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Jungle Fever, Ratanakiri, Cambodia travel blog

Jungle Fever

A travel blog entry by lizandkev

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... we forgot sun cream for the whole trip and Kevin ended up with a very attractive farmers tan! Ratanakiri National Park (Virachey) is the only place in Cambodia with any real ecotourism and responsible trekking.  We decided to experience that and do ...

Moving on, O'Yadaw, Cambodia travel blog

Moving on

A travel blog entry by lizandkev

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... nbsp; In fact on the Vietnamese side there was no one in the hall except us, despite it being a huge building! Leaving Cambodia, i can say that I'm glad we extended our stay from the originally planned 10 days.  I loved Cambodia, mainly because the ...

Into the wilds of Ratanakiri Province, NE Cambodia, Stung Tren and Ban Lung, Cambodia travel blog

Into the wilds of Ratanakiri Province, NE Cambodia

A travel blog entry by mimmik

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... mid-teens (but both were taller than me!) and completely, totally comfortable in whatever they were doing in the middle of Cambodia. They'd all travelled before in places like Indonesia and parts of Africa, so it was nothing to them to trudge off into a ...

A Mining Town, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

A Mining Town

A travel blog entry by shyoungstr

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... ,000 year old volcanic crater, Yeak Laom Lake and a couple of waterfalls. If I had the proper gear and it wasn’t rainy season I might have explored more of the Ratanakiri region, particularly Virachey National Park for its awesome jungle trekking. ...

The Wild, Wild East, Mondulkiri and Ratanakiri, Cambodia travel blog

The Wild, Wild East

A travel blog entry by bonkers

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... , rivers, over broken bridges and washed out roads. It was really worth it when we got there though, Ratanakiri is a unique land in Cambodia, with many waterfalls, ancient volcanic crater lakes and some beautiful untouched minority villages to check-out. ...

Crater lake, waterfalls and moonshine, Ban Lung, Cambodia travel blog

Crater lake, waterfalls and moonshine

A travel blog entry by benabroad

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The journey to Bang Lung was pretty uneventful, except that at one of the many bus stops i slipped on some concrete and fell flat on my arse and back into a stream of what turned out to literally be shit and leftover food. Nice. Thankfully i had access ...

Ratanakiri Adventure, Ban Lung, Cambodia travel blog

Ratanakiri Adventure

A travel blog entry by mistahall


Left Don Det on the morning of the 27th, headed for the recently opened border crossing into Cambodia a few km south.  I'd heard many a story about the Lao and Cambodian border guards demanding bribes to get through, and the trip there did nothing to ...

Alles Roger in Kambodscha Part II, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Alles Roger in Kambodscha Part II

A travel blog entry by bado


Suasdey (Hallo) aus Kambodscha! Und unsere Reise geht weiter! Am 26.ten Jänner haben wir uns wieder einmal eine ca. 14-stündige Busfahrt (13 US Dollar) gegeben. Und zwar sind wir von Phnom Penh, der Hauptstadt Kambodschas, ganz in den Norden an die ...

Sidste stop: Kratersoe, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Sidste stop: Kratersoe

A travel blog entry by elinatroels


... ude i skoven et sted, ved et hengemt meget mindre vandfald, som tydeligvis ikke havde vaeret besoegt i de seneste mange aar. Men vandfald fik vi da, lidt af i hvert fald, og saa gik solen ellers ned over Ban Lung, og vores sidste dag i Cambodia var ...

Schlangen-Eier?, Ratanakiri, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by sibyllejuerg


Naja, die Nacht endet zwar früh. Und doch: so wenig wie befürchtet haben wir nicht geschlafen! a) trocken b) nicht sooo hart und c) ungestört von wilden Tieren :-) Um kurz nach 04.30 kehrt so langsam Leben ein auf unserem Campingplatz. ...

Ratanakiri - Red dirt and a tender tail-bone, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Ratanakiri - Red dirt and a tender tail-bone

A travel blog entry by stilllooking


With the CWF semester over, and 2 weeks before I leave Cambodia, I decided to head to Ratanakiri  in North East Cambodia for a look-see.  I really wanted to get to Mondulkiri but it seems to be way too difficult in wet season and I didn't fancy ...

The Wild West, Ratanakiri, Cambodia travel blog

The Wild West

A travel blog entry by hudsondino


... and this backwater town gave us alot more opportunity to speak to the locals. Well that was Cambodia and we loved it. Angkor Wat, Phnom Pehn and Ratanakiri were excellent. We loved the people who always wanted to practice their English with you. The ...

FAIL!, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by louisegandolfi

... I was actually beginning to go  a bit crazy in the North East with no one to talk to for a few days. All in all Cambodia has been interesting, but im going to go back to Thailand tomorrow, im really missing the sea and believe after over 3 months its ...

Lakes, rain and smiles, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Lakes, rain and smiles

A travel blog entry by garrykctravels


... into our first stop in Cambodia, to the small town of Ban Lung, which is located in the north-eastern province of Ratanakiri. Sat 20th July – At the Cambodian immigration we had our temperature taken for a 'quarantine check', which they charged us ...

A night in a US army hammock., Cambodian Jungle, Cambodia travel blog

A night in a US army hammock.

