth Maul, Dschang, Cameroon travel blog

Darth Maul

A travel blog entry by vruiz84


I've settled into Cameroon life and my job in the hospital ward smoothly. I've even managed to *gasp* find balance in terms of my fitness - running and yoga on alternating days. There is nothing like running in the mountains at six o clock in the morning, ...

Route mauvaise, berberati, Central African Republic travel blog

Route mauvaise

A travel blog entry by vmarchal


Mon objectif apres Bouar etait d aller vers la parc Nat Dzangha Sangha voir les gorilles et les pygmees. Pour cela je pris la route Bouar-Carnot-Berberati-Nola-Bayanga. Je traversai la region diamantiferes de centrafrique et je le compris tout de suite ...

Train camerounais, Ngaoundere, Cameroon travel blog

Train camerounais

A travel blog entry by vmarchal


Je viens d acheter le ticket de train pour le nord du cameroun. Direction le tchad ainsi les montagnes du bandara. J ai pris un ticket couchette, donc je devrais bien dormir et mettre facilement mon sac a l abris (compartiment de 4). J ai du attendre ...

Uncertain times, Garoua, Cameroon travel blog

Uncertain times

A travel blog entry by kimberlyinchad

I'm posting this message, which may be my last, because I don't know what to write to my friends and family. I left my site over a week ago to come to IST in Dougia, an hour north of N'Djamena. I was so excited to to see my only neighbor after 5 weeks ...

Au milieu de la jungle, Libongo, Cameroon travel blog

Au milieu de la jungle

A travel blog entry by vmarchal


J'avais eu de la chance au lieu d'un parcours épique sur une moto loué sur une route à travers la jungle vierge, j'ai eu le droit à un voyage tout frais payé par une ONG qui vérifiait les puits d'eau de la région. Ils ont fait un détour rien que ...

Encore Maroua, Maroua, Cameroon travel blog

Encore Maroua

A travel blog entry by vmarchal

On repasse toujours par ...

Ngoundere, Ngoundere, Cameroon travel blog


A travel blog entry by vmarchal


Cette fois ci je prends le bus a travers des pistes de latérite au lieu du confort du train. Direction la centrafrique - ...

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