A travel blog entry by garrykctravels


Sauce-a-day everyone! Cambodia seems to have been non-stop so we have lagged behind with our posts but we will soon hope to have you up to date on this charismatic country. Tue 23rd July - Today we were getting picked up early to embark on our 2 day 1 ...

Ostkambodscha, Ratanakiri, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tanja92


Nach 6 Wochen Unterrichten hieß es dann endlich wieder Rucksack auf und los :) Aber die 6 Wochen gingen vorbei wie im Flug und es war eine wirklich tolle Zeit mit vielen neuen Erfahrungen und all die Einheimischen waren so nett, dass sie uns richtig ans ...

Chilling time in Banlung, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Chilling time in Banlung

A travel blog entry by submarine


Back on our motorbike for a day trip. Target: 160km to reach Banlung. No local transport nor accommodation on the way. The road was half bad, half OK. They are building a new one next to the old bumpy-dirty road. The journey was lovely, we didn't meet ...

Koupani v krateru, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Koupani v krateru

A travel blog entry by eva-honza


Do Banlungu jsme dorazili kolem pul 11 v noci misto ve slibovany 4. Strach, ze nenajdem zadny ubytko byl uplne zbytecny. Hned jak se otevreli dvere busu, sebehli se mistni nahaneci a rvali nam ruce nohy abychom sli s nima. Skoncili jsme v Top Tree house, ...

North by Northeast, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

North by Northeast

A travel blog entry by julie_sam42


... récent du pays. Rien qu’en se promenant dans la rue, on peut remarquer à quel point la population est jeune (dans le Ratanakiri, 50% de la population à moins de 19 ans). Nous avons pu nous baigner dans la mer et profiter un peu (mais pas trop) ...

Erster Kontakt, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Erster Kontakt

A travel blog entry by janinger


Unseren ersten Richtungen Kontakt mit Cambodia hatten wir in Banlung, einer kleinen Provinzstadt im Nord-Osten des Landes. Hier sollte es landschaftlich sehr schön sein. Das heißt Trekking für uns. Ach was, wir gehen doch bei 35 Grad Celsius nicht ...

Stung Treng/Ban Lung, Ban Lung, Cambodia travel blog

Stung Treng/Ban Lung

A travel blog entry by joshbooth


... week of total relaxation it was good to get active again! Next morning I got a moto to the Vietnam border, and said goodbye to Cambodia after staying much longer than planned - although if it isn't broke...! I'm in Vietnam now, will update in a few days ...

Trekking in the rainy season in Ratanakiri, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Trekking in the rainy season in Ratanakiri

A travel blog entry by emmaandpaul


... big town up the Mekong only took about 2 hours, and we picked up some more travellers before heading onto the dirt road into Ratanakiri Province, we finally arrived in Ban lung, in an almighty thunder storm, after a flat tyre, at 10pm. The road was quite ...

Christmas with a difference, Ban Lung, Ratanikiri, Cambodia travel blog

Christmas with a difference

A travel blog entry by petef1


The road to Ratanikiri was everything we had been led to expect but thankfully, unlike the day before, our transport did turn up. Around eight hours of bumping around a joke of a road that would be more accurately described as a farm track, we arrived ...

Farewell Cambodia, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Farewell Cambodia

A travel blog entry by 2totango


A few final thoughts and photos as we leave...Thailand might be marketed as the land of smiles, but I think Cambodia has it beat! scoop bucket 'showers' women wearing pj's as casual clothing tiny children on gigantic bicycles shops dedicated to ...

Brian's Travel Tips:  Sickness, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Brian's Travel Tips: Sickness

A travel blog entry by 2totango


... your own comfy home where you have a bath, warm shower, and all the drugs you need dispensed by someone who speaks English - Cambodia offers some interesting hurdles for someone feeling ill. Not to mention the bugs they grow here are really, REALLY nasty! ...

Deforestation, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by linda-and-rick


... street corner. In China and Laos it became common to see three adults riding one scooter, or a family of four on a motorbike, but Cambodia has gone one further and we've seen several families of 5 squeezed on. We've seen dustbin lorries at work. They seem ...

The Rocky Road to Ratanakiri, Ban Lung, Cambodia travel blog

The Rocky Road to Ratanakiri

A travel blog entry by fishtails04


... how the past has influenced current life.  I was reluctant to leave but I had arranged a motorbike ride north to Ratanakiri.   My guidebook said: "There is no real road linking Mondulkiri to Ratanakiri... it descends into a series of sandy ...

Well of the beaten track, Ban Long, Cambodia travel blog

Well of the beaten track

A travel blog entry by dgb_law


We then travelled to Ban Long in the North East if the country ( only about 35kms from the Vietnam boarder).I decided I would prfer to see country a bit more in depth than try and squeeze another country in. The travel was interesting , the road ...

(36) Exploring around BAN LUNG (Ratanikiri), Ban Lung, Cambodia travel blog

(36) Exploring around BAN LUNG (Ratanikiri)

A travel blog entry by the-boy_picot


Partying local style, Ban Lung, Cambodia travel blog

Partying local style

A travel blog entry by niallandnic


... nbsp;  We travelled about 12 hours by  boat, bus and boat again from the 4000 islands to ban lung (our first stop in Cambodia) but it was the bus trip and not the food that was the difficult part.  We got kicked off two buses, then told we ...

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